Trend Alert: Statement Earrings

statement earrings

Looking for an easy way to spruce up your outfit with minimal effort? You’re in luck – statement earrings are back and they’re bigger than ever. Quite literally.

Technically, statement earrings were never really out. They’ve been on equal footing as your simple and minimal studs for quite a while now. Lately, though, minimal designs seem to have taken a backseat to make way for big and busy statement earrings.

This summer saw a lot of brands offering their take on the flower motif. Statement earrings shaped like flowers were – and still are – all the rage. The flowers could be made of fabric with a gemstone at the centre for a softer look or be made of metal or resin for a stronger and more impactful vibe. Be it daisies, cherry blossoms, roses or simple unidentifiable flowers – going floral seems to be the order of business.

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For Indian-wear, we already have jhumkis and the likes to pick from. This goes without saying but adding a pair of oxidized silver earrings makes a world of a difference. You can also opt for gold or bronze earrings, if you have warmer undertones.

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A really popular style of statement earrings are tassel/fringe earrings. These have been getting bigger by the day and girls can’t seem to get enough. Perhaps their popularity can be attributed to the multitude of colors they are available in.

They started out much smaller and simpler but they have now boomed into extra large pieces with more complex designs.

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Pieces that feature rainbow coloured gemstones are another viable option. These are extra fun and are available in a variety of different shapes, cuts and styles. Whether you like your studs to have a kaleidoscope of colours or you prefer your rainbow coloured baubles to have a longer drop, the market is saturated with these designs.

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There are many ways you can incorporate statement earrings into your wardrobe. You can dress up your simple white shirt and jeans by wearing some huge danglers on your ears. You add more life into a monochromatic look by wearing earrings in a contrasting colour. You can make a formal and chic outfit look a tad bit more playful by adding some minimalistic statement earrings. Yes, minimalistic statement earrings are a thing too.

Mismatched earrings are also making a comeback. Mismatched statement earrings even more so.  This will be easier for you to attempt since all you really have to do is choose two different pairs of earrings and then sport one of each on either ear.

Source: Miu Miu

If you’re looking for ways to make your outfits more interesting without necessarily breaking the bank, statement earrings may be something you’d want to take a look at. Whether you’re sporting some floral motifs or tassels, make sure to wear them with confidence!

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