19 amazing types of sarees in India to add to your wardrobe

types of sarees in india

Love for sarees is eternal. Which is why we simply cannot hoard enough of them in our wardrobe. And indeed, India does possess such exquisite types of sarees as its treasure trove that we do not even care about going shrinking in our collection. Here’s the many amazing types of sarees in India you should absolutely own as someone who swears by the desi wonder-

Maheshwari Saree

Originating from the town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh are eponymous sarees that rest in an appeal of their own. Quite a royal creation in tracing its origins to the queen herself back in the 18th century, these sarees are a treat for all saree lovers in their exquisite finesse. In their delicate sophistication, these sarees guard a cultural heritage in their still royal interpretation. Maheshwari sarees are also unique in that they have reversible borders meaning one can wear these beauties even inside out! The traditional earthen colours and grand designs as well as the lightweight and airy texture of these sarees make them a great option to don on ordinary days when you still want to stand out from the fashion crowd.

Batik Saree

Though a traditional saree native to Rajasthan, batik sarees somewhat encompass the modern look in its abstract art like setting that renders it all the more contemporary. With patterns created using regional dye and wax techniques, batik sarees are resplendent in a charm that transcends the ethnic essence of the saree. Modern in the look even when rooted in its origins, batik sarees are definitely the types to make you understand just how fluid India can be in embracing diversity in its folds.

Kasavu Saree

Kasavu Sarees types in india
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The trademark cream colored saree with a golden border from God’s own land of Kerala is the Kasavu saree. This among the traditional saree types of the enchanting state of south India is really remarkable in its simplistic but standout design, depicting a flair so characteristic of sarees. Considered an auspicious attire that dominates virtually celebration in the state, Kerala Kasavu sarees are the perfect embodiment of the unadulterated natural grace and beauty of the land.

Moirangphee Saree

Moirangphee Sarees types in india
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Native to the Indian state of Manipur are the pristine Moirangphee sarees. Featuring a temple border and a specific woven design, these heritage sarees are again another of the standout types even in India. Striking in their nowhere near the basic look and precious in being handloom weaves, moirangphees are definitely among the most unique sarees you will ever own.

Chikankari Saree

As an embroidery form that enjoys widespread reputation and garners all the rave reviews, chikankari is undoubtedly an art for the senses. And when this very coveted and oft- flaunted style manifestation finds itself adorning the grace inherent in a saree, the result is bound to be one extraordinary piece of beauty. Chikankari sarees happen to be exactly the types that would carry the pride of India in its every thread. Being a very fine and intricate embroidery form that which traces its roots in Lucknow, chikankari work on sarees just about manages to enhance the appeal of a saree all the more. As a dress that embodies the striking deftness of our artisans in as soothingly subtle a manner as possible, chikankari sarees definitely are a different wonder.

Tant Saree

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A traditional Bengali saree, these are light cotton wears that are particularly comfortable during the hot and humid summer days. Distinctive in their lightness and transparency that immediately give away their ideal cotton essence, tant sarees are characterised by a thick border and a pallu that comes decorated with a variety of motifs. An age old crafting legacy of Bengal and also of Bangladesh, tant sarees are authentic handwoven picks that would make for a standout addition to your Indian wardrobe.

Bandhani Saree

Sarees that are made in the tie- dye style of textile decoration called Bandhani are called Bandhani or Bandhej sarees. Especially popular in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India, these types of sarees tend to be rather flowy and makes for a great wear to suit every occasion. Easily noticeable in their characteristic brightness of colours, bandhej sarees are also as easily discernible in their prominent patterns.

Kalamkari Saree

Kalamkari Sarees types in India
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Kalamkari is a specific type of art stemming from India rather than being one of the many types of sarees popular in the country. As the name suggests, these are suggests that feature such artistic patterns eked out with a pen or kalam. In its rich assortment of colors, precision and sharpness in the details, Kalamkari sarees stand out as quite striking pieces of vivid imagery. Donning a Kalamkari saree is not just a sartorial plunge, it is as much an artistic experience as it is an aesthetic one. In letting one of the oldest traditional crafts of India dress you up, you truly would also be representing the beauty of India in all its glory.

Dhakai Saree

A cotton saree from Dhaka in Bangladesh that lends it its name, dhakais tend to be elegant in their lightweighted essence. Also popular as Jamdani sarees or Dhakai Jamdani, these are really soft, airy sarees that make saree donning seem like a breeze for every woman. With motifs ranging from floral and faunal to traditional Bengali patterns, Dhakai sarees are rich both in their look and in the historical heritage they encompass.

Madhubani Saree

Madhubani Saree
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Like Kalamkari, Madhubani is also an art form the dainty glamour of which find its way into the versatile Indian saree. With eye catching geometric designs making up the Madhubani style of sarees, they present themselves as quite unique additions to your saree trousseau. With such ritual content that pertains to a wide range of festivals in India as Holi and Durga Puja, these types of sarees come in such designs that make them perfect for occasional wear. In its intricate pattern and rich designs, each Madhubani saree spans out as an ephemeral work of art to make you look your traditional best.

Kantha Saree

Another of the traditional types of sarees from the Bengal region of India are the kantha sarees. As an embroidery craft, kantha is also native to the states of Tripura and Odisha. However in its flowing saree style it is very much a lineage hailing from West Bengal. With running stitches characterising the kantha designs, these sarees shape out as really exotic picks that can magically transform your style sensibilities.

Gota Patti Saree

Again a form of art that finds its way into sarees that come to be named after it is the gota patti saree from Rajasthan. Stemming mainly from the Pink City of Jaipur, gota patti is a form of applique mainly set in golden thread. Naturally sarees that distinctively feature this variation of design across its body span out as really intricate ornate types popular throughout India. Also with such motifs that take inspiration from nature, these beautiful sarees make for really remarkable occasion wear.

Mangalagiri Saree

mangalagiri cotton sarees types in India
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Cotton sarees that are as soothing to the looks as they are in the feels, Mangalagiri sarees are a manifestation of one of the many amazing of handicrafts in India. Native to Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur region, these are sarees that come in really vibrant shades of even muted colors. Featuring micro checks or stripes with a dense zari border, Mangalgiri sarees turn out as delicate yet crisp saree types that care for the aesthetics even while supremely prioritising comfort.

Puttapaka Saree

Puttapaka Saree
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Originating from the Nalgoda district in Telangana are the Puttapaka sarees that are a unique tie and dye style of the much loved Indian attire. With a legacy spanning some 200 years, these are sarees with simple designs eked out in such remarkable symmetry that indeed serve to make them all the more distinctive and coveted.

Kasta Saree

The iconic Maharashtrian saree more popular as the Nauvari is the Kasta Saree. A nine yards long saree as the name suggests, Nauvari is a really traditional yet as stylish a saree drape that has enjoyed prominence through the times. Worn very similar to the dhoti, Kasta sarees are also significant in being a prominent symbol of continuing cultural identity.

Gara Saree

Among the types of sarees that owe their origin to a particular community rather than region are the Gara sarees of the Parsis. With light colored or typically white embroidery done on darker shades, these sarees stand out for the stunning contrast in design effected out of quite a simplistic procedure. A classic manifestation of the versatile Indian wear, Gara saris also are predominantly visible in their considerable Chinese influence. Forever fashionable yet ostensibly offbeat, Gara sarees are some of the rarest types you would come across in India that makes it all the more a must have in your wardrobe.

Phulkari Saree

Stemming from the zesty land of Punjab are the Phulkaris, replete in the characteristic warmth and colors of the happy state. A traditional form of Punjabi embroidery, Phulkari literally means flower which is the primary motif dotting these pretty sarees. However, other motifs and geometrical designs also characterise these traditional sarees that are easily discernible in the very look of it.

Leheriya Saree

Leheriya sarees hail from the royal land of Rajasthan and is another among the eponymous types popular throughout India. Leher means waves and the basic essence of every Leheriya saree rests in its wave pattern that makes them really unique and eye catching. In its bright colors, dramatic patterns and alluring flow, leheriya sarees are indeed among the best traditional versions of the Indian wear forever ruling the fashion scene.

Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Saree
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Elegant, exquisite and extravagant, there’s no way you wouldn’t fall for the sheen and looks of a Banarasi saree at the mere sight of it. Banarasis are among the finest types of sarees in India, noted also for their super lustrous look. You cannot be a saree fanatic and not own one of these Banarasi sarees to complete your wardrobe of flowing grace and undying allure.