Types of artificial jewellery that are highly popular with millennial women

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Jewellery has always been an article of elegance and favour for ladies from ages as it can wonderfully define their style and status. Although timeless and precious jewellery materials like diamond and gold have maintained their glory and shine among various classes of women, the craze for artificial jewellery in the modern era, especially among the millennials, have increased. For this reason, women fashions various kinds of artificial jewellery today almost everywhere. While simple kinds of artificial jewellery are favoured for casual outings or as a part of daily wear, the more decorative ones are sported at parties. Due to its cheap prices, attractive intricate designs and presentation of a riot of colour with the presence of various beads or stones, artificial jewellery has been able to become a hit among young ladies today. However, middle-aged and elderly women have also started appreciating artificial jewellery and they can also be seen to team them up with different outfits.

These are the types of artificial jewellery that have been quite a rage in 2020 and also for the first half of 2021-

 Silver lookalike jewellery

Source: India Mart

The craze for silver lookalike jewellery has been quite high these days. From street vendors and retail outlets to online boutiques, silver lookalike jewellery is being sold like hotcakes everywhere. As this kind of jewellery gives a boho-chic look with any type of outfit, it is spotted being worn by women of all ages nowadays. Most ladies team simple silver lookalike jewellery with casual outfits like tops & jeans, Kurti & leggings as a part of daily wear while the more intricate and pretty pieces are spotted at formal gatherings. Brass, german silver and copper are silver-plated to make silver lookalike jewellery. This type of jewellery is not too popular as a part of corporate wear because it makes an outfit appear too loud which is not considered ideal for an office environment.

Gold plated jewellery

Source : Tanzire

A classic jewellery material from days of yore, gold can never ever lose its charm. However, due to the high prices of pure gold, gold plated jewellery has become more popular among young women. Apart from being highly affordable, gold plated jewellery gives a classic, smart and elegant look to any lady. Hoop earrings with pale gold polish and thin gold plated chains are in high demand nowadays especially among millennials as they can be seen sporting them with their corporate and casual outfits. Simple chains and small earrings which have been gold plated are suitable for office wear as it has the ability to make a woman look stylish without being gaudy.  Meanwhile, heavy gold plated jewellery sets have been popularly worn during weddings or any other formal functions from quite a few years back and still has been ruling the charts as a top preferred formal accessory.

Pearl jewellery

Source : Amazon

With the presence of just a small stone or pearl being able to make a woman appear stylish, it is no surprise that pearl jewellery would continue to rule and lure their hearts. Artificial or real, pearls can ramp up the style quotient of a woman even if she does not wear any makeup. Meanwhile, pearls can perfectly define the grace of a woman irrespective of the type of outfit she wears. For this reason, pearl jewellery has remained suitable for a lady to wear on any kind of occasion or at any time of day. Therefore, it can be said that the popularity of pearl jewellery will never degrade and remain timeless.

Beaded jewellery

Source: Flipkart

It is a fact that a number of colourful beads put together along a long thread will make it look brightening to any eye. Being a visual delight as well as able to bring a kind of dazzling or cheerful look, multi-coloured beaded jewellery has been a high preference among women these days.  Paired mostly with light solid coloured outfits, beaded jewellery can look good on any woman and has the capacity of giving her some positive vibes whenever she looks at herself in the mirror. Therefore, colourful beads can also lure a woman to praise her beauty and charm by herself. Beads are present in silver plated and gold plated jewellery and are seen to be sported by women at almost every place.

Enamel jewellery

Source : The Secret Label

Artistic images captivate every human being on this planet and enamel jewellery, abounding with beautiful colours is a source of attraction due to which it is a current favourite among millennial women. Meenakari jewellery, which is a type of ancient enamel jewellery of India, has now become quite a rage. When a base metal of a particular colour is filled with motifs of colourful flowers, birds or animals, it will certainly be alluring. To look alluring, enamel jewellery is highly paired with casual outfits by women.

Tassel jewellery

Source: Nykaa Fashion

Multiple strands of beads, pearls or strings are the compositions of modern tassel jewellery. Apart from making a lady look beautiful, tassel jewellery has a wonderful capacity to make a lady look highly fashionable in any kind of outfit. It is quite true that tassel jewellery is an extremely show-off piece of accessory and are worn by a lady to look super stylish or make a high fashion statement. As wearing too much tassel jewellery can appear too loud, most of the ladies sport either tasselled earrings or tasselled necklaces and do not combine the two. However, it all depends according to the wishes of the women and those who are not afraid to rule a place with their fashion never hesitates to wear jewellery according to their wishes.

Floral jewellery

Source: India Mart

It has now become a trend, or rather say tradition, to wear floral jewellery during pre-wedding Indian functions like mehendi or haldi. Although it is not seen to be worn by women every day, no one can deny that floral jewellery looks beautiful on any woman and looks much attractive in photos. Due to its extreme gaudiness, it is reserved to be worn only for special kinds of formal occasions. However, floral jewellery is the top gift that is given as a return gift during mehendi functions.

As Mix-and-Match is the in-word of the 21st century, fusion artificial jewellery (say silver plated and beaded jewellery ) are the hottest accessory of millennial women.  

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