Accessories to wear your hair in style

types of hair accessories

Hair being the crowning glory of our look, hair styles and the hair accessories that help achieve them are important. Which is why knowing all about the different types of hair accessories is so useful so that you can unleash the potential of your tresses to the fullest. Hair accessories are many and varied, but here’s enlisting the most basic ones that will help you achieve such spectacular looks to have everyone- yourself included- bowled away all over with them-


The name that come into our minds first and foremost on every mention of hair accessories is that of a clip. Hair clips are one of the most versatile accessories that make for styling options as well as simply serve purpose of embellishment. Be it any type of hairdo, casual, formal or partywear, there would be a range of hair clips catering to every need, however diverse and custom they might be. From hair clips that are big enough to let you clutch together your entire volume to the tiny or mid sized ones that help keep strays in place to everything between them that are a must for keeping simple as well as compact hairstyles in place, clips have been a hair accessory women cannot do without.

Available also in a wide range of options- be it in the material, color, make or size of them, the versatility of hair clips also rest in that you can wear them to go matching with outfits or to sport a particular style of choice. Whether you want to hold all your hair up in a ponytail or simply keep it in place all together or to tame flyaways that can cause such a mess even when you otherwise want to let your hair loose, clips come to the rescue for your look in every way you demand of them.


Barrettes or French Barrettes are hair accessories that too fall under the category of clips but the reason why we are making special mention of them is because they work only a certain way, unlike most other clips that operate with a different mechanism. With a practical click closing mode of closing and opening, barrettes tend to be more secure than clips when it comes to their functionality. Sport them however for the sheer aesthetic feel of them and they are no less effective a way to make a style statement.

Barrettes also are particularly popular among women in that they tend to look not so girly, even when they are all pretty and feminine. In also their generally elongated shapes than most other hair clips, barrettes can indeed be a great option to wear your hair in if you want to stand out from the rest of the hairy crowd.


Again something that serves function while making for a good show of style as well is the very essential hair accessory that we know as headbands. Right from our schools that mandated us wearing one, typically red or the color of our uniform, to discovering hands- on, or heads-on their practicality that made us want to put them on anyway, headbands or hairbands have to be one of the most popular of hair accessories. One of the most effective ways of getting the hair off from our face that does not involve the prick of clips nor the fragility of them, these are no less versatile hair essentials.

Generally worn around the forehead if the intention is to really keep all that hair away or sometime on top of the head if the purpose intended is more decorative, hairbands are most commonly made of fabric though plastic ones are also common while metal headbands too serve their own specific purpose. An elasticated stretch of cloth that fits over the head, all snug to keep its place, fabric headbands are the most comfortable to wear because they tend not be too tight even when they are fitting enough to not slip down.

Plastic bands on the other hand come in a shape made to conform to the structure of the head, with also often a set of teeth to have them sit in place. Metal hands though are harder on the scalp as they dig in with their edges which while might be a foolproof way to keep all the hair out of wherever you don’t want them on, can be quite uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time at a stretch.

Headbands also make for more dressier hair accessories than clips since they can often be themed. From cute, flowery ones to sparkling glitter ones to those that specifically play along to the holiday vibes, headbands can be a surprisingly effective means of adding a dash of color to your outfit or having you emphasis further the look you are dressing up for.

Hair Pins

Hairpins can very well be considered one of the many types of hair clips but in their operational mechanism that has them slide on and off hair rather than clasp through it, they are intended to serve only an exclusive purpose. While keeping hair in place is still the functional attribute of this hair accessory, hairpins cannot be used to tie hair as it is. It can be an aid to the whole tying process of hair, stepping in to ensure that the strands stepping out of the hairstyle remains where they need to so as not to ruin the whole updo.

As objects of embellishment, hairpins are however very often sported on the sides with no particular thrust on keeping hair in place even when they might be performing the function alongside as well. Popularly known as bobby pins and most commonly available in black, hairpins are metallic and are readily obtainable in other colors as well. Also available are embellished hairpins that can be worn to complement outfits. Despite the fact that hairpins have always been in trend, they make for a rather ancient hair accessory, with evidence of use in ancient Assyria and Egypt as luxury objects.

Hair Stick

Perhaps the only hair accessory that stems of a distinct origin in their ancientry in that they are classified as ancient Chinese headwear are hair sticks. A straight, pointed device, usually between five and nine inches in length, that holds a person’s hair in place in a hair bun or similar hairstyle, hair sticks can be seen as a form of hair clip even they are much longer in shape and much more elaborate in their design. One of the more gentle and convenient ways of styling your hair that leaves it relatively undamaged, contrary to what pins and clips and even hair ties tend to do, hair sticks also are more effective in setting style goals that appeal in all their sophistication.

Also found in cultures of the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, hair sticks are available in cheap as well as expensive varieties that you can pick as per your convenience to add flair and style to your hair while ensuring that all its functional needs are met as well.

Hair Ties

Hair pins might be exclusive in serving their own purpose of convenience but catering to a niche of hair requirements even more exclusive are hair ties. Hair ties or hair elastics find use in tying hair, either in their totality or in portions, like in ponytails and braids. Unlike hair clips, ties cannot help keep strays out of the face, they rather are a work in more comprehensivity, as far as hairstyles are concerned. Hair ties also are usually made to achieve the most basic of hairstyles like tying your hair casually, or also formally like in some settings that mandate you to sport two ponytails, one on either side. Beyond that however, hair ties have little use in more extravagant updos, at least in the extent of their visibility.

Also popular as hair bands, these are available in a number of different colors that suit well even when you don’t really want to make any style statement. But in case you want to tie your hair in the most basic of ways and still want to flash some style through it, there exists elaborate, ornamental and striking hair ties that you can pick from. Usually a fixed tie that can stretch to fit around the hair so as to keep them all in one place, hair ties too aren’t anything too modern, having been in existence since thousands of years. But while early versions of them were made from leather, the rubber ones of today prove to be more effective at keeping hair together in their revolutionary elastic might.


Like barrettes being a specific type of hair clip, scrunchies too are a specific type of hair tie. But unlike hair ties that do not always stand out, scrunchies always earn all the attention owing to just how striking they happen to be. Bulkier than ordinary hair ties, with a strip of fabric covering them, scrunchies might look and sound rough but they in fact happen to be quite gentle on the hair. Needless to say then, scrunchies ace the deal when it comes to functionality along with presentation. Invented sometime in the 1980s and evolving since then to encompass today around 500 different types, scrunchies however aren’t just hair accessories. Often they are worn on the wrist perhaps just as a way of placing the scrunchie when not in use but evolving rather to be a distinctive style of accessorising as well.


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One of the most versatile accessory there can ever be, not just one pertaining to the style and fashion realm of dressing up your hair but also one that is so much a staple in the world of fun birthdays and celebratory parties, there is something about ribbons that instantly perks up the mood and leaves us happy. As hair accessories, they are no different and can be a worn in a range of styles, making for pretty ways to style hair.

While ribbons can be functional indeed when they find use as hair bands in some way, since then they would help in keeping the hair away from the face and eyes, these pretty bits of fabric, often satin otherwise serve prettier purposes. Most commonly tied as bows over braids or sometimes over rubber ties to add a dash of color and flair to the look, ribbon can indeed create the effect of quite a flutter in their slick and stylish, but seemingly dainty appearance, making for fashion looks so dramatic that can just bowl anyone away.

Side Combs

One rather distinctive hair accessory that also sees popularity in the hair world as something very basic to it, for men and women alike, makes for also an interesting way to wear your hair. These are side combs that look very much like what hair combs would, with their set of teeth that make them ideal for having your hair stay put along the same ridges you brushed them in. Standout in the sheer look of them, these are accessories meant to go through the sides of your hair even when sporting them on top of buns or other hair updos are equally common.

Even as tools to create different hairstyles, side combs come across as really versatile hair accessories even when they are markedly different from the rest. As effortless statement making pieces of hair style, side combs are quite standout necessities that hold the hair thoroughly in place as well as help adorn it smoothly, all through the thoughtful design of them.