Watch Styles Every Man Should Know

A watch is one of the most stylish accessories anybody can own. It may only tell you the time, in theory, but a watch does a lot more to your overall appearance than you’d expect. Here are a few styles you should keep in mind the next time you’re thinking of buying or gifting a watch.


casual watch

Casual watches are one of the most versatile styles of watches that you’ll find. These, sometimes, have inter-changeable straps where you can forgo leather for nylon, depending on the occasion or look of your outfit. Casual watches are what you can wear easily, whether you’re out running some errands or working in the office.


Dive Watch
Source: Gear Patrol

A Diving Watch, or a Dive Watch, is a style of watches that is made to be water-resistant. These watches also usually have clock-hands and numbers that glow in the dark. Divers tend to use these watches because of the Counter Clock Bezel, which allows them to time themselves and figure out how long they’ve been underwater for. It also happens to be a rather flexible style of watch where you can pair it with most outfits with the exception of suits.


Source: Gentleman’s Gazette

The Dress Watch is usually simple and elegant. It is best suited for the most exclusive Black Tie events. That means, whenever you’re wearing a suit. These watches have either roman numerals on its dial or simple lines to indicate each hour. Some may not have any numbers or lines at all. The straps of these watches are often made of leather (or faux leather) and are darker in color. Some even have precious or semi-precious stones put in, in strategic places, so that they don’t look gaudy.



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Field Watches are perfect for the more adventurous man. These have straps made of nylon or other fabric that are inter-changeable. These also have a bigger dial with bigger numbers so that you’re able to tell time even when you’re busy climbing the roughest mountain.


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