Printed popularity of polka dots

The fashion world is religiously bent on certain some images of what conjures for it a charm of the aesthetics. Striking despite their common prevalence, universal and eternal in all aspects of asserting their aura for long enough to have earned the distinction of being fashion statements, swooned over and coveted in all classy gregariousness of their identity as the iconic fews, these forever flourishes of the stylish and the appealing and the unique comes to define the very standards in which fashion is seen and celebrated and practised as a way of expression of not just the visuals of style but also the individual personalities that dons and flaunts and carries them with great pride.

This character of fashion that occurs as fluid and flowing even when adhering to the set ‘principles’ of what makes it universally celebrated in certain some elements of longstanding popularity is one deriving upon its essential dynamicness. Factored in these considerations of a curious commonplaceness is the very dramatic dimension that opens up due to one of fashion’s such forever favorites being flamboyant in its unfurling

A retro envisioning of the world of style and design elements would never be complete without a uniform spotting of the most dotted of dots to ever exist on the seeing spectrum. This is a trend we cannot get enough of whether in their vivid visage or even in the very sonorous rendition of their identity as polka dots.

polka dot dress
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

We ‘spot’ them everywhere- from dresses of course to accessories as well, with each category being as expansive a range of inclusivity as the other. Whether it be short dresses or long ones, fitting or flowing types, shirts or trousers, sweaters or sarees, blouses or shorts, the options are inexhaustible in what lays claim to the unparalleled charm of polkas. Equally incorporative is the realm of both functional and decorative accessories when it comes to making full use of the polka dot’s global magic. Be it hairbands and earrings, scarves and ties, watches and belts, socks and shoes and what not indeed, there is no limit extensive enough that the humble polka dot has not mastered.

So what is it helping and pushing and furthering the scope of everything that polka dots can do so as to assert privilege as being one of the most iconic of identities in fashion? Numerous things really, each of which only adds to the ‘texture’ of what these generally medium, rarely big and often small sized dots of assumed decorativeness find special sighting in.

Of course like so many other prints and patterns that offer the pleasing consonance of symmetry, polka dots too win it big with their characteristic display of uniformity. In fact they win it bigger and better due to the exclusive view that they offer. Stripes for instance can find differently viewing and receiving in how they express as horizontal or vertical lengths of line.

polka dotted clothes for men
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Polka dots always strike in a unidimensional identity which- quite impressively is also what makes it emerge then as more dimensioned in reach and appeal. Uniformly spaced and shaped such that the resulting vibe is one that the human finds most appealing is what has helped polka dots maintain their popularity for long enough to assert as versatile.

Polka dots also are inherently fun an idea to work fashion in. The very view of their patterned presence inevitably makes way for the whimsical, flirty vibes to seep into the collective consciousness. Their appeal then is also a case deriving out of playful nonchalance, of a boldness that is essentially cute as well, a definite attention grabber even when it is the simplest indeed print that one can choose to wear on their person. The feminineness of polka dots also has helped it to attain the status of being an effortless expression of beauty and grace, without having to let go the as readily occurring strands of casual charm.

lv bags
Source: Sotheby’s

Speaking about the girly attribute of polka dots might only be a case based on its ‘essence’- at least in what its naming evokes. The Polish woman reference embedded in this identity finds literal translation as “little woman or girl”- something that the broadly fun positing of the style further validates. To affirm however its existence as one limited to the female exploration in fashion, even when allowing for larger experimentations in lifestyle would be but limiting of the very status that it enjoys as being a universal element for the fashion-forward strides to have assumed definiteness.

Which brings us to the next point-well dot, in establishing the case in favor of these pretties. Polka dots can be as smugly worn by men as well or to broaden the ambit let’s say they can be ways in fashioning even on days you do not quite want to look particularly cute and girly. There are a ton of ways in which anyone and everyone can rock the polka dot look as suits their style sensibilities and fashion pursuits. What matters in each and any of these cases in fashioning is the sheer confidence that the wearer exudes through this particularly eclectic drawing of dots.

Source: Outfit Trends

Polka dots then are allrounders indeed in their well roundedness. Their ability to etch upon anywhere across the field of vision means that they would be always there to manifest their enduring presence. Stealing the limelight is but a way of life for polka dots that they had been particularly adept at evoking through a traditionally dominant color palette of black and white. Other combinations though are equally effective and enormously expressive as well when it comes to curating individual style statements. This limitless possibility in mixing and matching and mismatching makes polka dots emerge as even greater a focal point for fashion to come full circle in.

This view that they afford in a striking rendition of what is essentially an iteration of the simplest geometrical shape renders upon polka dots the most discernible identity of their classic character. But would something stand indeed the test of time if it only addressed and attended to the human whims for visual pleasingness? Specifically when the popular perception of polka dots had prevailed as unpopular in fact throughout a considerable period of history it should take more than the physical pursuit of beauty for it to come attain its now celebrated regard.

Irrespective of the mood in which you slip into a polka dot piece of fashion clothing or accessory, there seems to be something charming still about this pattern of what finds common expression in children’s fashion. The underlying notion then is one of attributes like innocence and childlikeness that finds universal favor. Indeed then, the elements and entities spurring and stirring this emotion through an associative existence would only connote equivalent such arousing of endearingness to overlap even its physical identity.

polka dots fabric
Source: Solid Stone Fabrics

And so has the humble, simple, even fundamental description of polka dots amassed a character that does well in both show and substance. That they are popular because they are pleasing is as true as them being pleasing in their popular influence. Their identity is also one of an extraordinariness that draws upon their most ordinary qualities while detailing on the uniqueness innate to each speck and every existence of the universe.

Prefacing their popularity with any assigning of expressions that speak in terms as appeals to individual humans collectively makes polka dots emerge as one of the most definite of features for them to find forever fame in. The distinction is particularly significant for polka dots to enjoy since their coursing through history occurred through the rather maligned route of being associated with diseases like plagues and poxes due to the uncomfortable visual conjuring of either.

That is a case long done and dusted with now. Today, polka dots embody almost the contrary essence in being joyous, youthful styles sought out in fashion. Add to its the free-flowing nature of this identity that lets polka dots pass as style indeed in some form or the other and there really isn’t any wrong way to work them either. If you want to go full throttle with its timeless appeal but fear entertaining the singular look that you have been consciously looking to avoid, then there exists countless options to choose from. Pull a pair from here and make a pick from there and there you are, all ready to rock in your very personal sartorial constructing.

Also polka dots are made more fun to wear as entire head-to-toe ensembles because of the sheer variety nestled in this dimension. There might creep in some uncertainty regarding whether too many of these pretties would end up clashing on the visual quotient. But that actually is an anticipation one comes to worry about due to parallel such instances in fashion. Polka dots on their part happen though to present as a spectacle fairly congruous and harmonious and impeccably stylish in pretty much any of the n number of ways they find styling.

polka dots fashion
Source: Pinterest

Of course a single expression of the statement making pattern in itself creates the intended effect in offering a striking view. Needless to say it also isn’t only clothing choices in which such liberties can be taken to make the timeless style your own contemporary favorite despite its pronounced retro vibe. Feel free to let your love for polka dots flow through alternate- actually mainstream channels of bags and footwears or whatevers!

It is safe to say then that the polka dot trend is more than just a trend- it is very much a fashion mainstay that does not need any specific season or reason to make evident its presence. The look is particularly suitable for fun springs and flirty summers in their personification of youth but that does not make polka dots any less convenient to strut about in style just about any time of the year. For a fashion print that indeed is as simple as it looks and is as eternal as its more general essence not derived out of style, what can be more iconic a representation of its sophistication than the year-round relevance and ageless popularity it basks in?