15 braided hairstyles every woman needs to try out

types of braids

Braids have always been a rather elegant way for the ladies of the world to wear their hair in. Versatile and classic, braided hair makes for a style that conforms to the desire of wearing your tresses as simplistically or as dramatically as possible, fitting therefore every requirement of fashion you identify yourself in. And with braiding your hair made possible in as umpteen ways as the infinite extent of your style fantasies, this sure is a hairdo every woman out there needs to know and learn about. From sleek and sophisticated to messy and flirty, braids endow you a charisma that speaks indeed your mood for the day you wear them through. Here’s 15 types of braids you can sport your hair in, in such fancies that suit everything from the most basic to the exquisitely surreal of your hair dreams-

Simple Braid

Simple Braid
Source: Livingly

Our go to on days when our hair doesn’t feel good enough to reveal in all its frizz and careless rummage after a night of sleep tossing through them, the plain 3 strand braid however goes beyond its saviour status. While indeed, wearing your hair in this utterly simplistic mode of the braiding charm saves you from the tousles and breaks from showing up, this also can be sometimes a basic but essential way of taking a break from the ponytail.

On sweltering hot days when you absolutely detest the strands of hair willing to caress you, a simple braided hairdo can cut out such hassles of sweating while also lending a look steeped in a certain ‘properness’ of a kind. Essentially simple yet aesthetically striking even in the most basic way, the fuss free 3 strand braid is every girl’s best friend that always suits her and her hair, of whatever kind, the best possible way.

French Braid

Another of the classic ways to wear your hair in a braid is to do it the French way. Versatile in its appearance that makes it the hairstyle to sport on casual or formal events with equal confidence is the French braid that allows for a wide range of experimentations around its basic premise of chic style. A three stranded plait of hair braided together from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck, this timeless look endows the wearer with a sleek and sophisticated appearance, though it can easily be tweaked to come across as more fun instead.

Dutch Braid

Dutch Braid
Source: Styleoholic

If French wasn’t enough geography for you to encounter on your round up of braids, then you have also the Dutch braid to seek out familiar territory in. Familiar, we say because the Dutch braid is in fact a French braid done in reverse. Also called therefore an inverted French braid or the pineapple braid, this is an underhand braid style that adds another layer of dimension to your look. Created by crossing the three sections of hair under each other, the Dutch braid is as pretty an alternative to the French style of braiding that it follows, making therefore for a hairstyle that stands out in its own prominence.

Rose Braid

In incorporating many an elements of the natural world, braids have to be among the most enticing of hairstyles for any lady to be delighted with. And while fishtails and waterfalls are well explored promenades in this realm, there also is the utterly ethereal proposition of a rose blooming right along the length of your hair to have anyone sold! With the rose braid in wear, that’s exactly the kind of dreamy vista you can hope to ravish across, as a very apt spring style statement guaranteed to earn you the compliments to douse you in that rose tint as well.

Whether you wear it wholly in the shape of a bun or pair it instead with other braid styles or even wear them as a bouquet upon your crown of tresses, rose braid hairstyles will manifest you for sure as an epitome of beauty. Carefree and fun in the look of them but immensely intricate in their working are the rose braids that can be done in a couple of ways to add that element of drama and elegance to your look.

Spiral Braid

One of the most standout looks that an adherence to the braided hairstyle can grant you would be through the workings of the spiral braid. A visually captivating mode of the braiding technique incorporated in a circular motion along the strands of your hair, the spiral braid however is just a regular braid in essence. Created though using small strands in circular motion, this rather intriguing way of sporting a braid aptly called the spiral or the snail braid sure comes across as more intricate and complicated than what its technique of working entitles it to.

Lace Braid

For those who feel that sporting bangs on your hair would deprive you of the beauty that a braided style instantly descends upon your person, this one style sets out to prove you wrong. With the lace braid in tow, growing out your bangs can be a delightful aspect of your hair styling schedule and one that can help to frame the face as well. Essentially a half French braid or a one side reiteration of the classic style is the lace braid that needs you to add sections of hair on just one side of it.

Waterfall Braid

With a name that conjures up already the breathtaking dimension of what a majestic waterfall would entail, the waterfall braid has to be one of the most exquisite of hairstyles to sport, braided or not. Resplendent in its gorgeousness and charming in all its femininity is this utterly delicate braid that is every girl’s dream come true, at least in some aspect of it.

With the cascading waterfall view effected by the working of what is the pretty simple French braid in essence, this is a braided look that is all things dreamy and magical and alluring and is sure to make you feel like a princess every time you don your hair in this finest specimen of beauty. The allure of the half French braid and the surreal beauty of the soft, cascading waves of hair beneath makes the waterfall braid the perfect pick for brides and bridesmaids, particularly when rendered further graceful with a few floral or other natural elements woven in to the plaits.

Ladder Braid

An immensely aesthetic stemming that makes use of two distinctive braiding styles to put forth a hairdo that looks and feels like wearing a dream on your head is what the ladder braid spans out as. With the dropped sections of the waterfall braid made to merge with the niceties of the lace braid underneath it, the ladder braid reveals itself as a gorgeous way of braiding your hair that also is as much unique as it is breathtaking.

Rope Twisted Braid

One of the simplest and yet one of the coolest braid styles to ever have been is what is known as the rope braid. Working out this style is indeed a child’s play since all you have to do is twist two sections of your hair twice, first individually and then in tandem, the latter in alternate motions, to sport this style also therefore called the rope twisted braid. Whether you are looking to save time on your hairstyling regimen or just want to go for a look that is chic and exciting and different all the same, the rope braid surely is the no fuss version of the classic hairstyle that you will come to don more than often, needily or otherwise.

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid
Source: ShaadiSaga

A forever favorite, the fishtail braid is the essential festive sporting or the occasional staple for a wide many ladies who swear by the beauty afforded by this intensely intricate working of the braid art. In its invoking of the delicate but fine pattern of the perfectly symmetrical fish scales for a look of tremendous aesthetics, the fishtail braid might occur to many of us as a complicated hairstyle but this is one fact one of the simplest braided techniques to master. Worked out by weaving two thin sections of hair together, the Fishtail braid resembles somewhat the appearance of the French braid in its immaculateness. Trendy and romantic and all things fancy is this flow of the fishtail braid that in fact traces its origins to ancient Greece and was popular as the Grecian braid in the 19th century.

Bow Braid

An immensely pretty braid to wear your hair in and definitely one that will have you feeling as pretty a beauty as the visage of it is what is very aptly called the bow braid. Whether you do them as a French braid or a half French braid aka the lace braid, the shaping of the bows along your hair indeed present themselves as a visual treat that is simply stunning. It’s almost as if your accessorising your hair with a super cute hairstyle, with little petite bows shaping up along your head much like some really adorable clips and pins decking up your mane of many musings.

4 Strand Braid

The 4 strand braid might evoke a notion of rather complicated bearings in its additional necessity of the hair sectioning. But it still is as simple but edgy a hairstyle you can sport either in its cool essence or in the voluminous premises of its sprawling. Either way you would be setting yourself up for a trendy spin on your favorite hairstyle that is really fun and rather stylish in all its seeming sophistication.

Lattice Braid

Lattice Braid
Source: Brit + Co

Another of the intricate looking braids that make for a presence of prettiness decking up your hair, the lattice braid or the basketweave braid manifests exactly as what it sounds like. Made by weaving the hair in small sections over and under to create a beautifully detailed pattern of, of course the lattice is this very striking assertion of the braided look that you will be coveting all the more in the really dramatic effect of it.

Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid Braid
Source: BeBeautiful

Milkmaid braids tend to be as dreamy as the very name of them suggests. Wrapping around the head in a very elegant mannerism characteristic perhaps of those dainty girls the mention of milkmaids conjures up a vision of, this is another pretty looking braid that is rather easy to master despite its appearance in attractiveness pointing to the contrary. Practical and classy, yet feminine and romantic enough to make them popular wedding picks is this three stranded braid that presents sweet and simple a vision of ethereal beauty.

Waterfall Twist Braid

Waterfall Twist Braids
Source: Pinterest

Stunning even in all its simplicity is the style of the waterfall twist of hair braiding that very evidently is a combination of two separate styles of braided beings. This style involves twisting two sections of hair to create the twisted rope braid with the addition of an extra segment of hair between every twist and letting it fall through like a waterfall. It is this added element of the hair drop out of the bottom of each twist that which lends the waterfall twist its own definite appeal and look.