What to wear with palazzo to get the perfect look

what to wear on palazzo

Palazzos are the essential summer staple in their breezy roominess and flowing comfort. Flared and lightweight, these bottom wears really help you ace the style game with utmost comfort. And because palazzos are also versatile- they tend to be as dressy a formal option in your wardrobe as chic as a casual wear, you can wear them with virtually anything. From cute crop tops to elegant kurtis, there’s nothing that won’t complement a pair of palazzo. Here’s the most flattering picks of what to wear on palazzo to be the ultimate summer style sizzler in 2020-

Crop Tops

The best way to dress up your palazzo is to pair it with a crop top. Crop tops anyway are the ultimate summer hotties and in their fitted silhouette perfectly balances the flare of palazzos. And the best part is that no matter what type of crop top you own, you can put on just about anything and still look stunning. Be it a tee style crop top or a lacy, more feminine one, crop tops and palazzos are a forever match made in fashion heaven.


tunic on palazzo
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Tunics are one of the most accommodating piece of clothing to have emerged. With the flair of a kurti and the look of a top, these longer top type picks are also best suited to wear with a pair of palazzo pants. The carefree elegance of tunics and the airy pleasantness of palazzos, this is one combination that will literally take you places- from your office gathering to your evening date with the girls, you know how to look sparkly even in the summery sun.


what to wear on palazzo shirt

Most ladies would be skeptical about donning a shirt over their palazzos at the first instance. Because we see shirts as a bit too formal and palazzos as a bit too casual. But once you try this look out, there’s no going back from here. A fitted, tucked in shirt on your palazzo will do wonders to your look. A fun summer ensemble to carry to the workplace and also casual enough to carry you straight to the mall, shirts with palazzos are a complete hit. Pair a full or three fourth sleeved length shirt with your pants and feel every inch like the style goddess destined to slay!


Kurtis are as versatile as palazzos when it comes to wearing the two together. Whether you choose a short kurti, a mid length one or the lengthier option in your wardrobe, your palazzo will complement it all. The only trick here is to ensure that you do similars or contrasts. You can try out mis matches and color blocks but don’t do something diametrically unapproving of each other. Or find pieces so strikingly similar that you look like you are wearing a kurti- salwar ensemble. Throw a dupatta over if you feel like it. Or otherwise just amble along without it in your classic fashionista style to be the absolute summer stunner.

Jackets or shrugs

If summer is already passe but your love for the palazzo isn’t, then you can still wear it without much thought. Palazzos also look totally stylish when layered up which means you can continue with your fetish well until autumn. You just need to don a shrug or light jacket over your palazzo outfit of the day to have yourself secured. And the layering doesn’t just help with offsetting the bit chill in the air, it also renders you uber chic stylish to leave everyone gasping for breath in your past mid summer hotness!


Before you lose your mind already as to how you can possibly wear palazzo with a saree, let clear out the air. You don’t really wear a saree with palazzo, you wear ‘the’ palazzo saree! While this is in effect a distinct styling of the palazzo altogether, we needed to list this up just so you don’t miss out on the ultimate mix and match outfit ever. There’s this flaring palazzo effect on one hand and the flowy pallu appeal on the other. And then there’s also the fitted contrast of the blouse to just make you the most perfect sartorial vision in your dare to dress demeanor.

Basic tees

wear palazzo with tees
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If sarees with a palazzo twist are too much bearing on you, then you can stick to the simple classic way of wearing your tees and pants. Just about any basic tee will go breezily with your palazzo pair. A structured tee or a standard one or the stylish statement one, tucked in or let loose or tied up, your palazzo pair can go from basic to stylish to high end in a matter of choices. And trust your good ol’ tee to do all the talismanic trend talking for you!