Types of Kurtis that are in fashion right now

Kurti has been a comfortable and preferable choice of clothing for women to wear in all kinds of occasions. The best thing is that it can look good with any kind of trouser and can perfectly complement with all types of jewellery. Due to the hassle free way of wearing it and breathability of the fabric, Kurti has always remain a favourite form of office and casual wear for women. Moreover, Kurti has also been favoured as a party wear because of the fact that exquisite designs in a comfortable piece of clothing along with heavy jewellery manages to make a woman feel ethereal and superbly satisfied with her style.  As Kurti has now occupied a prime spot of importance in the list of casual wear and formal wear for women, its demand of purchase has also increased. Today, we can see a maximum number of Indian ladies dressed in Kurti and the versatility and the dynamic form of this piece of clothing is slowly bound to become a classic as it has become a cult favourite among women.

Some of the popular types of Kurtis that have been ruling the fashion circuit includes-

Long Straight Kurti

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The topmost preferable Kurti among women right now is the Long Straight Kurti. It is also one of the classic form of office wear mostly because it makes a lady look smart as well as beautiful. Simple, elegant and stylish, Long Straight Kurtis are lightweight and the comfiest among all other types of Kurtis. It is quite usual to see women donning Long Straight Kurtis along with studs or hook earrings and a bag in the streets nowadays going about doing their daily chores. As a part of office wear, Long Straight in solid colours or prints are in trend.

Floor Length Kurtis

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The ankle length Kurti that looks like a gown too is also another type of Kurti that is high in demand. Known as Floor Length Kurti, it is popular both as an office and party wear. As some pretty embroidered designs on a Floor Length Kurti makes it look like an elegant fancy gown, it is mostly preferred as a form of party wear. Moreover, most ladies pair a Floor Length Kurti with a beautiful dupatta to give an Indo-Western look to the outfit. Floor Length Kurtis in prints or solid colours are mostly worn by women to office.

A-Line Kurti

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With a fitted portion till the chest and loosening slightly towards the bottom, A-Line Kurtis are in high demand among the young ladies. As the bottom part of the Kurti forms a flare and the upper portion remains perfectly fit thereby giving it a form of the shape of the first letter of the English alphabet A , it is popularly called as A-Line Kurti. Long A-Line Kurtis are mostly paired with leggings and whereas the short versions of this Kurti looks good with jeans.

Long Slit Kurtis

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A slit or cut along a large portion of the Kurti gives the Long Slit Kurti its name. The slit can be found either in the middle or on the sides. This type of Kurti is popular as it makes a lady look pretty, smart and bold. Paired with any kind of trousers or accessories, the look of sassiness that the Long Slit Kurti reflects is strong enough for a woman to make a stylish fashion statement.

Collared Kurtis

Source : Nykaa Fashion

Among the Collared Kurtis, the Mandarin Collar Kurti is the most popular one.  As a collar makes a lady look highly formal, therefore Collared Kurtis are another preferred type of Kurtis that are deemed suitable for office wear. With a low collar that is elegant as well as comfortable, Mandarin Collared Kurtis are, therefore, preferred as the most convenient form of Collared Kurtis to wear. However, Shirt Collared Kurtis are also in trend among the ladies. High Collared Kurtis are mostly worn during the winter season and paired with blazers or low neck sweaters.

Anarkali Kurtis

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One of the prettiest type of Kurtis, Anarkali Kurtis have a huge fan base among women of all age groups. The iconic Bollywood star Madhubala who played the role of Anarkali in the 1960 superhit film Mughal-e-Azam had worn a Kurti with a beautiful wide flare at the bottom portion. For this reason, the elegant flared Kurti came to be known as the Anarkali Kurti. Apart from being beautiful, Anarkali Kurtis are also considered to be traditional as it has been in fashion right from the time of screening of Mughal-e-Azam. As the Anarkali Kurti can perfectly look good on every woman, it is considered as a classic piece of clothing and is found to be a suitable wear for every kind of occasion be it weddings, religious festivals, going for shopping or to office etc.

Angrakha Kurti

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An ancient form of Kurti, Angrakha Kurtis are mostly preferred to be worn in festive occasions because of its unique and interesting design. This type of Kurti presents a look like two asymmetrical or similar flaps have been sewn together. However, the presence of latkans or lace in the side makes this type of Kurti look prettier. Due to its attractive and unique design, Angrakha Kurtis can look good with any kind of trousers be it palazzos, leggings, jeans etc.

Jacket Kurtis

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The addition of a jacket over a Kurti can amp up the style quotient of the whole outfit together. Moreover, a jacket adds a touch of modernism to a Kurti thereby making the lady look smart and beautiful. The length of the jacket may be long or short. The popularity of Jacket Kurtis have increased after Bollywood actor Parineeti Chopra don the look in the film Ishaqzaade

Asymmetrical Kurti

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To style a perfectly imperfect look beautifully, Asymmetrical Kurti is the perfect choice of outfit for a lady. The irregular shaped flare of an Asymmetrical Kurti is one of the main aspects that makes it stylish and elegant when worn by a woman. Paired with leggings, skirts or palazzos, the Assymetrical Kurti will never fail to make a lady look charming.