Types of hair bangs you can choose to sport from

types of bangs

A favorite way of many ladies out there, and also coveted by some men, when it comes to wearing their hair in a style that is youthful, standout and commonplace all at once, bangs or fringes have been dominating the fashion circuit of the tresses since long. Easy to achieve in their basic mannerism that can be facilitated even by novice hands at snipping off hair as per the requirement or more nuancedly stylish when done by professionals in styles that are attractive and captivating, hair bangs have never really gone out of fashion but sure has commanded more fan following at certain periods in fashion, establishing itself therefore as a true trend in hairstyles that have stood the test of time.

Of different styles and types, catering to different face shapes and specifications are a whole world of bangs that you can fall black on any time you feel like submitting to the charm of those strands playing on your forehead! Find out which one suits your style sensibilities the best of them all-

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are what are most commonly understood as by the layman on any mention of the term bangs. Flawless in their perfectly straight across line that means they require extra effort and maintenance to maintain the look of them, blunt bangs however make for the most bold and striking among all styles of this particular haircut. Generally covering the entire forehead length as well as volume wise so that they end just below the eyebrows, blunt bangs though can be cut somewhat shorter if you so prefer. Versatile in being the perfect suit for just about ever face shape, blunts bangs though demand extra straight, sleek and shiny hair to make their characteristic impression meaning that not everyone can sport them in all their alluring perfection.

Curly Bangs

Blunt bangs might be the go to style for folks with chic and sleek hair but girls with that head of gorgeous curls can as well boast of an as exclusive style of bangs. Curly bangs are bangs worked out for curly hair that of course curls above your forehead, adding a dimension to your look that is striking and endearing all at once. An exclusive pick for textured hair types dwelling in the extremes, curled bangs though require extra attention not just in their maintenance but also in their styling. Make sure to cut your curls long enough to ensure that they end up as bangs of the desired length once they coil up to your forehead.

Birkin Bangs

You might have thought that we ended up misspelling the iconic Birkin bags to make them instead a type of bangs. But Birkin bangs indeed are a real thing, eponymous once again to Jane Birkin much like her more famous namesake bags by the Hermes brand. Quite a dreamy, fluttery style of bangs that end right above the eyelashes, this though is quite stylish a wispy hair cut to flaunt much like the iconic fashionista herself. With some degree of maintenance, Birkin bangs can be made to look absolutely ethereal, somewhat romantic, effortless yet piecey, making for one of the ultimate bang looks of all times.

Textured Bangs

A whole category of bangs types that include a range of styles of their wearing, textured bangs are what can be referred to as the layered cut of bangs. Unlike blunt bangs that are a vision in all their symmetry, textured bangs involve different layers of hair meaning therefore that more hair volume is involved in the creation of the bangs.

From sticking with a minimal two layered appearance to going multiple times snipping off those hair strands to achieve a more textured look, this is a style that draws attention to the face more than the hair and is therefore a good way to wear your hair when you want to accentuate your features. Or even otherwise, if you don’t really fancy the prim and dramatic and boisterous look of the classic blunt despite having a reasonable volume of hair, textured bangs can be a great way to add dimension and some modern flair to your look.

Curtain Bangs

For those fancying bangs but not fancying the upkeeping of them, curtain bangs can bail you out. A very popular hairstyle of the 1970’s and no any less popular now as well, curtain bangs are styled in a parting manner, much like how curtains are parted. All you need to do is to cut somewhat longer layers of your hair for the bangs at the front and part them down the middle or somewhat off center for a feathered hair look that can easily be ‘camouflaged’ to not work like bangs at all whenever you desire them to!

Arched Bangs

Arched bangs are not unlike what you make them out to be- almost blunt bangs except that they don’t fall straight in a line across your forehead but rather in the shape of an arch that follows the curve of the face. Arch bangs therefore help in defining your face across its frame, lending somewhat of a soft look to your appearance. Needless to say, in the prominent arch shape, this makes for a rather striking hair style to sport as well, especially for those with a thick mane blessing their heads.

Wispy Bangs/ Korean Bangs

Birkin bangs sure are wispy but more prominent an identity residing along lines of this feather fine affinity are what are known as Korean bangs. An oft encountered style among South Korean idols popular the world over through the phenomenon of the Korean wave, this is a really enchanting way to go about the business of bangs in as much allure but definitely less volume than classic styles like the blunt. Low maintenance in their barely there feature, these see through bangs that disperse over your forehead make for a ‘lighter’ style, both in the feel and look of it. Seemingly fresh, youthful and charming, these Korean bangs or more generally wispy bangs are much preferred because they help slender out the part of the forehead while drawing attention to other defining aspects of your face.

Choppy Bangs

Yet another ‘flyaway’ on the blunt bangs radar is what is known as choppy bangs. In their uneven length along the horizontal sweep, choppy bangs have an somewhat edgy fashion essence to them- not impeccable but still very defined, some kind of subtle yet striking, barely there and still very discernible as well. In their asymmetrical texture and ‘unprecision’ choppy bangs might be quite the safe way out to take for gals who aren’t fully decided on the worth or otherwise of proper bangs yet.

Wavy Bangs

For girls with hair that do not dwell on the extremes of the straight and the curly, resting rather somewhere along the middle, with ultra soft curls or almost straight strands as their defining characteristic, the bangs that they choose to sport can incorporate as well their natural hair texture. Wavy bangs are what you can seek comfort in, with little effort, since they neither demand very strict attention to detail nor need you to be extra cautious with the length. Something very casual and natural yet oozing oodles of charm, wearing your wavy hair in bangs sure is a blessing not everyone has access to.

Side Bangs

A very subtle style of bangs, side bangs are one of the prettiest as well. Sweeping across the forehead and falling to lengths varying from just below the cheekbones to the chin are these bangs that have a sidewards leaning so that it makes for a different type of elegant hairstyle altogether. Youthful and radiant, this is a style that brushes a section of your hair on to one side, making for a perfect premise to tone down certain features of the face while drawing attention to where you desire.

Dreadlocks Bangs

If the blunt bangs would have one competitor in coming across as instantly striking and bold then it would be dreadlock bangs. One of the most ‘assertive’ hairstyles ever to be, dreadlocks can be done into bangs with relative ease as well. All you need to do is to get the dreadlocks cut up to a desired length, whether in perfect symmetry or in variations as per your wish, and there you are- ready to rock your identity in the most uniquely fashionable way ever!

Curved Bangs

Curved Bangs
Source: Glamour

Taking the smoother version of curves as arches makes for really enigmatic styles of bangs to flaunt your hair and so does the sharper version of them, proper curvy bangs that are such a dramatic way to let your hair flow gorgeously in style. An almost circular style that starts with long outermost strands and progresses to a shorter length along the forehead so that the ends of the hair there just grazes the tops of the eyebrows, curved bangs are particularly suited for straight and thick hair, much like blunt bangs and sit pretty well on round faces.

Spiky Bangs

Spiking up your bangs??? Sounds too far fetched but once you try this particular style out, there’s no going back on the fashion circle. Trimmed hair tips that are jagged and rough yet sharp and sleek, the spikes on your bangs are a great way of personalising your hair style for a rebellious look that still is adhered to by many women, mostly short haired ones but also looking as chic on those who love their tresses to be long and flowing. Wild and inventive, this is a very party like look that you can pull off everyday as well for a style statement that truly does speak your heart out.

V-Shaped Bangs

V-Shaped Bangs
Source: Pinterest

Bangs can be any shape, and not just the conventional arches or curves but also incorporating other figures of the geometric realm. Emerging therefore is the style of the V shaped bangs that remain true to their name, that takes on also other synonymous identities like the pointed bangs or the triangle bangs.

Another very assertive way of presenting your eccentric, extraordinary personality out to the world or just an indulgence to satiate your daring spirit, these bangs start with shorter hair strands at the side and tip down at the middle of the forehead for a very prominent shape that is a blend of fierce attitude. While it might be common for Gothic women and retro style enthusiasts to sport these very bold types of bangs, you can even rock it on an everyday basis by opting to keep the edges less pronounced, or as pronounced as you need them to be, for as exclusive a public show of your personality as you can.

Emo Bangs

Emo Bangs
Source: Sassy Dove

Much like Korean bangs that are rooted in popular culture today, there had been the craze of emo bangs pervading the entire cultural scene at one point of time in recent history. A type of side bangs but nevertheless standout in their own distinctive style and shape, emo bangs are usually swept either to the left or the right side of the face and in the ‘truest’ wearings also can cover an eye or at least a part of it. Generally worn thick and full, these edgy bangs today are also sported in finer dimensions of the hair making for cuter adaptations of these traditionally bold and dramatic hairstyles.

Baby Bangs

A shorter take on traditionally forehead covering bangs are baby bangs that are both modern in their mini avatar as well as adorable in encompassing the adorable characteristics of the ‘baby’ prefix in their name. No wonder that this very addition of the prefix also gives away that these bangs also need more maintenance than those casual looks, even when you can style either to be as unkempt or as decent as you choose.

While baby bangs basically work for all hair types and styles and textures, they necessarily do not suit every face shape because of their ultra short essence. Even in their contemporary prevalence though, baby bangs go all the way back to the 1950s and can work as well in just sitting pretty up there for that dash of cuteness to your face or in fetching your features the desired attention and coverage. Classy and cute and chic, baby bangs surely are worth every hype and effort.