Bracelet styles that you can flaunt fashionably

types of bracelets

Fashion is never complete without accessories. Accessorising is what adds a certain flair to your personal style and makes fashion all the more complete as a simultaneous expression of identity, beauty, taste and personality. And with so many pieces of adorning agents to choose from, it indeed is vital that you make the right pick every single time of every single element you choose to flaunt. Bracelets in particular are a rather tricky piece of jewelry to don since they might appeal to you as subtle but are in reality a rather nuanced expression of your style that can draw you all the attention in the world. Keeping yourself abreast of the many different types of bracelets will definitely help you put your best wrist forward to warrant command over the fashionly conscientious.

Here’s outlining the many bracelet kinds that you can make a part of your style armor so that you go on totally slaying it every damn time-

Tennis Bracelet

tennis bracelet

One of the most elegant of bracelets to wear even when they might come across as somewhat sporty because of the obvious reference in the name are tennis bracelets that however have little to do with the game as far as its aesthetics are concerned. Basically a diamond line bracelet that came to take upon its present identity in 1978 when tennis player Chris Evert, upon dropping her bracelet, referred to it as the tennis bracelet. A slender and flexible piece of beauty, with clasps made up of a row of glittering diamonds or shining platinum, tennis bracelets are classy, versatile and eternal, much in line with their usual nomenclature of being called the eternity bracelet.

Charm Bracelet

In their very name, charm bracelets might strike you as something worn for luck or stuff like that. Within the jewelry spectrum though, these are bracelets that are today worn as much for the customised allure it adds to style, making them individualistic and unique and thereby a standout assertion of fashion. Sporting personal jeweled ornaments or charms such as trinkets or pendants, often steeped in personal meaning but also at times serving to add a dash of exotic charm to outfits or as an assertion of one’s personality, charm bracelets have been in fashion since forever

Everyone from the pre historic times to the modern day masses have been wearing charm bracelets each in their own style transforming it ultimately into a fashion mainstay that enjoys all the popularity today. Particularly remarkable are the Italian charm bracelets that feature charms that do not dangle but are rather embedded onto the surface of the chain, making for a truly traditional yet modern take on style that is sure to earn you all the attention.

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet
Source: Modi Pearls

A timeless pick of classy style and sophistication, pearls are one of the daintiest yet among the most prominent of assets pertaining to the realms of luxury fashion. And it perhaps is their coveted status that has persisted since ages that make pearls somewhat thought of as conventionally old fashioned. But slip for once a pearl bracelet onto your wrist and you will take an instant liking for this monumental piece of desire adorning your beauty. Elegant, exquisite and eternal, pearl bracelets complement every kind of outfit as well even within their purported traditional charm, which makes them all the more versatile a pick among bracelets to occupy an exclusive place of pride in your collection of assorted jewelry .

Bracelet Watch

While wristwatches might classify as a type of bracelet themselves, what with they basically being something that conforms to the bracelet premise of being a piece of wrist jewelry, bracelet watches or wristwatch bracelets are still a definite kind of this adornment sported on the wrist. Blending the style of bracelets with the functionality of watches are these pieces that thus sport a watch amidst the funky or stylish elements of the former while being beaded, chained or even some take on charm bracelets. Stylish, convenient and unique in their aesthetics, bracelet watches definitely are a rather ‘necessary’ way to wear bracelets!


While bangles are an exclusive piece of jewelry in and of themselves, they are very often classified as a type of bracelet as well. Called the bangle bracelet, even when their generally thin prominence means they are more likely to be worn in stacks, there however exists also thicker bangles that can be worn singularly for a style statement that stands out. Unlike other bracelets though, bangles are rigid and are always worn by sliding them through the hand over the wrist since these are closed structures of solid hollowness.

Wearing bangles as bracelets are also a rather different style sensation that is as much audible as it is aesthetic. Generally made of metal or glass, bangles are known for their characteristic cling and clang when they strike with one another and is so embedded as an identity that which makes them even the more coveted by women as fashion items of a unique delight. Of course wearing a single bangle as a more closer appropriation of the bracelet style will leave you without its delicate tinkle but still is worth every ounce of its beauty as far as fashion sensibilities are concerned.

Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet
Source: Myntra

Those of us who have forever struggled with clasping the end of a bracelet together with one hand can reach out for cuff bracelets. Much like bangles in their rigidity but featuring an opening somewhere along its length are cuff bracelets that ace the convenience of wearing them. Grasping the wrist rather firmly so that you don’t have to be wary of them slipping off, cuff bracelets owe their emergence in popularity to the times of Cleopatra, asserting therefore themselves as a serving of style steeped in history. Trendy convenient and versatile in their unisex appeal as well, cuff bracelets can also be worn akin to bangles in stacks of thinner pieces or as a wide single piece that is a bold way to everyday accessorising for the modern day human.

Delicate Bracelet

Perhaps not suitable to be a distinctive type of bracelet per se but nevertheless trendy and eyecatching in their delicate presence are super thin chains worn around the wrist that are called as delicate bracelets. Very feminine, luxurious and dainty in the look of them, these though are rather sturdy makes of gold or silver which makes them not as fragile as suggested by their name or appearance. Usually quite dressy in their elegance and imbibing still a personality of their own which makes them come across as rather imaginative, delicate bracelets are a true fashion accessory and are versatile as well in that they can incorporate also beads and gems or even charms as well.

Slider Bracelet

slider bracelet
Source: EVY Designs

As the name suggests, slider bracelets are the ones that you can wear in more convenience than conventional clasp or latch bracelets since the presence of the slider enables easy fixing of them. Also called bolo bracelets, these are adjustable picks that make for an all time favorite primarily because of their comfort of wearing since the slip of the slider allows for the most apt fit for the wearer. The slider itself also lends an added dimension to the aesthetics of the bracelet making it therefore one of the most popular styles to sport, driven of course by its incorporation of custom fits and ease in wearing.

Friendship Bracelet

friendship Bracelet
Source: Stylonylon

Friendship bands are what they are more popularly known as but they still make for one of the many types of bracelets that can be worn around the wrist, albeit in a meaning. Unique again in being knotted workings on thread rather than set in metallic premises unlike other fashion bracelets, it might also be not appropriate to place friendship belts alongside such bracelets that pertain to the style sensibilities even when they indeed reside in a style of their own in their distinctive make and pattern. Despite their symbolic importance though, friendship bracelets today are worn as a fashion accessory and are coveted items of celebrities as well, pertaining especially to such expanses of frolic as the beaches where metallic picks likely would not survive the splash of all things fun.

Beaded Bracelet

Beaded Bracelet
Source: Apollo Box

One among the most common bracelet types that you would encounter virtually everywhere, from high end jewelry stores to flea markets and street side kiosks, depending of course on the range of beads that make them up are beaded bracelets. Prominent in their rather rotund premises as made up by their beaden essence which might be anything from inexpensive plastic and glass beads to more precious gemstones, these bracelets are a fun fashion staple that can also be made imaginatively by and as per your liking. Particularly colorful and chunky, they make for great layering options and are convenient to sport as funky accessories as per your mood for the day.

Wrap Bracelet

For those who love the layered look but cannot be bothered to pick out pieces that complement each other or can even classify as mix and match fashion, wrap bracelets are the way to go. Essentially a rather long bracelet that can be wrapped around your wrist multiple times to create the impression of a stack of adornings, this is a really popular way of donning bracelets to create an impression that is at once trendy and fancy. Comfortable, chic and commonplace, there’s simply no undoing the effortless charm that wrap bracelets work into your style as just a single accessory piece.

Statement Bracelet

statement bracelet
Source: Rubans

Again there might be bracelets that do not fit into any of the categories mentioned above and are rather eccentric but fashionable pieces of accessory to lend your hands to. These are statement bracelets, an encompassment of the highly popular trend of statement jewelry and are usually larger than what you would commonly think of as bracelets. Bold and chunky and personal, these are picks that are a true assertion of your style and are almost always worn as singles rather than layered due simply to the intensity of impact that a single piece suffices in. Sometimes a statement bracelet is all the accessorising you need to do to completely transform your outfit, capturing as it does all the attention with its striking seating on your person.