Sweater styles to hoard now that it’s almost winter

types of sweaters

Winter essentials that are crucial also to fashion both in their style and sensibility, sweaters have always been a cosy feel of which translates well into the facades of the looks. Wear them to get rid of the chill or even to conceal those flabs and fats you aren’t very excited about or just throw them over a not so well planned outfit to unleash the true style potential that lays hidden in you or in such a zillion more assertions that we have relied on this knit of fuzziness, sweaters span out as a very versatile item of fashion despite being characterised by what is supposedly a very seasonal style, restricted therefore by shifts in what marks the tides of time.

Helped indeed in its many pursuits of style by the different styles of its own reckoning are these picks of the sartorial that rest in a specific world of charm of their own. Here’s decoding some of the most impeccable styles in which you can wear your sweater this winter to emerge as being a classic personifier of the coveted charms of style and substance-


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While sweaters, especially the unisex ones draw up a vision of something that you always pull over your head, there exist also a fairly popular style of these winter essentials that dare to things differently. Thank God for cardigan sweaters that help you do away with having to attend to the cautious fuss of making a bird’s nest out of your hair every time you put on one. Stylish and elegant when worn in the right fit and with a vibe that gives out commonplace laidbackness of existence, cardigans are much of a blessing when you are running late and just have to thrown something on you for that layer of comfort without having to care with the ensuing chaos that it can spell for your overall look.

Open fronted sweaters that can be worn buttoned up or down as you so please, or that can even be picked in styles sans any buttons at all, cardigans take after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan in their name. Versatile a type of the sweater in that it can be worn to adhere to formal requirements that call for something like a waistcoat or otherwise just as a warm layer of wear to slip into very effortlessly, it’s no surprise indeed that the cardigan is one of the most widely favored style of the winter essentials that can also however work wonders in not very hardcore wintry conditions as well.


Probably the most common style of sweaters, pullover are exactly what they tend to be- sweaters that you wear by pulling them over the head. This perhaps makes almost every sweater except for cardigans essentially a part of the rather wide pullover classification, within the dimensions of which there still exist enormous scope for further specifications. Sporting a wide variety of designs and coming in as wide a range of styles as well are pullovers that basically make up therefore for an alternative term to refer to sweaters, albeit in a somewhat constricted connotation.

Tunic Sweaters

Tunic Sweater
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Tunics are more likely to come across as an item of clothing that categorise either as a shirt or a dress than they find interpretation as sweaters. But since sweaters are essentially just clothes stemming of warmer fabrics, there’s no reason why tunics cannot take the form of sweaters as well. And so they do, as somewhat loose fits of flatteringly hanging outfits that just about steps up your style game without compromising on the primal requirement of comfort, or warmth in this case.

Tending always to be somewhat longer than most typical sweaters are these tunics that can be as dressy as you want them to. More catering to the needs of the ladies along this segment of warm fashion but also moulded to fit bodily requirements of the modern day male, tunic sweaters can make for an interesting diversion from your everyday wintry look that helps indeed ooze not just warmth but also style in your fashion choices.

Turtleneck Sweaters

Essentially turtlenecks are not types of sweaters as such but rather a neck style that characterise also different items of clothing. But rather standout is their presence when they manifest along the neckline of sweaters that is what makes them a distinctive style of warmth to covet. A classic style that is as striking as it is functional, turtleneck sweaters are also fairly versatile in their wearability that is what has made them a frequent sporting by celebrities and commoners alike. Distinguished by its high collar that folds down over itself to afford the neck an extra layer of warmth, turtleneck sweaters can make for an ensemble that can be standout as even a haute couture spin on fashion even as they can be customised to suit a variety of other needs and concerns.

Mock Neck Sweaters

Almost sporting a style characteristic of the turtleneck but in an assertion not as dramatic but stylish still is the mock neck sweater that offers a viable variation of its more high end sibling. With a shorter neck that fits well close and snug and warm and which therefore thus not have the scope to turn over on itself, the mock neck sweater is still a fashionable way of not letting the chills get to you. Specifically for those who thinks the turtleneck as endowing of a bit extra volume and do not quite fancy the same, the mock turtleneck indeed is the next best option to comfortably settle for as far as high neck sweaters are concerned.

Half Zip Sweaters

Called also the quarter zip sweater and perhaps more appropriately so is this particular style that is self explanatory of what it has in the offing. A very trendy style of pullover is the half zip sweater that owes its style essence in part also to the almost mock neck that almost always accompanies it. Endowing however on the sweater a charm of its own is this mock collar that is left open around the front due to the presence of the zipper that is only rarely fully done up. With the zipper allowing for the provision of a half opened sweater, almost in line with what a V neck does though without the added attention to detail, the half zip variant sees a certain charismatic flair taking over the wearer, making it ideal for just about every setting you want to wear it to in all its irresistible style.

Raglan Sweaters

Classifying sweater types in the make of them allows for a different world of these warm necessities to take shape, amongst which the raglan sleeved variant emerges as a winner. Like other pieces of clothing on which the raglan style asserts its own distinctive look, raglan sweaters too incorporate this same standout premise of its being. Without the shoulder seams and featuring instead the same rather prominently across the front of the chest, the raglan sweater makes indeed for a easily discernible style that also looks and feels trendy. Made from a single piece of fabric from the neckline down, this is a comfortable style incorporating a somewhat looser fit and is most spectacular in its work upon cropped sweater styles.


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A hoodie is just about any sweater that comes with a hood attached to it. Whether you choose to wear the hood for purposes of according yourself full fledged protection from the chills or prefer to have it just sit around your neck, hoodies are very essential staples for the winter days. Whether built into pullover styles or into zipped or even buttoned sweaters, hoodies make for an oft spotted winter sight, complete with drawstrings to help adjust the size that fits your head. Casual, laidback and very convenient, even for such purposes that might not concern the weather at all, hoodies stand also for an altogether different but viable assertion of fashion in their own.

Boyfriend Sweaters

Boyfriend Sweaters
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True to the defining essence of what the boyfriend identity stands for in the fashion world are boyfriend sweaters that you always must wear in a loose, slouchy fit that makes ample room for style to work its way into your winter wardrobe. This perhaps makes any sweater a size too big for you likely to categorise as a boyfriend one with of course cautious exertion of care to ensure that the one we quite end up fancying isn’t hideous enough to instead have us slopping around in weird splashes of what we desire to be style. Needless to say, boyfriend sweaters are exclusive to the women of the world even when they happen to be actually just about any appropriate sizey pick, which in this case is essentially never the right one, from the men’s section of the store.

Shawl Collar Sweaters

Yet another assertion of what the presence of a mere collar can do in making sweaters emerge as a distinct style of their own is attributable to the shawl collar. Also often called as just the shawl sweater is this particular style that can work wonders with its presence along the neck of cardigans or pullovers or single buttoned half open sweaters with equal ease.

A definite attention grabber in its uncommonness as well as in the striking style it lends, shawl collars itself can encompass other interpretations like the foldover style when it hoards extra material much like the turtleneck, catering therefore to requirements of both fashion and function. The distinct shape afforded by the shawl collar lends warmth to the wearer while helping also frame the neck and face and chest and also allows for such liberties that make for as exciting a case to dress up or down in whatever quite suits our taste.

Christmas Sweaters

Though not the most fashionable of sweater styles and certainly not one that you can wear anywhere, in fact not even a couple of days away from the Christmas cheer. Standout in their very sight, that which comes across as very Christmassy assertions of red and green with essentially Christmas motifs as well, ranging from reindeer and snowmen and tinsels and candy canes and elves and Santa as well, or even more fun ones like jingle bells and pompoms, Christmas sweaters come across as an embodiment of the festive vibes inherent in the celebrations.

Despite however their ugly prominence and their rather hideous appearance that though still embodies the hearty fun and comfort that Christmas and all celebrations are always so reminiscent of, this is one style that you need to make room for in your wardrobe even when it is just to revel in the wholesome happiness attached to that particular time of the year. Subtly ugly sweaters though can make also for decent wears for the most casual of outings.

Fanny Sweaters

Fanny Sweaters
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Sweaters that are long enough to extend below the hips and cover the buttocks, known also as fanny, are therefore quite appropriately named fanny sweaters. As a rather wide diversification of sweaters, these types can encompass many different styles within its understanding but are almost exclusively and always catering to the fashion ambits of the womenfolk.


A whole ensemble centered around the purpose of what sweaters need to do, twinsets or sweater sets bring together the classic reiteration of both the cardigan and pullover sweater styles. Generally a crew necked pullover goes on first, over which is worn a same or at best a matching cardigan, typically left unbuttoned to allow for also the typical accompanying jewelry of a pearl necklace to play along the requirements of fashion. Associated more often with the explorations of fashion by women in the professional world, the twinset today makes for a classic staple of the female wardrobe even when it is resident in a somewhat conservative vibe in its very essence. Modern versions though can be more playful, making for a refreshing adherence to a style that is timeless.