9 hoodie styles to absolutely flaunt- from basic to dramatic

types of hoodies

The classic essential in every wardrobe, no matter whether you are a laidback fashionista or a truly happening one, the humble hoodie is a piece of cloth steeped in comfort. Not just in the comfort of its warmth that hoodies indeed deliver by more than living up to all expectations but also in its shielding applications that make them even more secure a statement in pursuance. Largely a winter must have but one that lends itself impeccably well to the whims of virtually every season in fashion is the hoodie that is so called simply after its most essentially discerning feature of that hood resting upon its premise of diverse span. Depending on such variegated nature of its emergence, hoodies can be classified into many different types. Here’s 9 such hoodie styles that everyone needs to try out to embrace a quintessential dressing element in all fashion rendition-

Zip-Up Hoodie

Zip-Up Hoodie
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One of the classic reiterations in which hoodies across the world mark their being, the zipped up version of the winter staple makes also for one of its most common encounters. Very essentially a style characterised by the presence of a zipper along its front, whether whole bodied or only half way down the torso is the zip up hoodie that carries in its warmth also the power of convenience. Particularly with those hoodies that can be completely done or undone throughout the zipper running through its entire length, the degree of versatility is indeed the ultimate offering in fashionable feasibility.

half zip hoodie
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Getting into a zip up hoodie is a matter of extreme ease, as is slipping into one, making it the savior on all occasions when you have to just dash out of the house in great hurry. With no fuss of pulling them up and down the neck, the zip up style can therefore be worn on the go even when this essence of ease also endows upon it a greater versatility. Snug up in one all zippered and you brace yourselves from the extreme onslaught of the cold but on days when you feel stuffy all zipped up and such, simply unzip the hoodie to let yourself experience just the optimal amount of warmth with an ambient feel of air. It’s indeed that very simple!

Pullover Hoodie

The pullover hoodie might not quite match the status of ease that avails to its zippered counterpart but that does not affect much its own steeping in as commonplace popularity. Very evidently pullover hoodies are simply pullovers with an attached hood that you need to wear by pulling them all together over the head. A very basic style that though comes in such a myriad collection of colors and designs and patterns and features that make it as much conducive in being the flaunt of the fashionable as it is in its functionality against the freeze, these often come with built in pockets for one to allow their hands also the desired feel of warmth.

And while this might not be so essential a feature of them to earn this type of the hoodie even expansive an area of acceptance, it works indeed in the favour of pullovers that they effectively double up as topwear as well which is what makes them so favored an item of clothing of the winters. In their dual function delivered through a singular assertion as well as in their elimination of such errors of a broken or stuck zipper that zipped up hoodies are prone to encountering, pullover hoodies rest indeed in a convenient charm of their own.

Lace-up Hoodie

Very quirky an interpretation of the hoodie that already rests in its essential feature of a form of lace called the drawstring is the lace up hoodie that offers a very stylish way to offset the winter gloom. The look indeed is one oozing with the fashionista vibes but nowhere less pronounced is its utilitarian essence, with the lace strings serving well the purpose of making the hoodie fit more snugly around the wearer. Serving therefore the requirements of both style and substance and in such assertion that is definitely standout in its interesting spin on the ordinary is the lace up hoodie that is yet another bet of shining through with winter fashion.

Cropped Hoodie

Another very stylish look encompassed by the hoodie emerges forth though in such visage somewhat contradicting its delivering of warmth. As the name suggests, cropped hoodies are just any hoodie that are considerably short in their length, short enough to fit in with the style definition of cropped. That might seem quite ridiculous as in forsaking the length of it, the cropped hoodie makes for a much ‘airier’ option to really characterise as being a component of winter dressing. But the immensely stylish appeal of them is what makes the cropped hoodie a popular pick particularly among female folk.

Harbouring of a certain cool vibe, much coveted even in the essence of the winter warmth that hoodies are expected to deliver, cropped hoodies can be worn in both their zippered or pullover styles for a fashion statement that is commanding of all the attention, to say the least. Funky, dressy and convenient as well, cropped hoodies are the cream of the crop as far as flirting with fashion is concerned.

Trench coat hoodie

One of the most remarkable types of hoodies has to be the one that plays along with the dramatic flair of the trench coat for a fashionable turnout of enhanced appeal. Particularly complimenting the long flowing silhouette of trench coats are the attached hoodies, the trench coat hoodie explores to perfection the enhanced layering effect that pairing a trench coat with a hoodie garners, effectively yielding a visage that is no less than being a showstopper of sorts in itself. There indeed is no retelling the extents to which purpose is served as well- with both the trench coat and the hoodies being excellent winter heavyweights ion their own individual right, the trench coat hoodies offers therefore an option to drive away the winter blues in the ultimate epitome of what the mention of fashion conjures.

Button-Up Hoodie

Button-Up Hoodie
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Hoodies are more likely to be wholly closed or only zippered as far as their provision in ‘openness’ is concerned. Which is what makes the somewhat lesser encountered charm of their buttoned versions work out even more appeal across their unique premise. Buttoned hoodies can be just about any hoodie with buttons marking up its front, that like their zipped counterparts effectively play out convenience through their characteristic feature.

But even more fashionable happens to be the buttoned version of the hoodie since it incorporates a look that can pass off as being anything like a cardigan to of course a hoodie or sometimes even a more exquisite attire in itself. Fashionable indeed while capable of functioning across different levels of assertion are the buttoned hoodies that make maximum use of their buttoned identity to deliver immensely along the striking aesthetics of them.

Baja Hoodie 

One of the most ubiquitous types of hoodies is the Mexican stemming of the Baja hoodie. Also known as the Mexican threads hoodie or rather amusingly as the Drug Rug, the Baja hoodie stands out in its very identity both in appearance and in essence. Despite the regional reference though, these hoodies are so called because of the subculture in which they are popular and assert in that standing an identity wholly distinctive from any other classification across which the hooded fashion largely unfolds. And yet the Baja hoodie, or more appropriately the Baja jacket, started out as a basic pull over that ‘grew’ the hood in the times to come and asserted therefore its rather predominant existence as being a native emergence.

Beyond its identity, baja hoodies tend to be as unique in the style and design of them. Often colorful in its striped pattern that runs horizontally across the sleeves and hood and vertically down the body, the Baja jacket presents an almost dramatic expression of the otherwise more ordinary hoodie. With the contrasting play of the stripes bringing to effect an unmissable characteristic of what makes the striking design of the hoodie, it is no wonder that the Mexican Baja is a classic hoodie style favored by both men and women. Generally made out of a coarse woolen fabric called jerga including its drawstrings that tend to be somewhat flatter and rectangular, this is a classic style that has found global acceptance as a fashion icon of diverse reputation as well as an exquisite embodier of warmth designed to indeed cosy up even the most dreary of winters.

Polo Hoodie

By far the most interesting form taken on by the immensely adaptive hanging within the winter closet is the polo hoodie that incorporates of course the suave style of polo shirts within the hooded dimension. A hybrid though that necessarily does away with the trademark collar that polo shirts are identified in to make space for the hood to take over in all eminence, the polo hoodie still is a distinct enough style that stays true to the classic rendition of its stylish profile while being amply functional as a warmer in its growing into the typically long sleeved embodiment of the hoodie. Flattering in its fit and envisaging a placing on the style spectrum that strikes as appealing, the polo hoodie is a pick that caters to those who dress indeed to impress.

Tunic Hoodie

Another style of the hoodie that flows through the appeal inherently residing in flowing attires of great length is the tunic style hoodie. A great way to dress up in all winter essence with that drape of the tunic exerting its fashionable influence on the functional hideout that the hoodie essentially is, is this spin on style that is elegant and different indeed than the many other types hoodies tend to encompass. Very ladylike indeed but amazingly fitting also of stereotypical male ideals is the tunic hoodie that would be fun to strut about in the chill.