Types of shoes for women to pick from the rack

types of womens shoes

A staple of every fashion ensemble, shoes speak a lot more about you than you envision. From letting you put your best foot forward, quite literally, to having you feel more upbeat about yourself, a good pair of footwear can be the key to having an incredible day. With so many options available on the shoe style segment, it’s easy to get confused amongst what’s what. Bringing to you therefore a guide on the many types of women’s shoes for you to make a pick the next time you want to step out in style-


A must have for when the weather goes rough as well a safe bet to accentuate your ordinary look all the more, boots are one of the most functional types of shoes all women must have. Sure, they tend to be a bit more ‘demanding’- like you would not really want to wear them on bright summer days or dare not pair them with trousers. But in being occasional wear with a difference, boots sure ensure that every once in a while, you totally live up to the occasion. And with so many different styles to choose from whether it be ankle boots, wedge boots, knee high boots, calf boots and so on and so forth, you sure would find a pair that is just your kind of stylish.


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Super casual, super cool and super comfy, sneakers make for such a versatile pair of footwear to own for every woman. Perfect for everyday wear, whether it be a shop till you drop kind of outing with your bestie or an adventurous trekking trip with your girl gang, a pair of sneakers lend you a nonchalance that can help you feel totally up and about all day. From jeans and shorts to dresses and tracks, this is one of the types of shoes no women can ever do without.

Ankle Strap Sandals

Ankle Strap Sandals
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Ankle strap sandals are quite evidently such women’s sandals that have a strap going around the ankle. Whether it be a pair of flats or some heel sandals, an ankle strap only adds to the elegance of the look. In lending also a lengthening effect to your look, even when that might just be illusionary, ankle straps do help in being flattering to your overall look. The prominent detail around the ankle makes for quite a striking look whether you pair them with short skirts or full length pants.


The footwear of choice for every woman because of just how sexy and elegant they tend to be, pumps are the types of shoes to rave about. They also go equally well whether you pair them with casual dresses or wear them in the formal way. Close toed shoes that also are easy to slip in and out of, pumps, or court shoes, accentuate the most casual of outfits into uber stylish ones. When worn with a suit, the same pumps can easily take you to the formal setting of your workplace. It however is important to choose the best pair of pumps as suits the setting. A bright colored, flashy pump would be a really attractive style bet while walking into boardrooms is best done in muted colors and neutral tones to maintain a professional image.

Ballet Flats

Ballet Flats
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Comfy and casual even while being classy, ballet flats are the most favored shoes for women when it comes to the everyday types. A flat slipper type shoe that sometimes can even sport some heel, these are close toed shoes that however can be worn with just about anything and everything. Dressy or plain or everywhere in between, there is no dearth of options when it comes to making your pick from a pair of ballet shoes so that you can let your shoes do the talking for you!

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals
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You know about those types of womens shoes, or sandals to be precise, that feature quite a many wide cross straps across its body? These are the gladiator sandals that do make for an exquisite look to sport, if not anything else. Perhaps the strappiest of strappy sandals, these are however totally utilitarian and comfortable footwear you can strut about in throughout. Featuring also a T strap running down the front, gladiators too make for pretty versatile footwear since they go well with a most of outfit choices.

Mary Janes

Another very striking way to put your best foot forward ladies is to don a pair of Mary Janes. Very similar to ballet flats, Mary Jane shoes also have a thin strap that makes all the difference to the look. A true classic, this quite personified name for a pair of shoes is derived from the comic strip Buster Brown where one fictional Mary Janes actually wore these shoes. What better than to obsess more over your love of fiction than to get your hands, or legs, on one of these? To make you covet even more one of these pairs in their so fascinating history, these are popular also as doll shoes which is exactly what you want to feel on beautiful days when you want to frolic about in the open just like a little girl!


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Such shoes that you can slide into, as suggested by the very name of it, sliders make for the types of womens footwear that are preferred not just in their comfort but also for the style. With generally just a wide strap going from side to side of the shoes, these are open toed backless flats that characterise as slip ons. Casual summer shoes that are cool and unisex, much like most others in the list, sliders can also be slipped into in less than warm weathers with a pair of socks for added comfort and fit.

Flip Flops

types of womens shoes Flip Flops
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Everyday sandals, most essentially summer staples, flip flops are the simplest types of footwear and make for the most ‘carefree’ ones. Most flaunted during the casual run to do errands or on beaches or during ‘catching up’ sessions with your neighbour hood buddy, flip flops encompass perhaps the most diversive range of styles for womens shoes types. With a Y strap running from the front to the sides, these no drama footwear however can take on quite the charms in their many avatars. From the plain rubber ones to the styles that feature glitter plastic straps in a range of different colors and patterns and designs, flip flops are one of the must fun types of footwear to own in at least a couple of pairs.


Mules are shoes with a closed front and an open back. Most characteristic in their pointy toe that makes for quite a style statement, mules have a history that go back to the times of ancient Rome. With not any constraint around the ankle, these make for comfortable slip ons that you can walk into and out of with no fuss at all. Strutting about in mules can require some practice though since it’s easy to slip out of these no back types of womens shoes.


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One of the comfiest and most popular types of womens shoes happens to be loafers. Slip on shoes that are free from the trouble of lacing or fastening and that instead are stretchable, loafers look also as comfortable as they seem. With little or no heel and a closed toe, loafers can almost pass off as mules except that they aren’t open at the back either. More proper shoes than mules but still without the ‘properness’ of laces and stuff, loafers do as good as casual footwear as it does with semi formal and even formal wear.


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One of the types of womens shoes that need no introduction whatsoever is heels. A pair of heeled sandals or shoes is all you need to set your confidence levels spiralling through the roof. Generally any type of footwear with a raised heel makes for what we call in colloquial term as heels. Be it the uber chic ones like kitten heels, the gorgeously stylish ones like stilettos, the comfy ones like wedges and so on and so forth, heels are every women’s best friend. High on the style quotient, it is no wonder that a pair of heels is sometimes all we need to transform from a shy damsel into a dazzling diva. With a pair of heels to suit every possible occasion, every possible outfit and of course every possible mood, this is one of the extravagant footwear option women are blessed to be able to choose from.

Jelly Shoes

Jelly Shoes
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Very girly shoes in the look of it, jelly shoes are the types that might not have every women raving about them. But in their distinctive shimmer and shine, it’s inevitable that most of the world has their female hearts settling for this one with quite the twinkle in their eyes.

Named so because of their transparent material that has a jelly like sheen, these however are not the shoes that you should be wearing on an everyday basis or for long periods of time. Because of their plastic built, jelly shoes aren’t the most ideal types either for your feet or for the environment. However, every once in a while when you take to the beach or amble along for a leisurely evening walk, slipping into one of those to indulge your glittering fetishes would mean no harm. In all their twinkling might, these are shoes to show off which is why you would do well to pair your pick with an outfit that is not excessively flowy.


One of the most iconic types of womens shoes, mocassins are known for their soft texture that comes also with a striking look. Usually made from soft leather or deerskin, with heel-less leather soles and sides, moccasins feature also an embroidered or beaded vamp that is additionally sewn onto the shoe, making for an appearance that indeed is one of a kind. Snug and comfortable and sturdy, this historic piece of footwear is also a slip on shoe with a prominent sole. Functional and fashionable, moccasins should be a definite option to pick from your shoe closet.


types of womens shoes Jutti
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One of the most striking shoes that you can own, juttis are traditional footwear from the Indian region of Punjab. Noted for their extensively intricate embroidery that which gives off the very ethnic feels, these are really fancy options that you can however wear for the regular look as well. Comfortable and versatile and available also in a range of styling patterns, these slip on shoes are just the perfect way to add some life to your mundane outfit. From pairing them with ethnic wear to also going about chic in a pair of jeans with jutis to flaunt, this is a style of footwear you can opt for to style your feet in the most exciting way possible.