14 types of beard style for the perfect look

types of beard style

If you are a man, keeping your beard or getting done with it is a personal choice. But if you do want to wear it, you might as well do it in style. While you may have any number of reasons to keep your beard, one of the considerations should also be the health benefits of growing one. Whatever your reasons may be however, here are 14 trendy types of beard style you can choose to sport to get the perfect look-


Definitely one of the shorter beard types, in fact the shortest, the stubble is one of the most commonly sported beard style. In its rugged masculinity, the stubble has been popularised by a whole lot of famous- and insanely gorgeous men. Popularised in the 1980s by singer George Michael and actor Don Johnson, the stubble has been sported by handsome stars like David Beckham, Adam Levine, Zac Efron, Tom Cruise et al which makes it a tried and tested, fail safe style for your facial hair. One of the most versatile beard styles in that it is easy to grow and maintain while guaranteeing all the swoons, stubble is uber cool, uber masculine and of course uber easy as well!


For one of the types of beard style named after a General, the Italian Giuseppe Garibaldi, you obviously know what a vision of a man to expect with this particular style in tow. In its wide, full form, the Garibaldi gives of definitely manly vibes with also an integrated moustache completing the look. A rounded bottom is what makes the Garibaldi beard easily discernible as well as lending much of its charm. In its slight unkempt style that which is perhaps the male equivalent of the messy look that girls so adorably carry, this is a beard style most suitable for macho men with a sturdy frame and build.


For a beard style as iconic as the Goatee, you simply cannot die without sporting this among the many types at least once in life. You may not know what a Garibaldi is, but you will for sure have encountered a Goatee beard sometime, somewhere on earth. This is a style of beard that rests on the chin, much like a goat’s which is why the name obviously, and is as prominent an appearance as it is in name. Hair growth from below the lower lip mars and marks this style that which can be loved or hated at will but for sure cannot be ignored in all its striking prominence. Common yet unconventional, meant for the edgy and the wayward, the Goatee however requires quite some maintenance despite its short length.


In its very evident portmanteau naming, the beardstache instantly gives out what it embodies- a classic combination of a beard and a moustache. For those unable to decide between flaunting a mustache or a beard in any of its many types and style, it is the beardstache to the rescue. Quite obviously then, with both elements of facial hair in consideration, the beardstache serves the best of both worlds. The mustache dominates the look, at least in being longer than the beard which usually finds style as a stubble. A relatively recent phenomenon, the beardstache have had its share of defamation as well, having been compared to the rather unimpressive mullet hairstyle. Styled properly however, the beardstache can well go on to be one of the hottest ways to wear your beard in which case it is well giving this peculiar hybrid a fair try!

Full Beard

Full Beard
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Despite how sophisticated a Beardstache or how quirky a Goatee might sound, there’s no beating the classic full beard types when you need to style your facial hair. One of the styles that makes for a statement in itself, the full beard is incredibly tough to build and equally difficult to maintain. Which perhaps makes it the ‘gold standard’ when it comes to perfecting beard styles. A downward flowing beard that which also is accompanied by a moustache and side whiskers, there is no way this style won’t let you look and feel as manly as you would want to. Plus it works on all face shapes with obviously a bit of tapering and customising making this style the most coveted of all even when it is essentially too hard to rock.

Van Dyke

Another beard- moustache combination style and one of the types that yet again takes its name after a personality, this time 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, the Van Dyke is a rather unique but common look. A rather charismatic coming together of the goatee and the moustache, though detached, with generally clean cheeks, this makes for a striking appearance specially because it calls for some really well defined shape for it to accelerate your style game full throttle.


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More infamous a beard style rather than being among the more popular types, the neckbeard still commands interest owing to its really prominent prevalence in history. Like the name suggests, this is a style of beard concentrated around the neck and throat and one that is achieved by deliberately shaving all areas of the face above the jawline contrary to common perception of how this style might be one stemming from a lack of appropriate grooming. Known also as the Neard, with another portmanteau in play, it was American personality Henry David Thoreau who was most noted for this particular style though references also allude to quite some other prominent names in history. If making your way into the history books is something that gets you excited, then the neckbeard can be a good try. Otherwise, not so much, unless you insist of course.


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With a name quite amusing, the Hulihee also makes for as amusing a beard style across its many types. Originating from the happy land of Hawaii, this is a beard that consists of very voluminous mutton chops, paired with a tamed mustache and a shaved chin. The chops come connected at the moustache and remain hanging way past the jawline. A rather striking way to let your beard spell your fashion sensibilities, the hulihee rarely find many takers perhaps because of its too prominent look. But for someone oval faced who wants to stand out a bit more, the hulihee can be quite a delight to host on your face!


A rather interesting take on the full beard, the yeard is yet another portmanteau among the many types of style your facial hair can explore. This is an overgrown full beard, a natural beard allowed to grow untampered with for one full year! While this one year of uninterrupted overgrowth lends the beard its name, it for sure also lends it the characteristics. Full and long and generally grown more as a test of patience rather than as a coveted style, this still makes for quite a fun way to wear your beard and flaunt it as well!


The verdi is a rather encompassing beard style, being one of the types that is a beard- moustache combo while also taking its name from another Italian, also named Giuseppe. More precisely it had been the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi personified by the Verdi beard that which is a very specified style. A mustache that remains separated from a really neat beard, the Verdi also calls for the beard to be rounded at the bottom, short and clean. A full beard, though not too long, the impeccable styling of the Verdi is what makes it stand out from among the crowd.

Jack Sparrow Beard

Also popular as the Johnny Depp Beard for very apparent reasons, the Jack Sparrow beard is another interesting mix of facial hair styles. You can call it the pirate style as well and makes for one of the most iconic styles sported by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. A mustache, soul patch, and goatee-like whiskers, as braid in the filmy case but can be left free as well, this is by no means a subtle look to pull off. And yet, despite the striking presence, this is not also actually quite a in your face kind of look even when it literally seats very much on your face!

Dutch Beard

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Going dutch might be the preferred way for many new age equalists but the dutch beard is one of the types that is more old school type. A long and large full beard that is connected by sideburns and is allowed to flare outwards at the bottom without a moustache however, the dutch beard is also known as the old dutch beard. A blend of the Lumberjack and Garibaldi beard types, this style effectively covers your chin so you know how to grow your beard if you do not want to face the world chin up!

Wolverine Beard

Wolverine Beard
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If the pirate beard styles could not live up to your fancies, then there’s a multitude of other types that surely will. Take for instance the Wolverine beard, the most famous among all sported by actor Hugh Jackman and one that is really a class apart from the rest. A thick, full grown beard with mutton chops but without the mustache, the wolverine beard reiterates however in slightly varying types so that you can sport a look that suits your pick.

Soul Patch

One of the types of beard style that requires minimal maintenance and is therefore oft sported, the soul patch is a single small patch of hair just below the lower lip and above the chin. Technically it shouldn’t be a beard in its minimal presence as well but it very much passes off as one and is a style that anyone can strut about in complete ease.