21 types of heels to fall in love with at first glance

types of heels

Among the hottest game changers in fashion, women’s fashion to be particular, heels occupy an understandably elevated presence. In dramatically altering your fashion sensibilities with some gracious endowment of height and modification of posture, heels indeed endear themselves to every woman. And it is a matter of delight that heels come in types and styles that are as diversive as you want them to get. The stumbling blocks of style that heels are, they sure appeal to more than just your feet. Here are 21 such types of heels you will definitely fall in love with at first glance-


types of heels Stilettos
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Talk of high heels and you need to be talking about stilettos. Elegantly high- to the extent of being the highest- and also the narrowest- among them all, stilettos definitely are all the effort you need to make for that statement making appearance. Strutting about with such height beneath- which can go on for as high as eight inches- is no mean task however and you need to be really experienced a heel walker if you need to hold your stiletto dignity in high esteem. Sexy, sizzling and stunning, a classy pair of stilettos is all you need to make the next party in town your own. Named after the stiletto dagger, stiletto heels are indeed designed to kill!

Block Heel

Block Heel
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The most preferred among the many types of heels, at least as far as functionability goes, is the block heel. They look just like any block needs to, wide and definitely ‘supportive’, but that does not take away any of the style essence typically assigned to heels. You can walk, jump, run, play and do whatever you like in those heels as easily as you would do barefoot! Imagine a style so functional that feels like carefree instead of being a worrisome indulgence- that’s exactly the placid ease block heels surmount you on!

Kitten Heels

You see those cute little heels that don’t feel like haughty at all yet lend you enough look you can flaunt with pride? That’s what kitten heels are in their pointed toe and somewhat cinched waist. Slender and short, yet gracefully so, this among the types of heels are perfect for those who want to slip into a pair for the look rather than the height. Because who on earth does not like that high of confidence that a striking look endows? Easily decipherable because of their very distinctive appearance as well, kitten heels are just the perfect pick for such parties and events you want to enjoy fully and yet not get too carried away with.

Flare Heel

Flare Heel
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Flare heels are the types that choose to remain true to their name. They indeed flare out from the base to the bottom which means that contrary to our visualisation of tapered or at least uniform thin or fat heels, flared heels are the ones that dared to be different. A heel that is slimmer at the base and gains more ground gradually is essentially what a flared pair of heel is that makes for not just a unique look but also for a more comfortable walking experience.

Cone Heels

types of heels Cone Heels
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Another heel type that emulates in essence what it does in name is the cone heel. They are exactly what you would expect from the corny mention of a (icecream) cone. A heel that is wider at the base and narrower at the bottom, that sounds like almost the perfect antonym of a flared heel, is what cone heel tends to be. A secure base that emerges from a delicate tip, cone heels encompass charm and challenge all in one and can make for a really diversive style statement.

Square Heel

Square Heel
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With cone heels explained, let’s get our geometry done fair and square with well, square heels! Similar to block heels, square heels also tend to be the easier types of heels, thick and chic and are often widely categorised as chunky heels. A typically square, wide base and also a stable ground of standing, square heels are medium or short heighted mountings rather than more high flying ones.

Wedge Heels

Another very popular pick for heel enthusiasts who are however just getting started on the high flung fashion game are the wedge heels. Versatile and convenient, which makes them a hot pick for any wearer however, wedge heels help to balance your body weigh all throughout the foot instead of just exerting on the toe. This is because wedges tend to be high ended platform footwear with the heel doing a gradual lift rather than just going all dramatic about it.

Slim Heel

Slim Heel
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Slim heels are a wider term for the types that are extremely thin and pointy, right throughout their length. Whether it is a stiletto or a regular pair of heels, it is the seriously slim look of these heels that perhaps up the drama to be the apt party without fail wear every single time!

Spool Heels

types of heels spool
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A visual detraction with its wide base and bottoms and a narrower middle, spool heels emulate a spool in the look and traces its fashion journey to times back in the past. In their wide encompassment of the tip and the base, spool heels also are conventionally more comfortable wearing options for heel lovers. Whether you want to go just a bit up or too much so, making a spool heel pick is a convenient way of going sassy with style

Medium Heel

medium heels
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As the name suggests, medium heels are heels that are neither too high nor too low and therefore are very often the ‘ideal’ types to wear. Whether you wear them to work or to occasions, medium heels will be holding you and your look up and about, all throughout.

French Heels

French Heels types
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Call them French heels, Louis heels or Pompador ones, these almost similar to spool heels only assert their variance in sporting a somewhat curvy look towards the bottom in it. Otherwise though, they also tend to be wider at the base and tip while obtaining a thinner interface in the middle.

Comma Heels

Comma Heels
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There’s no dearth of namesake types when it comes to heels and a very prominent example of the same is the comma heel. They emulate the comma in their look and hence the name. Also sometimes referred to as the devil’s footwear because the heels tend to also look like the proverbial devil’s horns from some angle, comma heels might be a precarious pick however with all that ‘grammarly’ slant and curve! Typical of accurate grammar presentations, it seems.

Oxford Heel

types of heels oxford Heel
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Oxfords are a distinctive type of shoes which therefore does not allow Oxford heels to be typically characterise as one among the many types we are focussing on. Any Oxford shoe that has evolved enough to be mounting on a heel is what and Oxford heel is. But because of the widely distinctive appeal the Oxford boasts of, the eponymous heels also deserve their distinctive share of recognition.

Cuban Heel

No prizes from guessing where Cuban Heels come from. Also called Latin heels because they are the types that emerged courtesy the Latin dance movement, these heels from the Cuban land are generally broad and of medium height. A straight sided heel with a slightly tapered back and straight front, Cuban heels however are a relatively ancient pick that dates back to almost a millennium.

Fantasy Heels

Fantasy Heels types
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Fantasy heels truly are the stuff style fantasies are made of. Encompassing styles and types as crazy as they can get, these heels come in all looks that you can ever conceive of. Conjuring up your wildest imagination and the most exotic of visions, fantasy heels are a very striking addition to the already interesting array of fashion sensibilities the heeled world harbours.

Sculpted heels

Close to the fantasy heels are another type that are known as the sculpted heels. As much a piece of art as a show in fashion, sculpted heels however tend to be a work upon chunkier versions which means they are far less far- fetched than fantasied ones.

Flat high heels

Flat high heels types
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Sounds like a contradiction of sorts, but flat high heels aren’t the most bizarre of trends to have ruled fashion. In fact they are far more functional than what seriously high heels happen to be, both in their essence and also in the casual appeal. Shoes or sandals that are high all throughout are what flat high heels generally are. Of course they might not be among the most proper types of heels but they still are a popular modification of the same.


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It might not even be conceivable to think of a heel that is even thinner than what stilettos sport but there indeed exists a heel of that type as well. Scarpin heels also however happens to be shorter than stiletto ones which perhaps make them not totally non functional. Either way though, scarpins have to be among the most daring of heels around.

Brancusi Heel

Named after Constantin Brâncuşi whose works inspired this design of the heel, Brancusi heels might be a sculpted version but are even more formulaic. With a striking design and a significantly assertive one at that, Brancusi heels sure are no less than any piece of art in walking motion.


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The closed toe heel shoes that we generally refer to as simply high heels are what the pumps or pump heels are. Typically low cut around the front and with a height that can vary, pumps also can come with open toes and similar other variations which make them also a wider categorisation of heels.

Cork Heels

Cork Heels types
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A different type of heel in its material rather than in its design essence is the cork heel. Whether you prefer them high or low, open or closed, styled or plain, cork heels generally encompass comfort because of the cushioned essence of the cork material of which they are made.