Jacket styles to look your fashionable best in

jacket styles

Whether you are seeking to tread upon the terrains of style or are seeking respite instead from the cold turn of the weather, there is no doubt that jackets hold onto a place of their own in every closet. Be it to ward off the nip in the autumn air or to keep the harsh cold of the winters at bay, to not let the summer sun tan you more than enough or to not allow the spring flying of the pollen to work allergies upon your skin, jackets make for a layer of protection, of style, of fashion and indeed of comfort. Jacket styles abound to suit different style sensibilities and fussy needs and here is all you need to know about some of the most stylish designs you should must allot space in your wardrobe-

Pea Jacket

pea jacket
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Known most commonly as the peacoat, this style of jacket has retained its timeless appeal in the fashion world, being though one of the many jacket styles to have emerged essentially from the fore of the military uniform. A Dutch creation that has been around since the 1800s but popularized only much later by the British navy before embarking headlong into the more expansive realm of inclusive fashion, the pea jacket is today an iconic item of warm clothing that exudes indeed the aura of comfort in its very essence as a double breasted heavy wool coat.


One of the most stylish and surely among the more versatile jacket types that finds immense favor among fashion enthusiasts is the blazer. Akin to a suit jacket but much more casual in its approach to style is this elegantly tailored piece of sartorial wonder that can be worn by anyone and paired with virtually every single item of clothing to be. Treading somewhere along the most pursued middle space in between the expanses of rigid formality and exuberant casualness is this less structured mode of throwing a layer of class over your attire, serving the multiple purposes of style, warmth and adaptability in a sleek and chic charm hailing from its own definitive substance.

Nehru Jacket


In its very name, the Nehru Jacket seems to be a style trend attributable to first PM of independent India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. But the popularity of this type of jacket owes rather its unique identity to the iconic rock band The Beatles who donned the style fairly commonly. A hip length style, that is most notable in its closed mandarin collar look, is in fact supposed to be a derivative of the more traditional Jodhpuri suit but also owes much of its appearance to the Western style achkan regularly donned by Nehru. Dating back however to the pre independence era, this is an elegant and formal piece of outerwear in sophistication that surely is unlike any other jacket you would have ever worn.

Bomber Jacket

Another jacket inspired by the design of military uniform, the bomber jacket started out as the flight jacket in the American air force before taking on its modern day variation. A streamlined silhouette that rests in a relaxed fit allowing therefore ample explorations of the vistas of functionality, the bomber jacket has come to be pretty much ‘the jacket’ of choice for virtually every non occasional occasion. Classic even in its casual essence, the bomber jacket is set apart from other jacket styles by virtue of its prominent features like the ribbed and cinched waistband and arm cuffs, a zip-up front, and multiple pockets.


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A portmanteau of the two styles of clothing of which it is a delightful blend, the shacket or shirt jacket is a very novel invention that brings together the comfort and convenience of style and functionality. Whether you consider it a shirt warm enough to pass off as a jacket or a jacket light enough to enable its wearing as a shirt, the not very convincing sounding shacket does however its job of the sartorial in a finely convincing fashion.

In affording you protection from an unpredictable turn of the weather without weighing you down, this lightweight take on a jacket is perhaps the solution to all our concerns of layering that might pose as quite intimidating an issue at times. In its seeming shirt like ease that brings along with though the comforting vibe of warmth, the shacket is one of the most genius modern day jacket styles we never knew how badly we have been im need of.

Denim Jacket

Denim Jacket
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Imbibing the timeless elegance and classic versatility of denims are denim jackets that obviously stem from fashion world’s most favorite fabric. A unisex piece of iconic charm that manifests still as a mainstay element of American fashion, the jean jacket is a universal staple today, a favorite in hot and cold weathers alike, more for its embodiment of the trademark denim style than its purpose. Suave and smart like all things denim are, yet casual and contemporary and predominantly occurring in shades of blue though quite a few variations rule as well, this is one of the safest style picks that traverses the conventions of the style adjectives of edgy, sleek, chic et al in its own assertive, non conventional manner of the popular parlance.

Harrington Jacket

Definitely cool in the style of the sartorial that it encompasses but still embodying a flair that dwells on the premises of rugged masculinity is the timeless and classic Harrington Jacket. A very exclusive style of jackets for men, the waist length Harrington was first designed way back in the 1930s and featured then a raised double button collar, ribbed cuff and waist or internal Tartan pattern. Modern day Harringtons however have come to rather varied in their attributes but holding nevertheless the substance in style that makes it an iconic element in fashion. The endurance of its cool charisma and light weighted convenience is what has subjected the Harrington to repeated reinterpretation in the fashion corridors season after season, helping it thus to assert its timeless appeal among fashion connoisseurs.

Peplum Jacket

Peplum Jacket
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A fashion mainstay for the ladies, peplum is a versatile style in women’s dress that has therefore made its presence felt in the diverse world of jackets. Quite simply, this is a jacket style that comes with the peplum or an overskirt attached to it meaning it flares out a short amount of length from the waist. Much like a swing coat, the fit and flare essence too is what drives the aesthetic of the peplum jacket but more than being high on drama, this is a tailored choice that caters to the realm of the sleek and the smart. In existence since long but experiencing a fashion revival with the dawn of the 2010s, peplum jackets are a rather comfortable way to work, party and dazzle all at once.

Leather Jacket

Versatile, iconic and timeless in enduring the changing fashion consciousness of the times, the leather jacket rests indeed in an appeal that characterise the fore of all things crafted out of this forever desired item of antiquity. Encompassing myriad elements of the style sensibility in its edgy, refined sophistication and sleek, suave flair, leather jackets have been around since the 20th century and continues to rule the ultimate awareness of fashion.

A military inspired design, that experienced peak popularity through its expansive use in the starry realms of Hollywood, leather jackets can be worn as per your preferences in tailoring, embodying well roomy fits as well as slim cuts and adapted into as many styles as you like. What however makes leather jackets all the more timeless is their sturdy essence that which does not just stand the wear and tear of time but also endures the brunt of a good fall which makes it also a favorite as safety motorcycle wear that is smart and smooth in the style facet as well. Indeed, with so much at stake, it is no wonder that leather jackets continue to inspire the ultimate demands when it comes to reliable ravishes.

Band Jacket

band jacket
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A striking jacket that stands out in the extravagant design and look of it, the band jacket is one uber cool option to seek warmth in. A statement making piece of the sartorial that is edgy, structured and iconic, having been sported more than often by pop icon Michael Jackson, the band jacket takes its name from the uniform worn by members of the marching band that explains also its really visible aesthetics in the fashion dimension.

Puffer Jacket

Puffer Jacket
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A very commonly encountered look in winter fashion today, puffer jackets make for a really effective medium of insulation for the body, even having come into being exclusively for this purpose. Also known as the Down Jacket, this is a quilted coat insulated with either duck or geese feathers, the air pockets created by which allows for the retention of warm air helping thus to sustain body heat. A look at this type of the jacket and it is immediately evident why it is popular as the puffer jacket, as the many horizontal stitches of the jacket give it a puffed up appearance. Undoubtedly the best bet to nail winter fashion in its functionality as well as in its trendy look, puffer jackets are a must have in every wardrobe.


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A thin fabric jacket that intends to resist the light chill of the wind as its very name suggests, the windbreaker, of the wind cheater is somewhat similar to the parka. Often loose fitting, these stavers of the wind also double up as pieces of fashion that reside in a cool identity and are very convenient to carry off as well in their lightweight essence that provides however optimum resistance to the elements of the weather.

Bolero Jacket

bolero jacket
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A jacket devoid of collars and buttons, the bolero jacket seeks to serve more the demands of style rather than catering to the utilitarian needs residing still within the realms of fashion. Short and cropped in a stylized design, the bolero is very similar to a shrug, only that it is made of a stiffer fabric and manifests therefore in a more definite shape and structure. Also somewhat like a cardigan but always much shorter, the bolero makes for a sleek style to find incorporation into the necessities of everyday fashion assertions while also delivering some quarter amount of the cover up utility expected out of jackets.

Swing Jacket

One of the jacket styles meant exclusively for women, swing jackets or the more dramatic identity of them as princess jackets embody indeed every bit of the striking allure that either of its names seeks to embody. Form fitting around the shoulder and then flaring out at the bottom in a fashion that allows the characteristic flair of a swinging motion to gain prominence is the swing jacket that looks more like a fit and flare dress.

A vintage assertion in the modern day world of fashion, this style of the jacket makes for a flattering silhouette of the wearer and is therefore very popular among the ladies. Versatile in that it can be worn by itself as well like a dress or over well fitting bottoms that help the fluidity of the swinging motion unfurl as a pleasing assertion of the aesthetic, the swing jacket is a pretty feminine pick for anyone who loves the thrill of the twirl.

Waxed Canvas Jacket

Not a style but rather a type of jacket classified on the basis of the material of which it is made, the waxed canvas piece makes for a fashion staple that eases out the nip of the mild breeze that can send a chill down at time. Lightweight in essence and therefore easy to carry in its nature, this is a very stylish, versatile and aesthetic assertion of the jacket that resides in the ingenious innovation of waxed canvas. A mainstay of your cool and casual jacket ploy, the waxed canvas jacket makes for a fashionable addition to the wardrobe of outerwear that effortlessly mingles survivability with style.

Military Jacket

style a military jacket
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If carrying off a rugged look in a fashion assertion of your own is what appeals to you as the ultimate style trend, then you can rely on the ever favorite range of military jackets to make a statement. Classic in their vintage appeal that hinges also on the substance yielded by their identity as being essentially military wear, these jackets make for a very visible, different class of fashion in their lightweight avatar but unmissable style. A unisex piece of outerwear best donned in characteristic sober but elegant colors, pairing a simple outfit with the very dominant aesthetic of a military jacket is all you need to pull of a fashion wonder that speaks of sophisticated pride and edgy valour.