Types of palazzo to choose from to accentuate your style statement

types of palazzo

There is no validation enough in the fashion world that can reiterate just how versatile a style pick the palazzo can be. A summer staple, a fashion fave, a chicster’s comfy bet- palazzos are all the blazing rage for all cool reasons. Not just that, there are also infinite ways to style a palazzo which adds to their functional appeal. In their stylish essence laced with layers of comfort and innate smart sensibilities, palazzos are every woman’s bestest friend. No wonder, the adapatability that a pair of palazzo forever encompasses in its flair also has found expression in its many types. Listing out the many types of palazzo you can choose from this summer or even winter to strut about in your stylish best-

Straight Palazzo/ Regular Palazzo

regular palazzo
Source: Swirlster

This is the most basic of palazzo types to don. A regular palazzo is one in which the pants rest in a straight cut along the length of your legs. There of course is the flare- for what are palazzos without some drama? Breezy and comfy but not too overwhelming, you can start out with a regular palazzo if you are apprehensive of allowing a bit too much room to your legs. Kurtis, tunics, tops all fit the bill when it comes to styling a regular palazzo.

Slited Palazzo

You know how that slit just about makes any outfit look a hell lot sexier? That’s essentially what the slit does even to a pair of carefree palazzo pants! Whether it be the classic thigh high slit that has you making a bold statement or the more relaxed side slit, you can’t ever go wrong with one of the cuts. Of course, you can also opt for the breezy front slit that is a style statement in itself. Who knew allowing the palazzo some more breeze with all that cuts and stuff would render it all the more hotter?! From beach outings to corporate parties to events, wear them anywhere with the right topwear and voila, you would be the talk of the town!

Layered Palazzo

Layered Palazzo types
Source: Ajio

As the name suggests, the layered palazzo would have a couple of layer of fabrics characterising its looks. Quite unique in its style appeal, the layered palazzo does some really subtle drama on your person to make you the effortless fashionista. A simple fitted top, more ideally a crop top goes best with a layered palazzo pair.

Pocket Palazzo

Pocket Palazzo
Source: Poshmark

These evidently are palazzo pants that come with pockets making it a double delight! There’s the breeze of the palazzo to vouch for and the casual ease of strutting about with your hands in the pockets, making it just the ideal pair to pick for a leisurely evening walk. Laidback, chill and super stylish, pocket palazzos make for quite a sartorial sight when paired right with waist length tops. Even shirts can be the perfect pick to complement this of the palazzo styles if you do a chic tuck in.

Denim Palazzo

Denim palazzos perhaps are a style fad rarely encountered but they exist still and how! The timeless appeal of denims makes for quite a case in translating into the uber comfort of a palazzo. Like all things denim, denim palazzos make you look super sexy when paired with even a cute basic top.

Skirt Look Palazzo/ Sharara Palazzo

skirt-palazzo pant types
Source: Goldstroms

A palazzo with so immense flare that it ends up looking as if it’s a skirt! That’s what a skirt palazzo is. Endowing a more celebratory feel in its compounded flare and fabric, this of the palazzo types can indeed be a personification of such images that the ‘larger than life’ phrases hope to embody. Specific stand out types happen to be the sharara palazzo which is very much the party wear dressier version of the skirt palazzo. Best worn on festive occasions with those fancy party wear kurtis, this is the palazzo style with all the fun and frills!

Tassel Palazzo

This might more be a style of the palazzo rather than being one of its many types. And yet, the charm of tassels work upon us in every way possible to make tassel palazzos a favorite pick for us. Whether you make your choice from a pair that features the tassels at the hem or one that prominently shows them off at the sides, this would indeed endow you with a look that is very pretty and feminine. The top you pair this beauty with will be a pick depending on your choice of the pants. For a pair of pants with the tassels near the waist, shorter tops would be the perfect fit. Even for the tasseled hem ones, it’s best to go for fitted, fuss free tops to bring out the showy grace of those dangling beauties.

Tiered Palazzo

Grading up on the oomph factor on the palazzo frontline is the tiered variant. More a fashion essential than anything else, tiered palazzos have that really dramatic effect to them. The multiple levels of fabric play with the overall look of the outfit in a way that is sensuous yet cool. Obviously, the only way you can do the allure of this diversive pair justice is by making such picks that do not hide all its visual charisma. Which means well fitted tops need to accompany the tiered types of palazzo for the stunning effect.

Formal Palazzo/ Trouser style palazzo

trouser palazzo types
Source: Allegro

While palazzos have forever been setting the benchmark for casual outings and no hurdles fun, there is no reason why you cannot wear a pair to work. Embrace your love for this versatile fashion wear in totality as you make your office your fashion ground one fine day. Pick a trouser style palazzo for a look that is smart, sleek and irresistible even to the indifferent corporate senses. A formal interpretation of the palazzo, the trouser style is relatively firmer in its standing through your legs even when retaining the characteristic flare. Also distinctive in its front buttons that give your attire the more professional look, a formal palazzo is your perfect bet to look presentable and comfortable white holding the perfect boss lady demeanor. No price for guessing what you need to pair this with. Simply ‘suit it up’!

Tie Side Palazzo

Tie side pants are undoubtedly everyone’s saviour. Because the side tie has this effect on flattening your stomach, these pants are everyone’s favorite. Think then of the tie side palazzo types as a pair that delivers itself as a dual wonder to you. In its palazzo essence, these pants already are balancing out your paunch. And in their side tying options, they do even more to cleverly conceal those chubs. Not to forget how the detailing in the tie up enhances the overall look of your outfit as well.

Belt Palazzo

belt palazzo pants
Source: Lichi

This is a palazzo style rather than a type but again the appeal that the belt add on lends to the pants is what makes them a fashion breed of their own. Trendy, eye catching and pretty, a belted pair of palazzo helps also in imparting that slimming effect. Of course the appeal lies all in the detail so make sure to pair it with something that does not weigh the belt down.


While culottes are a distinctive pant style in themselves, they also can be interpreted as being among one of the many types of palazzo. Defined by their shorter length and prominent flare, culottes are the more contemporary version of the already fashionable palazzo pair. Culottes also appear dressier than standard palazzo versions. So if you want a pair that can take you directly through college and tuition to outings and gatherings, then culottes can be your pick. Pair them with shirts or tees and tops or layer them and rock that total carefree look in a pair of sneakers and a hands free sling clutch. Fashionistas, life indeed’s good!

Foldover Palazzo

In its namesake identity, the foldover palazzo is one that comes with a fold around the waist. Endowed with even more comfort, this is one style perfect for women cherishing the maternity saga of life. Of course the easy seating around the waist make this pick also a popular choice among all women. Pair it with some equally comfortable topwear so that you can relax in the charms of true easy fashion.

Flared Palazzo

flared palazzo pants
Source: Looksgud.in

Flaring up more than a regular palazzo is its flared types that rank a notch higher on the breezy radar. Loose and flowy, these are the perfect pants to put your legs into on the sultriest of summer days. Uber chic, super comfortable and soothingly fashionable, the extreme wide essence of these pants makes even the most humid of summers a breeze in the park. Quite literally! From kurtis to tops to tees to bralettes, pair them with just about anything without worries.

Dhoti Palazzo Pants

Remember how dhoti pants were all the rage sometime back? They return to rule in all their desi dhotisqueness but this time in the avatar of a palazzo. Unique in being the palazzo that are tapered at the bottom and flared at the top, these types tend to be attention seekers in all their might. Wear them with short kurtis or peplum tops or even shirts to totally rock ’em desi pair!

Pleated Palazzo

pleated pants
Source: GOXIP

These palazzo types feature pleats that make the pant pair an ultimate dressy option in itself. Elegant and very much assertive a style statement in its prominent design, pleated palazzos are quirkier than the regular ones. The compact pleated palazzos are perfectly complemented by heels for the extra feminine touch. Those pairs that are somewhat relaxed with the pleats however can come across as almost casual with a touch of chic.