5 types of eyeliner best suited for you

types of eyeliner

Whether make up is your best friend or not, it never hurts to know just a little more about them all. The wide encompassing realm that makeup is, it’s hard to be completely abreast of all the similar but varying elements that make it all up. Here’s therefore explaining 5 different types of eyeliner for you so that you don’t fret the next time you have to make a worthy pick-

Liquid eyeliner

The most commonly encountered form of eyeliner at least at the time when this makeup pick just barged into the scene has been the liquid one. Given its ‘fluid, flowing’ liquid nature, this type of liner requires quite some skill to master its application. But the super fine line that the liquid eyeliner ends up lining your eyelid with, it’s indeed desirable to achieve the flair with which women worldwide draw their eyes on fleek!

Because liquid eyeliner are the types that make precise and thinner strokes on your lids they become all the more coveted in execution. It’s tricky however to master the delicate art of doing your eyelids up with a single stroke which is the prime deal here that can make or break your look. In its intense impression and photo finish precision, liquid eyeliners not only stay longer but they also tend to dramatically alter your look because much like the application the end result is also one of some killer on point drama! All you need is some high level of concentration and higher levels of patience to let the liquid liner unleash its killer potential.

Gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliners
Source: Sugar Cosmetics

Right behind the liquid version is the gel encompassment among the types on the eyeliner radar that seeks to up your drama. Needless to say gel eyeliners aren’t as flowing as their liquid counterparts. Like its predecessor however, applying the gel liner with just the perfect stroke for the desired effect is a task no less intimidating. The high content of wax in the gel eyeliners means that tend to stay way longer than you need them to or at least until you decide to wipe it off.

However this seeming advantage also can be an equal disadvantage when your flimsy hands stray off from the charted path and end up marking lines you absolutely do not want. Also gel eyeliner applicators tend to be those typical brushes with a wider interface which explains why you often end up getting more than enough stray marks upon yourself. However if you are already a pro at drawing your eyes, then the gel types of eyeliner can be your best waterproof bet that does not smudge even on accidental eye rubs! Versatile and fuss free because you can ward off drying worries, gel eyeliners are total saviors.

Felt-tip eyeliner/ Art liner

felt tip eyeliner types
Source: makhsoom.com

You know that marker effect those smooth, gliding felt tip pens bless you with everytime you set on to work? That’s exactly what felt tip eyeliner does as well with their almost pen like grip. Extremely functional not only because of the convenient way in which you can draw with them but also because they are super controllable, felt tips would be the way to go the style way with the most minimal of efforts. With virtually no skill, you can achieve the most precisely detailed lines over your eyes that lets you go dramatic or regular with ease.

Also called art liners, these types can also help you go even more subtle than you would ever think possible. Because you have your hold on these liners to extreme extents, you can even choose to fill in your lash line rather than drawing on the lids itself! Whoever said there’s no drama in subtlety or no mystery in the bold sure hadn’t got their hands on a felt tip liner yet!

Pencil eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner
Source: Elle

Whether you are a novice or a pro, a supremely confident lady or a really clumsy lass, there’s no way you can go wrong with a pencil eyeliner in your hand! For all your makeup hassles to not feel like too much made up effort at all, pencil eyeliner are the types to totally root for. Extremely simple in application- just like drawing free hand with a pencil on a paper (the analogy might be flimsy but it sure is that effortless), mastering a pencil eyeliner is no deal at all! Non sticky and not liquid either, we may even be tempted to declare pencil eyeliners the perfect type. Though with inhibitions, of course. Because ultimately your preference for a certain type of eyeliner over others is dependent on what you expect to make out of it.

For folks who only concern is to manage to do with their makeup, the pencil eyeliner is their best friend. Whether you want a subtle look or the slight smokey effect, pencil liners will ensure this is all a breeze. Also straying off with pencils is far less likely and even in case you do, you can easily and instantly get rid of the strays. However, pencil eyeliners aren’t meant for the most high voltage of drama which means they might not appeal as much to hardcore fashionistas. Also even when they can be waterproof, the pencil marks tend to vanish with as much as a wipe. Even otherwise, even with tremendous consciousness to not rub them off, they wane down some time down the line which puts their versatile quotient at stake.

Cream eyeliner

cream liner
Source: WiseShe

However less or more of a makeup junkie we might be, there’s no denying the existence and many uses of creams and how they function. Incorporating all such functionalities or otherwise in a eyeliner are the cream types that work with their smooth and soft texture. Of course like all other cream based products, the cream wears off gradually thereby making the cream liners best suited for a short time wear. But where these liners score in spite of their short durability is that they lend a far more natural look than what you would expect of any make up essential. While cream eyeliners can easily pass of as the gel types and they indeed are close variations of each other, it is the creamy, smooth texture that sets the namesake type apart from its gel counterpart.