15 types of jeans for men to show- off like a stud

types of jeans for men

While the self assuming airs that most male resides in might not allow them to acknowledge even their fashion manifestations as something that might count high on the complexities criteria, it remains a fact that over time men have been as wary and diversive in their style as women. The essential staple for all men when it comes to bottomwear is undoubtedly a pair of jeans which comes in a mindboggling different types. However, not many are aware of such diversification which though does not make it any less significant. We classify below 15 such styles of jeans types for men so that you are not completely ignorant about what you are trying to show off to the world-

Straight Jeans

straight jeans
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Straight in the fit as well as in what it means in essence- this type of jeans defines itself. Contemporary and classic, super versatile and one that does not require much deliberation to slip into in- straight jeans are the most common types preferred by man. In its mass appeal, the straight jeans is indeed the staple everyday wear for most men- whether they want comfort, style, ease or mere functionability, they get it all.

The straight jeans comes without any variance which means there is no any noticeable widening or narrowing down or up. Running straight through the hip, thigh and leg with just such space that ensures comfort and ease, straight jeans are everyone’s best friend and make for the most appropriate casual wear. What also makes these types of jeans an absolute hit among all men is that they can be worn on any body shape to decent effect.

Loose fit Jeans

Loose fit types of jeans for men
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Another very ‘suggestive’ name when it comes to jeans for men is the loose fit types. While the name might sound like a contradiction of sorts in being loose and fitting simultaneously, it actually can be one of the most comfortable picks. However it isn’t just functionality that these pairs have working for them. In their somewhat baggy bulk that still looks and indeed is fitting enough, loose jeans have an appeal that make the wearer stand out from the rest of the lot.

Specifically for big boned, wide waisted men who need some more fabric around their wide hips and thighs, loose fits work best in comfort without compromising too much on the aesthetics as well. Roomy and definitely more breathable than most standard types, dressing up in a loose fit jeans if your body structure demands it means that you can go along your day longer and better, more efficiently.

Slim fit Jeans

Slim fit Jeans types for men

It becomes easier to understand what essential the skinny types of men’s jeans are when we define it in relation to loose fits. Because the pairing here is a more conceivable slim and fit, this type sounds more appealing. And despite the name that have them totally rocking the look, slim fit jeans are also as comfortable because the slim appearance is totally balanced by the not too loose, neither too tight fit that helps in giving the shapely look to the legs. You can well associate skin fit jeans with a smart, sleek style- one that does not go overboard but is more than stylish enough to make an impression. Sitting straight along the hip and thigh with a slightly narrower leg opening, slim fit jeans work best for athletic and even some inches thinner men.


Regular fit Jeans

Regular fit Jeans
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Almost identical to the straight style jeans, a regular fit is intended to fit you straight from hip to thigh. You know those jeans styles that are a bit too roomy to pass off straight types yet a bit too taut as well to fall in the category of baggies? That’s exactly the gap that a pair of regular jeans fits in with a straight running from hip to thigh no doubt but with some slightly more flare throughout. For muscular men in particular who aren’t big boned but are obviously not thin either, it’s regular fit jeans to the rescue.

Stretch Jeans

Stretch Jeans
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While denims in itself inhibits the stretchy properties to quite some extent, there also is a separate type of stretchy jeans on the denim horizon. Needless to say, stretch jeans are not just comfortable, they are adaptable as well. They fit easier and also allow men considerable room to expand if and when they end up doing the squats a lot more harder than usual! While it needs no reiteration that stretch jeans are more functional as well, these types of jeans also score with such men who do not conform to set body proportions. For instance, the stretch types are best picks for men who have small waists but tend to go wider at the hips and the thighs. Also for people whose perfect fit lies somewhere between two standard numbers, stretch jeans are the best option to slip into.

Skinny Jeans

Even when you would consider all things skinny to be more encompassing of the fashion sensibilities of the woman kind, even men can choose to don the skinny fit types of jeans. Form fitting and obviously narrow unlike the many other types of men’s jeans, skinny fits are tailored to fit to perfection. While skinny fits are not the most functionable of pairs to slip into, they sure can be pretty comfortable specially when it comes to moving without any cloth bulk weighing you down. However, huge guys should stay away from these kind of fits as they generally suit men with a leaner built. Also since these jeans taper down towards the legs while also being skinny all throughout, they make men with shorter legs appear taller.

Tapered fit Jeans

Another of the jeans types that make it instantly decipherable to most men by virtue of the very name, tapered jeans are jeans that taper towards the end of your legs. They tend to be slim fits around the thighs and hips but tighten as they get on to the calf and below because of the tapering effect. Tapered jeans can be described as a combination between straight and skinny fits which make them a quite interesting type. While big guys with bigger upper legs prefer them for the luxury of space they allow, these jeans also work well for medium guys who would have been happy with a little more bulk around their thighs. People with long legs would definitely find their perfect pick in these tapered pairs since they can lend a more balanced look with their cleverly thought of tailoring.

Flared Jeans

The pole opposite to tapered jeans, the flared types of jeans for men tend to be fitted slim along the hip and thigh while flaring out from below the knee. Almost close to bell bottoms, flared jeans are one of those pairs that would flatter you in that incredibly sexy classic way and complements almost every body type. Flared jeans are an even ‘flared up’ work on wide jeans because their upper fit completely contrasts the dramatic flare that follows beneath. Who said only women can have all the fun? Men sure does as well!

Narrow fit Jeans

Treading into trickier territories in delineating different types of jeans for men we encounter the narrow fitting ones. Similar to tapered jeans, the narrow fits exhibit a closing trend along the bottom of the legs starting from the knee while the upper leg maintains a regular trend. However since tapered jeans have a slim fit towards the upper part and the narrow fit ones maintain a standard fit, it is possible to somewhat demarcate one from the other. Also because most common jeans types nowadays are visibly narrower variants to allow ease of functionality, narrow leg jeans might also come across as more encompassing types of their clan. Men who aren’t exactly the non bulky type can pick narrow fits to achieve the desired look in their fit.

Relaxed fit Jeans

Also encompassing its virtuous name in characterisation is the relaxed fit types of jeans for men. No doubt super comfy with the relaxed stature they dwell in, this fit comes with not just a wider thigh area but more room around the calf as well. In their roomy essence, sometimes regular fit jeans can closely resemble the loose fit ones. But there still remains substantial differences between the two.

Loose fit jeans tend to be unshapely while the relaxed ones hold their own specially because the relaxation in the fit occurs mostly around the thighs. Wider than regular fits but narrower than loose fits, relaxed fit jeans conform to standards that fluctuate between these two types of men’s jeans. While relaxed jeans understandably cater to men with wide legs, their versatile cut also makes them worthy of a wear by other types though an improper pick can really spoil the look.

Slim Straight Jeans

Slim Straight Jeans
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Slim straight jeans is another of the types common among men even when they might not be fully aware of what its nomenclature in proper denim jargon. They are called slim straight jeans because they encompass the most flattering aspect of these styles to come up with a type that is versatile and classic all in one. So basically your slim straight jeans is a pair of pants that have a slim fit along the hip to the thigh and run straight through your calves to the entire length of your leg therefrom. For thin people who don’t like to look as skinny as they are, slim straight jeans are a perfect pick. While in their slim fit, these jeans do not give out the entire top silhouette, the straight cut towards the end perfectly balances the lack of muscle so that you get that classy, flattering look.

Classic Fit

Classic Fit jeans
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Slightly less fuller when you place them alongside the relaxed fit types yet with enough space for your legs to move along its straight lower cut, classic fits could almost have passed off as being your regular fits but with subtle underlying differences. Comfortable to the feel even when it might be slightly perplexing to denim novices, classic fits does exactly what it preaches- lends you that classic denim dude look!

Carrot fit Jeans

carrot types of jeans for men
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A very interesting variation that jeans have evolved into through the many decades and years of fashion is the carrot fit types which however are not exclusive only to men. Interesting we say not just in the name however. The carrot style is a cross upon the types of jeans that we have come to classify by fit on one hand and the rise on the other.

While it is essentially a low crotch variant, the carrot jeans sure is a loose crotch pick that therefore ranks pretty high on the relaxability factor. However, this fit tends to be slimmer around the calves which renders it visually akin to the carrot like look that therefore lends it its name. A combination of slim fit and baggy, carrot jeans are types that sport a wider hip and narrower calves and ankles. Whosoever conceived this contemporary genius way to make skinny smart and casual comfort go together sure deserves all the carrots in the world as accolade!

Athletic fit Jeans

athletic types of jeans for men
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You get all the attributes of comfort, ease and style in a pair of athletic fit jeans. Roomier in the hips and thigh, a slight taper down the bottom and a stretchier expanse- all you athletic men out there who just can’t sit still and need to be moving and bending, squatting and showing the moves, this would be your jeans pick among the many types. Only an emerging style but definitely one that wold rise to be among the more preferred, this contemporary denim hybrid combines the best of a host of other types and cuts to deliver a a pair that is as covet- worthy as it can get.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut Jeans
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Bootcut Jeans are also an exact personification of the name they identify with. Dating back to the times when cowboys were all the dominant phenomena the world was crazy about, bootcut jeans continue to manifest their timeless appeal even in the present times. Tight along the thighs but somewhat relaxed (or rather flared) around the calves to let the boots fit underneath, bootcut jeans emerged as a staple cowboyish need that however did well to not compromise on the style. Because wearing boots demanded some room that while simultaneously riding horses rejected, bootcut jeans came up as a combination of both fitting and flaring forms. The modern men of today with not so nice calves sure needs to own one of these pairs for making that rugged yet modern impact with their look.