Shirt styles that will make every man the desired alpha male

types of shirts for men

Whoever said men cannot afford variety in style either had their facts wrong or chased after only a set typecast vision of fashion. Because male fashion parlance is also as distinguished a spectrum of collectives as is the case with women’s wardrobe. However even not many men know the variety of options they can choose from to create a fashion statement that is unique and striking. It takes more than just a rummage of the spilling wardrobe and a callous throw of the bills to wear style in its most appealing essence. More so for men, who have earned the dubious distinction of committing fashion disasters even when slipping in and out of just staples.

The shirt being one of the exquisite fashion tick ons for all sure deserves the male attention at the moment. From dealing with details like styling a shirt right to fumbling with basics of the proper type to wear, men only seldom manage to get it right. Which is why a proper understanding of the many types of shirts at their disposal should be so much of an important matter for all men.

Surprisingly for most, wearing a shirt does not rob you of variety, rather it makes you more ’empowered’ at least as far as options are concerned. Contrary to popular perception, shirts come in not just one or two types but a whole lot of them. And each type suits a particular style and some particular occasion. Here’s listing some such basic styles of shirts that all men must know about to avoid being the eyesore at all times whatsoever-

Dress Shirt

Because perhaps dressing up is a concept so exclusive to ladies, dress shirts instantly make it clear what exactly they spell for men. In essence, the dress shirt is your classic way to flaunt at events or parties, in its essential elegance.

Simplistic, refined yet suave, the dress shirt is every guy’s best bet for those evenings they need to honour. Because it is a dressier version of the shirt, this one is generally worn with a tuxedo, so that you classify as the perfect suited up man dressed to impress. Replete with double cuffs and a very impressive pointed collar, dress shirts need to be worn tailored to fit, sleek and stylish. Whether you choose to complete the look with a bow tie and tux about in the tuxedo or choose to keep it in view for a lesser showy gathering, a dress shirt justifies every bit the prefix of being dressy that comes attached to it.

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

Oxford Button-Down Shirt
Source: Chivalry Men

A dress shirt that isn’t just a dress shirt, the Oxford button down is a relaxed version of the former. Residing somewhere on the borderline of the casual and the formal, this century old style is a standing test of its versatility. A classic wardrobe staple that allows men to transition between different style zones with minimum fuss, the Oxford shirt derives its name from the cloth of which it stems. The mostly solid color settings do up the formal tone of this style while the thick fabric renders it essentially casual. As an essential office wear or as a more eventful donning, this style is one that suits everyone the best.

Casual Shirt

We know it is quite easy to think of the button downs as casual shirt styles but truly casual shirts are those that in fact even look casual to the eyes. A loose fit and a lighter fabric generally characterise these kinds even when their smart appeal renders them fit as well for office settings. A classic blend of the carefree and the presentable, casual shirts are not as lengthy as dress shirts. Which means they are mostly worn untucked, thereby adding to the casual appeal. But if you are someone who know how to carry even a casual shirt right, you should be able to slip into work in these on some days.

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An overshirt is also exactly what it sounds like- a shirt styled to be worn over another. While men do essentially throw on just another style in their closet over an underneath one, it is the overshirt that is typically tailored for purposes as these. Overshirts also are quite discernible in the material of its making, they tend to be a bit on the heavier, coarse side. Like essentially, because these styles are suitable for wear on day when a sweater would be somewhat too warm and a plain shirt too cold, overshirts are somewhat snug to the feel. You just need to know how to pair them right. For instance, too rugged an overshirt does not really go well with a detailed pick underneath. It’s better to stick to the basics like whites and blues or blacks and nudes to avoid going too overboard with the overshirt.

Office Shirt

Again something that instantly lets its image spill over, office shirts are shirts strictly meant for the office. And nowhere else. Frankly speaking, you wouldn’t even want to wear them anywhere else, at least in their a bit too professional arrogance. A bit too predictably boring in the mere mention of its, these business casuals however can be worn to achieve a slightly laidback look if only your office code permits it, that is.

Pushed up sleeves and a no tie setting might help in getting rid of the monotony that comes with these office shirts. But button them all over with a tie and the sleeves in place and your boss might just allow your long due raise this time around! This is what the classic work shirt should endow you with anyway, so it ain’t any surprise if you turn up every single day to your workplace in these crisp and formal picks.

Denim Shirt

Denim Shirt
Source: Beyoung

One of the most casual and fun of shirt types, the denim shirt is a different breed of style in itself. You can’t ever go wrong with a denim shirt irrespective of whether it is an outing with the boys or a relaxed date with bae. Versatile in being the timeless style embodiment that denims are, a denim shirt is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. Comfortable and cool, a denim shirt does to your look what only a few others can. While not everyone might be sure about wearing a shirt in denim, this is one style that will never fail you. After all, there is no disputing the popularity of denim. A tried and tested, ditched and rebound back to pick, denims have withstood the many fads of fashion. As a standalone or even as an overshirt, a denim shirt works fine enough for a free-spirited fashionable you.

Granddad Shirt

You know how your grandpa’s that inherently cool guy who fits in just about anywhere without even trying? The granddad shirt is exactly as effortless a style you need to flaunt if you are up for everything cool and flattering. Typically it is the collar style, or rather the collarless one that classifies a shirt as being the granddad one.

The band collar is the most prominent feature of a granddad shirt, which encompasses quite some variation in its century long history. A lot less formal due to the lack of a proper collar, granddad shirts also work perfectly well as an overshirt. Particularly with tees, they work very akin to a jacket, at least in the look, because of the absence of the full fledged collar. Even buttoned down granddad shirts work equally well for comfort in their laid back essence and carefree breezy substance. Effortless, chic and so very transitional, granddad styles are perhaps one of the coolest picks around and complements just about everyone quite well.

Henley Shirt

Henley shirt
Source: Sew Guide

Almost a tee but collarless and much more fashionable, Henleys are the perfect encompassment of chic comfort. A knit shirt with a short placket and round neckline, these are collarless polo shirts and quite versatile in that they have been around for really long. Definitely unique and quite ‘accommodating’ in that they look as good tucked, half tucked or left out, Henley shirts totally win brownie points with its button detailing that stands out more in the absence of any collar. A perfect casual fit, Henleys bring your smart, sporty side in total focus to get you all the swoons!