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types of fashion rings

Pretty and poised, yet statement making and surreal- rings are what emerge as the forefront of style when it comes to jewelry. With both men and women, young and old and such existences in opposites being forever fancying these finger defining mounts of attention grabbers, rings indeed are one of the most popular accessories in the fashion world. Many types and varieties and styles of them exist, perhaps as numerous as the many people who prefer them in this way or that sort of their flaunting. Here’s some of the most exquisite specimens of rings to sport if you are one of those swearing by these staples in jeweled fashion-

Mood Ring

mood ring
Source: Inside Science

A jewelry that you sport not according to your mood but that which displays instead the mood of you- how cool is that! And while the accuracy of such presenting is not very exact even when its origins and intent most certainly are, mood rings make for a fun accessory to perk up your fingers with.

Comprising of a temperature sensitive liquid within a quartz built that which changes color in accordance with the variations in the person’s body temperature that is supposedly depicting of their mood, these rings have been around since the 1970s. The peak of their popularity spanned just a couple of years after their invention in 1975, much like the life of each of them that which changes colors only for a certain time before settling into eternal darkness. However, in their invention, this quirky piece of what is not jewelry per se but is jewelry still manages to capture the attention of youngsters even if briefly. Which means that mood rings can indeed make for one of those finger huggers that one might want to try on for the uniqueness of them.

Halo Ring

The mention of halo might seem to allude to a ring less accessorial and more essential but this description is only about the look of what makes for a really gorgeous pick for the hands. In being a multifold beauty in its two way assertion of style, with a brilliant large center stone set around it by smaller stones for an expression in spectacularity. The smaller stones can be of the same look and type as the main one or can be very different from it. Irrespective of striking similarities or glaring differences, halo rings do indeed dazzle in that entire expanse of preciousness overtaking its fore in a singular or dual line of assertion.

Birthstone Ring

Birthstone Ring
Source: Bijaar

One of the more popular and veteran pursuits in the world of style, the birthstone ring is an understandable winner in gracing the most number of fingers in the world. Encompassing a particular stone that stands for the month of one’s birth, with twelve of them designated specifically for each of the elements of the dozen shaping up the year, these birthstone rings tends be a very personal expression in fashion. As a marker of identity almost, birthstone rings are special in flaunting that birthstone upon a metal band as a representation of oneself, occurring also a visage in prettiness in the color specific drawing upon them.

Gimmel Ring

gimmel rings
Source: Black Adept

One of the rather intriguing style and design of finger rings is what occurs as the really warming rendition of a gimmel ring. Made up of two or more hoops or links that all combined together form a complete ring, even when the parts can be and are indeed worn individually as well, gimmel rings are rather exclusively residing in the realm of romance. Also known as joint rings or twin rings, these particularly significant entities of the love alluding have been around since really long. But their period of peak popularity also as a fashion staple could be pinpointing out the 17th and 18th centuries during which they made for quite a splash in many European countries.

While early gimmel rings would just be simple loops in combination, the Gimmel ring came to be more elaborate in its depiction of both the sentiment and the style. With elements like the clasped hands of the Fede identity as well as a heart bringing in more devotion and drama upon its love enthused essence, even as a third shank found way, Gimmel rings evolved to be more aesthetic pursuits also attending thus to the demands in adornment.

It however is in their love leaning that they came to be definite pieces of engagement and betrothal jewelry, and continuing to be as popular today. That, despite the fact that Gimmel rings generally do not figure any gemstone upon them, insisting instead on the might of what they inherently harbour to weave magic around fingers and lives, while at the same time being no less aesthetic delight themselves. There also exist Gimmel rings that do not carry the dual notion of the Fede classification in design, tending to be more ordinary therefore in their design but special still in their style and significance.

Nugget Ring

nugget ring
Source: Etsy

A nugget for a ring- that’s not what it actually is for sure! And while it indeed is the name that strikes up interest in this peculiar identity for a ring, this isn’t the only intriguing thing about it. Because while most rings that emerge as definite identities in their make and name are generally meant for the ladies or are at most unisex, the nugget ring quite contradicts that notion. It sure is a unisex pick indeed but this rather ‘rugged’ representation in design somehow manages to be more catering to the feel of the masculine. Usually a gold band that sports very prominently a focal design that stand out in its evident rough and rocky surface, very much reminiscent of gold nuggets, the nugget ring makes for a jaw dropping assertion in goldenness to have style enthusiasts fawning over its kind.

Eternity Ring

The real classification of eternity rings perhaps should occur as being a variant of the diamond ring but even beyond that, they tend to be rather exquisite. As an entire band of diamond studded preciousness, emanating a shine that avails out of its emerging along an identically cut row of the stone, eternity rings stand also for a promise of love to continue till eternity. This also leads them to be known alternatively as infinity rings, alluding to that same love struck essence and in immense prettiness as well. This modern take to the diamonds over the humbler eternity rings of earlier times in such gorgeousness however has meant that the appeal of it escapes the exclusive expanse of romantic claim to also find coveting as pieces of jewelry that one ends up being absolutely in love with, irrespective of their status in relationship and romance.

Signet Ring

Another intriguing basis for a ring to round up and one that has been functional in its origins in rather early times, the signet ring today though continues to rule with its offbeat embodying of the ornamental essence. With humans as distinguished as the Pharaohs laying first claim upon these rings engraved then with some symbol of their alluding, most prominently the as prominent family crest, the signet rings have stood the test of time to sport in the modern day instead the initials of its wearer.

In its beginnings, these signet or seal rings might have most dedicatedly adhered to the expectation of them in being used to validate documents. But they have evolved since then to be more asserting of the power and status of whoever commanded identitive authority enough to flaunt one. Today they tend to be assertions more in style, still yielding though that uniqueness in carrying upon them references of the wearer’s name or embossed otherwise with pretty patterns as well.

Claddagh Ring

One of the traditional European rings to assert themselves as a fashion staple and that too in all sensibility of them is the Claddagh ring. A type of the fede ring, a Claddagh sports also outside of the fede element in the clasped hands also a heart and a crown and is so prominently standout in its Irish reputation that sees it also being one of the expressions in the national identity. With loyalty, love and friendship defining the essence of it through its symbols of triad, the Claddagh had been rather popular as a wedding or engagement pick. Distinctive in its design and harbouring also a legacy is another of this unique types of ring that can also be worn in different manners in different evocation of symbolism.

Puzzle Ring

A multibanded ring, possibly a derivation upon the Gimmel ring is the more modern day puzzle ring that rests though in the premise of both custom and style and also an additional fore of practical utility. It is in their interlocking bands that can be taken apart and put back in not one specified pattern but as per as the wearer’s choosing that makes them so fun a pursuing of fashion. This convenience of the puzzle ring is also what led it to acquire the character of being the Turkish wedding ring or harem ring, even when this premise of its residing might not be very firmly established. And yet, it again is this residing in the possibility of multipleness that puzzle rings also are a great option as finding momentary engagement in a relaxing almost exercise.

Posy Ring

Simplistic and elegant in design, and as much heartwarming in its being is the posy ring that emerges as yet another European spin round the fingers with once again a romantic ring to it. Very particular in its 17th century origin in both France and England, the posy takes its name from the French word poesy to imbibe in it thus that essence of the word. The posy occurs as a rather lovely token of affection exchanged between courting couples then, with some engraved verse or inscription on the inner side. It is this element of the special which makes this graceful but simple still band of gold emerge as the poetically exalted play of prettiness that it is.