Wedding lehenga buying guide: Play it safe with these pleasing tips and tricks

wedding lehenga guide

It’s time for the lehengas to steal the show once again. Well, the bridal masks accompanying it is a different story altogether. While the world is dealing with the corona outbreak, bridal lehenga still remains the queen, the star and no less than a bride in terms of catching eyeballs. Well, she is a fairy herself because the air and aura she carries is incredible and she has an identity of her own. We are talking about the attention-grabbing Indian wedding lehenga that deserves all your attention, especially for the impending wedding season.

Well, lehenga silhouette is something that you need to experiment with in terms of design, colour, pattern, richness and more. You sweat so much to get a hold of a perfect one. Isn’t it? So, the buy should be flawless, marvellous and hundred percent rewarding. Let’s have a look at this lehenga buying guide and tips that will help you smile on your Big Day with a lovely lehenga choice. These are a few factors to consider and look for.

Pleasing Panels

The hem and panel of your lehenga has a lot to do with your comfort and gait. The fit of the lehenga should be in sync with your body type. Walking down the aisle in a heavy, rich embroidered lehenga is not a cakewalk. Full flair, panelled (kalis), fishtails and straight cut are some of the styles to vouch for. Keeping your comfort, the style of rituals and sitting hours in mind; you must zero in on the design that suits your scenario the best. If you would not like to sit caught in the tight-fitted lehenga for hours you must go for the normal skirt-flair. For receptions or engagement celebrations, fish cut or mermaid lehenga can still be the options.

Fabric And Weather Goes Hand In Hand

 A fab fabric can make or break your day. Fabrics such as chiffon, net, crepe, silk and satin are used for making traditional lehengas. Infact there are endless varieties in the types of fabrics. But you don’t have to get carried away by the fancy prints, designer feel and flattering make. You would not like to end up feeling irritated, shivering, sweating or scratching while your rituals are going on. For warmer months, you may opt for light fabrics like chiffon or georgette. Avoid velvet, silk or brocade if it’s a monsoon wedding. Whereas if it’s a chilly weather; silk and velvet can be your best friends.

Colour Code

Like fabric, colour too is very crucial when it comes to making a flawless choice. Don’t follow the colour trends just to add a royal look to your outfit. Red might not stand out every time and on every bride. It has to be unique with each and every bride. Your style, skin colour, personality and choice are significant for deciding on the colour. Maroon, deep red and chocolate brown with minimal work adds charm and grace to dusky brides. Whereas brides who are fair and have a lighter skin tone can go for even neon versions for making a mark. If you are an edgy bride and want to experiment, blue and purple are what you should opt for. In a few cases, it could be also about matching the lehenga colour with the wedding theme.

Homework Helps

lovestory lehenga
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This stands out as one of the best and ultimate shopping tips for buying a bridal lehenga. You anyways spend hours in malls and markets before finalising the wedding couture. Many times, the bride-to-be constructs an image or look of lehenga in their mind after seeing it on a dummy or some celebrities in the magazine or television. But that might not look the same in real life. In that case, it is very important to know what you need before stepping your foot into the showrooms or shops. To avoid getting confused at the last moment, make a list of your criteria and tally it with your shortlisted ones.

Try and Buy

Sabyasachi lehenga
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Needless to say, but never pay for it unless you have tried it once. After all, lehenga makes a big impact on your overall wedding journey; right from the moment you enter till your ‘bidaai’. So, pay attention to all the details beforehand and ask for a try and buy option from the shopkeeper. See that the couture fits you well, suits your personality and looks perfect on you. If not, ask the boutique or attendant to improvise or customizer it as per your need and demands.

Dupatta Dilemma

bridal lehenga with veil dupatta
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Usually what brides look into the lehenga are the skirt and the choli. Dupatta is often ignored while picking up a wedding outfit. The border pattern, embroidery, fabric and the colour of dupatta are equally important to have a big impact on the big day. At times, dupatta comes out to be dull, vague and bland when it rests on your head. Brides who put on veils have to choose it accordingly.  The heavy bordered dupatta makes a huge impact on your wedding photographs too. A monotonous dupatta at times becomes a misery.

Look at the Length

The sight of the brides dragging their extra ten-inch long lehenga looks unsightly and bizarre. A bit of flair or a trail is fine but if the lehenga of your dreams is being dragged because of your length, it’s a mistake to be rectified. And that can only happen if you plan it in advance. The length of your lehenga also has to do with the heels of your shoes. If you are planning to buy your bridal shoes later, ask your couturier to give you 3-4 inches allowance so that you can make alterations as per your need and choice. The more the height, the greater will be the length of lehenga.

The Blouse and Choli

You are about to make an entry of a lifetime but rather than smiling and posing, you are busy adjusting and pulling up your neckline. Well, there are a few brides who can carry deep V-necks with elegance and grace and are not shy of turning heads with their boldness. But not everyone would be comfortable with peep-through cuts on shoulders, neck or back. It’s a wise idea to have your blouse stitched with your own factors and features in mind. The cuts of the blouse have to be chosen well to avoid feeling uncomfortable or conscious.

These handy tips and tricks on buying your dream wedding lehenga will help you play ‘safe’ and ‘sassy’ while you walk down the aisle and say ‘I Do’.

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