Viral Makeup Trends that are Ruling Instagram now

instagram make up trends

Fashion has achieved new heights with the advent of Instagram. But all things trending are not necessarily all things good. One glance at your IG account and you will be convinced that Insta is indeed a really weird place to be in!

Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest Instagram makeup trends.


McDonald's brow
Source: Pinterest

The photo media platform has led to emergence of such bizarre eye makeup trends that you couldn’t otherwise have fathomed. From the hideous Bow brows to the somewhat demure Braided look, and specifically the McDonald’s brow look, there isn’t any dearth of catastrophic eye make up ideas on Instagram.


PomPom eye makeup
Source: Teen Vogue

But if you think that brows were the only deceptive eye makeup tactics that you have ever witnessed, then brace yourself! For the latest eye flashing trend requires you to dazzle in neon eyeliner and probably also dangle some pompoms along your eyelids to lend you, well, that aura of ‘invincibility’ around you!



Nose hair extensions
Source: Indian Bigul

Like why people? Why? Show at least some mercy. Nose simply doesn’t require makeup, and in any case, not nose hair, not that! Gross!!


Source: LittleThings

This ain’t that bad considering all the hideousness exhibited elsewhere. For smoky indeed does have some appeal, but to still do that to your ears is definitely somewhat weird, and, um, inconsiderate, maybe?



3D Nail Art
Source: Pinterest

Kylie Jenner’s 3D Nail Art was just weird, but people, move over to something even crazier with furry nails that will eliminate any longing for pets. And this still isn’t disgusting at the least, considering that you even have pimples as an option to paint your elegant nails for that perfect ‘girly’ feel!



galaxy freckles

So while you deal with your ears, eyes, nose, lips and virtually every unexplored part of your pretty face, don’t let those  cheeks escape unblushed! Shine in some pure opal fire highlighter or create majestic galaxy freckles on your face for a totally aurelian look!



This might have started out as an accident but the manner in which people have accepted glitter tongues as part of some trend should be enough for you to rue the ‘inside’ reach that fashion has delved into!