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Sensibilities of the stylistic realm in what defines the delicate demeanour of designs make for such an exquisite exploration of the artistic and thereby affords so intricate a dwelling in the aesthetics that present themselves as donners of sheer luxury and ultimate finesse. And particularly when it comes to charting such definite elements of design that cater to the already bejewelled expanse of jewelry, the expectations and effect entailed out of this experience of the utterly stylish and glamourous certainty make for a profusion in the assertion of each of them. Indeed, preferences for jeweled accessories and the like differ in some choosing to shine out with the most basic pieces of routine simplicity even as others find the most fashionable expression of their selves only along the display of the drop dead gorgeous specimens of ethereal beauty. But however dramatically diverse the scheme of adornment might be, one thing is certain- each piece of jewelry and every type of it is a definite definer of grace and as sure a synonymous resounding of the personality of the wearer in all its explorations of fashion, style and beyond. One such specific style of jewelry that is indeed as delicate and as pretty a format of expression of fashion in as stylised terms of it as possible happens to be also a very intriguing residing in an art ancient indeed in its true beginnings. Asserting today therefore an image in instant validation as being almost a vintage style of jewelry but taking on also such contemporary essence that makes it still rule the charting of popular choice is this immensely beautiful and intricate display of craftsmanship across the already artistic distinction of jewelry that which makes also for a rather unmissable element of design in the curiously quirky identity of it as filigree jewelry.

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As an element of design, filigree itself might not be exclusive in emerging as a specifically jeweled component but the rather intricate texture and nature of this work of art makes it more than fitting of defining this particular arena of adornment meant to allure and entice. Enchanting in its spectacular display of dazzling delicateness and awing still with the detailed eking out of it as motifs in gold and silver, the art of filigree makes for such doling out of jewelry pieces that present a dramatically captivating vision in themselves. Believed to be an ancient Indian art even though the working in of filigree into the domains of jewelry tends also to be an accurate exploration in the historical realms of ancient Greece and Egypt since times really prehistoric, this makes for even more ornamental a style of jewelry immersive indeed as much in the making of it as the breathtaking beauty of what it delivers. Ornate in its very premise of emergence as an art work that involves such elaborate steps in careful twisting and untwisting, curling and plaiting of fine and pliable threads of precious metals like gold and silver, with even tiny grains of beads essentially finding their way into this whole conjuring up of an art of the ultimate sophistication possible, filigree presents itself as an impressive assertion of lacy flair and motifed flourish to create such beauties in detailed assertions of them that is what makes them standout as one of the fanciest style of jewelry. Once a standard aspect of jewelry design that today however has emerged to be instead a special branch of artisan jewelry is this prominently feminine style of unique indeed manifestations that fascinates despite, or rather perhaps owing to its deftly delicate nature.

Even in all its prominence as an ancient indeed global art though, the exploration of the filigree style of design whether in jewelry or in more general flourish of it across all things artistic, tends to be understood as art deco owing to the massive popularity entailing to it during that namesake period in history even when it had been as sufficiently explored during the preceding Art Nouveau era as well. In such modern dimensions of it, filigree jewelry might be more alluding to the western world instead in its sensibilities of design of still detailed and gorgeous assertions but of uniquely Indian identity is a specific exploration of this art in exclusively jeweled connotations. Out of the Silver City of Cuttack in the Indian state of Orissa emerges a special style of obviously silver filigree that is known as exclusively as Tarakasi. In fact it is this popular steeping of Cuttack in this exquisite art of silver filigree that has lent upon it its eponym in all silvering sheen, as an artform traditionally furthered for at least some five hundred years. The thrust is not all on jewelry either, with everything from mementos and souvenirs and decorative items to even miniature handbags designed out of this process in extreme artistry. Jewelry though tends to be as readily explored a facet of tarakasi, as it is with the filigree reference just about anywhere and Orissa’s crafting of its traditional jewelry tends to be especially rich in their patterns and motifs. All forms of jewelry, be it those adorning the hands or the feet or even the hair, or more regular assertions of pendants and necklaces and earrings and the like, incorporate the filigree essence very prominently in all their popularity across the Odiya existence.

Pertaining not just to tradition but also considered as auspicious are these ekings out of the tarakasi heritage that occupy place of significance in occassions like marriages. Tarakasi make anklets and toe rings make for an indispensable part of the traditional bridal trousseau of the state even as waist bands and vermillion boxes designed in line with the sensibilities of this artistic style make for unique assertions of this long tradition in craftsmanship. Beyond this fore of the ritualistic and venturing into spaces more cultural in its identity, the takasaki continue to rule the scene. The classical dance form of the Odissi sees dancers essentially donning jewelry all made in the tarakasi style of filigree design even as the popular observance of Durga Puja in the state also sees the tarakasi work traditionally decking up the Goddess in all finery. In fact much like the famed artistic rendition of the Sholar Kaaj of Bengal, the silver craftsmanship of Orissa also finds exploration in its own unique identity of Chaandi Medha to make this Tarakasi interpretation of filigree a distinctive facet in exploring the multilinear diversity of filigree ornamentation in general.

Characterised by its fine spider web work and resplendent in its rose flower motif of design, tarakasi makes for a very labour intensive and time consuming pursuit in decorative leanings. A luxurious availing out of the deft working in as intricate mannerisms of delicateness as possible, filigree jewelry and therefore the tarasaki mode of it makes for some of the finest specimens of art and the artisanal to base one’s fashion choice upon. Time honored a tradition relying upon the skill of the hands of the most experienced artisans and craftsmen, the appeal of filigree jewelry lies first and foremost in its intricacy. With the delicate lace like pattern creating motifs in stunning beauty in breakthrough assertions of gilded glows and silvery streaks, filigree is the daintiest, prettiest, most ethereal and gracefully feminine take on jewelry making that has its own unique place of distinction in the alleys of style. Timeless and eternal in the heavenly beauty of them and yet antique in their invoking of images of a time when the swirls and flourish in exoticness created beauties out of the romance necessarily embedded in delicateness are such specimens of filigree jewelry that will continue to hold their own special place in the forever elegant explorations guaranteed out of the many expressions that style and fashion have come to be synonymous with even in their more than dynamic incorporation of diversities. For the choice of style might be as manifold as the expansive existence of the world but the aesthetics of it all surely is a universal attribute that ultimately pleases every single inch of that immense existence in definite beauty.