Types of popular ethnic trousers among women

Trousers have always been an integral part of clothing for both men and women of any culture. It has remain an absolute necessary piece of lower garment for outfits of both traditional and western wear. While many kinds of western wear comprises of trousers that are of a uniform solid colour sans any artistic design, cuts or bling, the case is not so with traditional wear. Ethnic trousers are designed with attractive patterns in colourful embroidery and even comprises of asymmetrical shapes which can definitely amp up the style quotient of a whole outfit together. There are some pretty kinds of ethnic trousers worn by a lady that makes any traditional upper garment look beautiful and makes her look more fit and smart in addition to defining her elegance.

Some of the popular forms of ethnic trousers that a lady mostly wears as a part of both casual and formal wear includes-


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One of the most fashionable types of ethnic bottom wear for women, palazzos are mostly paired with kurtis along with a dupatta during festive occasions. With a wide flare at the bottom, palazzos are comfortable to wear and can make any simple upper garment of a fully solid colour look highly fashionable. Palazzos are also made more beautiful with some artistic and colourful embroidery at the hems or an intricately asymmetric flare. It may also comprise of some amazing prints or can be of a total solid colour. Apart from being a highly preferred festive wear, palazzos are also worn as a form of casual wear. However, it is not a much common garment for office wear due to its loud design.


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A form of ethnic trouser that is favourable for both formal and casual wear, churidars have a perfect capacity of making a lady look fit and smart. As a churidar is a fully straight garment that wounds around the legs flawlessly, it not only makes an upper garment look beautiful but gives a kind of no-nonsense look to a lady and make her appear simple and stylish. For this reason, a churidar kameez along with a dupatta has been the topmost ideal choice of corporate wear and is worn by a woman for work. As churidars are generally buttoned up at the lowermost portion and ends up with a series of folds in the bottom, it also has the capacity of adding a feminine charm to an outfit. Churidars are mostly of simple and solid colours and does not have artistic designs on it.


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A kurti paired with leggings has been the ideal choice of outfit for almost every woman in India nowadays. A fuss free trouser which can be just pulled up over the legs without having to button or zip it up, leggings are highly comfortable as it is a stretchable garment and can also be adjusted to fit perfectly. Apart from being a perfect fit around the legs, leggings act as a great pair of bottom wear for any kind of upper garments. Leggings have become a versatile piece of ethnic trouser as it can be seen to be worn by women everyday irrespective of the type of activity with which she is engaged. Be it for travelling, doing exercise, going to office or for shopping or even attending parties, leggings have been the topmost choice of ethnic trouser for a woman. Apart from the classic black and white leggings, other types of colourful leggings or even printed ones are now in top fashion.


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With lots of bling and pretty designs, shararas are the prettiest forms of ethnic trousers that are mostly worn in weddings. Shararas mostly comprises of widening flares starting from the knees. Unlike a palazzo which normally ends with a single flare beginning a little high up above the ankle, shararas may consists of multiple flares stitched together thereby making it a beautiful form of festive wear. Being a trouser that gives a kind of a royal elegant look to an outfit, shararas are, therefore, a most popular form of bridal wear. Shararas has the capacity to enhance the prettiness of a lady when she teams up it with an intricately embroidered kurti /kameez along with traditional jewellery.

Cigarette Pants

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A trendy form of ethnic trouser, cigarette pants ends up just at the ankle and is highly comfortable to wear. With a straight length that does not fit too tightly around the legs, cigarette pants also features beautiful prints and intricate embroidery. Being a perfect melange of ethnicity and modernism, cigarette pants are a favourite among young women. Meanwhile, solid colour cigarette pants look like a perfect corporate trouser and thereby are a wonderful form of office wear too for the ladies. Due to its wonderful circular symmetry which resembles to that of a cigarette, this type of ethnic trouser is known as cigarette pant. Cigarette pants are teamed up with upper garments depending upon the occasion and design. While the more elegant pieces are sported in festive occasions, the simple ones are worn as a part of casual wear.


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A combination of jeans and leggings, jeggings are also another form of modern ethnic trousers that are highly favoured by women. Although a form of ethnic trouser, jeggings are mostly paired with upper garments of western wear like T-shirts, tops or tunics. Looking like a pair of beautiful and colourful jeans from a distance, jeggings also wounds up perfectly around the legs and make a lady look fit, smart and graceful. Jeggins are also the most preferred choice of casual wear for a woman. The best part about choosing a jeggings is that it is present in various colours unlike a jeans pant which mostly comprises of only blue, black or white colours.


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With a wide shape at the upper part and narrowing down at the bottom, salwar pants are another beautiful pair of ethnic trousers that are of various types. There is the patiala salwar which comprises of series of pleats sewn together to make its appearance look like an intricately folded structure. Meanwhile, the dhoti salwar also comprises of a number of folds sewn together so that its appearance resembles to that of its name ie. dhoti. However, harem pants are the mostly worn type of salwar which features a wide upper portion that narrows down at the bottom. The ubiquitous salwar kameez has been a timeless elegant traditional outfit for every lady irrespective of her age.