Various types of makeup you should not miss out on

types of makeup

Beauty might or might not be just skin deep but there’s a lot more depth to makeup than what we tend to make out of it. In its vast amalgamating range, makeup can be as mind boggling a world of fascination as it is a medium of transformation. While makeup trials can be exciting, makeup types also can be as intriguing. Here’s listing some of the various types of makeup you should not miss out on-


Primer isn’t a makeup element per se, it rather is the base on which the makeup is applied. Also in ensuring that your makeup stays put on you in its various types, the primer happens to be one of the makeup staples. For professionals at least. From sealing pores to reducing fine lines and soreness to ultimately leave you ‘settled’ with the makeup effort, these cream, gel or powder based products are indeed what salvages your madeup look.

Kohl/ Kajal

types of makeup kajal
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The most basic among the many types of makeup and yet the most essential, kajal is something that instantly lends you an altogether different look. Kohl or kajal is more a makeup staple in India and some parts of the Asian subcontinent. An eye makeup, kohl is very often used interchangeably to refer to eyeliner in different parts of the world. But in the Asian context, kohl is as distinct and prominent a makeup element as any other.

Kajal is applied to the base of the eye for a stunning, dramatic look that is almost everything you need to rock the most laidback yet funky look. In fact, even outside of being a makeup product, kohl is also tradition in Asian countries. Within the realm of makeup however, kajal makes for one of the absolute best types you need to rev yourself up.


Concealer does what it says- it conceals the imperfections. That might mean hiding your dark circles or other discolorations or even any blemishes for you to look and feel flawless. Without the concealer, the myriad other types of makeup wouldn’t be even half as effective at presenting the most stunning version of you.


Though eyeliner is very often interchangeably used with kohl, there exists some difference between the two makeup types. As the name suggest, eyeliner lines your eyes but it is mostly made for lining the upper lid. Of course you can use your eyeliner pencil to coat your lower lids as well in which case it functions like a kajal. But the liquid type of eyeliner strictly conforms to being an upper lid staple. Which should perhaps explain the essence of this makeup product in being one specific to lining the upper eye. From going bold and black to staying prim and proper with your eyelining skills, this is another makeup essential that will cater to your every requirement.

Eye Shadow

The eyes might just sit pretty small on your face but they are one of your most vital organs. Whether that be in helping you celebrate the beauty of this whole wide world or in being the medium for various makeup types to completely transform your look, your eyes are indeed the window to your soul. Eye makeup therefore encompasses a range of efforts that go beyond just lining and kohling your eyes. And one rather ‘celebratory’ of the types that eye makeup dwells in are eye shadows.

Not a staple however for an everyday makeup look, eye shadows color the lids of your eyes to stunning effect. Even in its available subtle manifestations, eye shadows make for as much of makeup drama as its more daring experimentations. Which is why you should absolutely not miss out on some of these sprinkles of color if you want to reside in drama!


Blush is the makeup product you need to go for if you want to give your cheeks that red tinted glow without bringing the complications of hormones and emotions into play. Allegories aside, blush is that makeup product that might be seeming to lose its commonplace relevance. But in fact, it has evolved over time to manifest itself subtly in regular makeup looks. In that very natural note of pinks that it lets your face shine pretty in, blush does more than what you consider it capable of. For all makeup enthusiasts, blush is a must have in their beauty kit.


If blush wasn’t enough drama for you, then you need something like the highlighter to match your fancy. True to its name, the highlighter is the makeup product to highlight your features but with enhanced effect. Usually shimmery, this is a standout among the various types of makeup because of its sheer dynamism. Again more a party staple than an everyday element, highlighters do magic to you. It makes you shine out from the rest of the crowd in its glitter. And because you generally apply it right over the cheekbones, the brow bone, along the bridge of the nose and such other focal areas, it also makes you stand out in your beauty appeal.

Contour Powder/ Cream

Contouring is one of the more trickier aspects of makeup. Which lends contour powder or cream a higher seating in the makeup hierarchy. More a professional requirement, contouring has however caught on also with the layman- or should we say laywoman- because of its stunning effects on the overall made up look. Contouring being the process of morphing your facial characteristics in a manner to render them more dramatic, contour powder is the makeup medium to achieve that look. In creating shadows and depth and properly defined angles on your face, contour can be quite technical. Needless to say it is one of the more advanced of makeup types.


In its application and usage, mascara has to be one of the most stunning of makeup types. Catering to the beauty of the eyes, these usually black products are meant o sit on your eyelashes. Whoever on earth have been undone by the fluttering effect of elegant, long eyelashes will forever vouch for mascara as a really astounding specimen of makeup! Indeed, in making your eyelashes appear longer and thicker and darker, mascaras can sometimes be all that you need. There even exists clear and colored mascara types for the even hardcore makeup enthusiasts.


There’s perhaps no makeup product as popular as lipsticks. In fact these sticks of radiance that add color to your lips are a rage not just among style fanatics but also with the lesser nuanced. What’s more, such is the timeless characterisation of these shades of color that it makes even novices take notice. Even the usually clueless folks- the poor men, are particularly conversant enough when it comes to lipsticks. With such universal versatility in tow, we don’t even need to begin explaining lipsticks. A girl’s best armor, and again an instant redefiner of even the simplest of looks, lipsticks are timeless favorites when it comes to makeup.

Lip Gloss

Lip glosses are instant giveways- it glosses up your lips. And yet, this remains a makeup product not understood by many. Usually plain but with a glossy effect, this is the touch up to your lip make up after all that filling and lining and shading with colors. Lip glosses however are quite sticky which makes it quite a task to wear them. For those however who want their lips to do all the talking, lip gloss can be the ultimate addiction.

BB Cream

Beauty Balm cream, more popular as BB cream, is quite the rage when it comes to everyday makeup presently. And with attributes as encompassing as the ones it does, this comes as no surprise at all. An all in one beauty product that does the job of the moisturizer and primer and foundation concealer just fine, BB creams are the ultimate savior in the makeup world. Not however when it comes to professional makeup. These Beauty Balm creams only seemingly work for those who need to go about their everyday look in a hurry. For adeptness and elaboration however, beauty balm creams do not work. Nevertheless, in their immense functionality catering to the requirements of the fast paced world, BB creams might even be lauded as one of the really vital components of modern day makeup.

Nail Paint

types of makeup Nail Paint
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Whether nail paint quite fits the bill in being a makeup staple is a matter of ambiguity. But given how it does up your overall appearance, we would include it in our listing of makeup types. Like lipsticks, nail polishes are also fairly popular. Pops of color that you paint your nails in- that’s just basic nail makeup. There of course exists clear nail paint and even glittery ones for that matter. You can also go multi colored and patterned with your nails instead of just a single color dab when it comes to nail polishes. But whatever that might be, nail paint remains the most basic nail makeup ever.