Types of sneakers you can choose and bring your fashion A- game while you set out for Durga Puja in 2019

types of sneakers

Fashion is always all about you. Sartorial grace isn’t the only definer of your personal style which is why accessorising right is as important as picking the right outfit. Footwear isn’t accessory though; it is as vital a fashion element as anything else. But often time, we end up being so nonchalant with our choice of shoes that they are reduced to mere and bare necessities. This festive season, try revamping your look by picking up just the perfect shoe that will define your style. Here are 15 types of sneakers you can choose to bring on your fashion A- game while you set out for Durga Puja in 2019-

Sock Sneakers

We wonder why anyone didn’t come up with this earlier! Sock sneakers are exactly what they sound like. Sneakers that work well enough to help you ditch your (sometimes fussy) socks!

Sock sneakers are one of the most appealing sneakers you can ever put your feet into. Because they are made of stretch- knit, breathable material that allows your feet to be as comfortable as they should be. Sock sneakers also look quite amazing besides winning the comfort game hands down. More aptly though, it is more of a elastic sock that is mounted on a sole. No interpretation however beats the purpose which these really inventive pairs were devised for- functionality and style.

Plimsoll Sneakers

You know those shoes that sits just at the perfect point below the ankle and makes any and everyone look so chic? Those are plimsoll sneakers, or more conveniently the Low Top sneakers. High on the aesthetic, plimsolls have to be the most popular pairs yet in the market.

Plimsolls go particularly well with rolled up jeans or pants that end some distance above the ankle. They are as comfortable as stylish and also equally versatile. From casual days to party nights, you can go hopping through both with plimsolls on your feet. Take care though not to wear them with revealing socks! They go best sock less or with really short, secret socks.

Iridescent Sneakers

For fashion fanatics who swear by the latest trends and fads, iridescent sneakers is the best way to go all out! These aren’t mere sneakers, they do to you what love does to a damsel in her youthful years- iridescent sneakers make you glow and shine!

And don’t shun them yet as something that would be too flashy and tacky. Even in your taste for everything subtle, you will find that an iridescent pair ups your style game in the way no other thing can. They might be outrageous but they for sure aren’t anything bland. Add to this year’s festivities also the spark of your shoes with this very distinctive among the types of sneakers around and your fashion sensibilities will be up for some serious adulation!

High Top Basketball Sneakers

High top sneakers has come to be so associated with basketball that we tend to forget that they are sneakers, after all! But high tops are among the best types of sneakers that have been around for longer than you can think. In their versatility, a high top pair is the ‘sole’ attraction both on and off court.

Classic cool and suave smart, high top sneakers lets you do sports, casuals and even parties with utmost ease. Also with their custom made comfort for easy athletic movement, high tops also serve exceptionally well for agility and makes your pandal hopping ritual all the more convenient.

Slip- On Sneakers

For folks who find the hassle of laces unworthy of wearing shoes, here’s your pick to sprint about in. Slip- on sneakers are exactly what you think they are. Sneakers so smooth that lets you just slip them on before you run off to catch up with your pals.

Casual to the core, slip on sneakers are super comfortable and trendy as well. They make minimalistic fashion look celebration- appropriate and also allows you the luxury of slipping out of them for a quick few minutes before again diving into the next round of frenzied puja sprinting!

Woven Sneakers

Quirky gets pretty with woven sneakers. The ultimate pick when it comes to being comfortable in your own, err feet, woven sneakers are unmatched. On the lighter and airier side of the sneaker ladder, woven picks work best for a long day out of constant trodding activity. Whether you prefer it with or without the laces, woven sneakers will lure you in with their every weave.

Dad Sneakers

If you are willing to stand out from the same- old Pujo crowd this year, then a pair of Dad sneakers would be the best for you. Because with their very eye popping look, you can either love or hate them, but never ignore them!

The style of dad sneakers isn’t particularly appeasing but like many of the weird trends that fashion has time and again entertained so well, the trend of roaming about in one dad pair is the current rage now. In fact dad sneakers are widely regarded to be one of the ugliest types of sneakers around in 2019. But it is perhaps where the appeal lies. These pairs are so bad that they can indeed be good! But there’s one thing undeniably appealing about these supposedly ugly, baggy picks- they are uber cool!

Leather sneakers

Shoes and bags have an instant validation of sorts when they are affixed with a rather decorative term. Yep, leather sneakers are one of the timeless favorites around and with the appeal that this very versatile material has retained over the years, it is only clear that your leather statement is not one to run out.

Investing in the right pair of leather sneakers though is crucial because they are pricier than the other types on the list. If you want to go all dashing in formal or at least only business casual, leather sneakers will more than do the trick for you. With its reputation of being flexible and durable, leather sneakers are also quite the one time investment to ace style for life.

Canvas Sneakers

The ones that had all our feet (and style) in them during the teenage years! Canvas sneakers, referring basically to the material from which it was made but it spelled Converse for most of us. Converse All Stars being the brand that had immensely popularised this very chic looking type, canvas and Converse became almost synonymous.

A pair of canvas sneakers still is your best bet to do casual fashion in the most appealing way possible. High on the millennial emotion and feels, canvas sneakers remain as stylish as ever and instantly does up your look without any effort whatsoever. Easy to maintain and high on comfort, canvas sneakers has us forever raving about these very ‘veteran’ pairs.

Wool sneakers

Wool sneakers are everything you need when comfort is foremost on your mind. Warm, dry and really easy to the feels, a pair of wool sneakers goes incredibly well as a winter day staple. But with lighter and less warmer wools making up a pair of the wool sneakers, they are easily as adaptable as all year wear. This is one type that is very unique and un- shoelike at least to the years, so it would indeed be essential that you get yourself one this festive season.

Knitted sneakers

It requires some skill to make style look effortless even when it is not something necessarily convenient to maintain. One of the most stylish types on the sneakers horizon, knitted sneakers are as elegant as they are comfortable. But maintaining such a pair so that they let you exude effortless charm is not any cake walk.

Undoubtedly, knitted sneakers are one of the coolest of the lot, both in essence and in style. They are airy and breathable and incredibly light which is what makes them so preferred for occasions you would want to enjoy. And because they are knitted, as socks are supposed to be, you don’t really need to wear the quintessential shoe partner. Now that’s what we call a total steal deal!

Velcro sneakers

For people who like maneuvering every challenge on the fashion bandwagon, even the somewhat tricky and geeky velcro sneakers can be a refreshing slip on this Puja. Without the shoelaces, velcros can come close to being slip- ons but they aren’t absolutely there yet. But with an impeccable eye for fashion, you can end up looking your best even in a Velcro pair. Just pair them with the right casuals and the right color and you will look as sleek and comfortable like you always do.

Platform sneakers

Seems like sneakers are better off being ugly than sneaky! Another ugly sneaker type that is the hottest craze this season is the platform sneakers trend. Sneakers mounted on a platform- yep, this is exactly what they are. Even when they sound not very comfortable by the very name of it, enthusiasts of the trend are rooting for the platforms plus the sneakers. What’s more, you cannot deny the extra height these types of sneakers endow you with. And with perfect pairing and dressing, platform sneakers might be your best way to roll in 2019!

Tennis Sneakers

Sneakers that are custom made for playing tennis but are equally effective as a fashion gear, tennis sneakers is the next catch of the list. Versatile and distinctive in the very look of them, tennis sneakers have been and will be there since forever. And with newer models effectively combining the sport look with some luxe elements, tennis sneakers work equally well as accessorising it up in your everyday fashion.

Sneaker Boots

For days colder than spring when you have to part with your favorite pair of sneakers even when you don’t want to, sneaker boots are the absolute saviour! These types of sneakers are as comfy as any type else while also being as sexy as your usual pair of boots. Obviously high rise because of the boot factor, sneaker boots are also extremely functional and sturdy yet cosy. No wonder it is the ideal pair you need to make it through water puddles and rainy grimes as you step out on your 2019 pursuit of seeking blessings in fun!