10 best chaknas to have with alcohol

Nachos and Beer

We have many options in our menu of liquor. Specially those who want to go to the bars and pubs for spending great time with their friends. Here is the list of some most favorite chaknas you can have while drinking.

1. For those who rarely drink – Kababs.

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Kabab me agar haddi mile to wo kabab kabab rahega ki pure meat ban jayega ? This kind of question you can ask your drinking partner while having a full bottle of liquor.
Well, kabab is one of the favourite chakna for those who want to enjoy their quality time.

2. The western drinker – Nachos.

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Nachos is one of the most popular chakna options for mid-range bars and pubs. Why! Only because it has endless flavours and delicacy is so good to spend the evening with friends.

3. Give me wings – Chicken Wings.

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Chik… chik…. Chik…. chicken items are like the water for non-vegetarians. Chicken Kabab, Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Wings etc. etc. are the excellent flavours of it. If you haven’t tried chicken wings with honey and ginger sauce, please try once.

4. Only Complementary option – Masala Papad.

Source: House of Mandara

All over India, in all mid-size bars and pubs, you will get this option complimentary.

5. The Royal Vegetarian – Paneer Tikka.

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If you are a vegetarian, we have many things left on the menu. You might don’t want to have Tandoori chicken, but you will want to have paneer tikka.

6. Punjabi Tadka – Tandoori Chicken.


Alcohol and Tandoori Chick have a very high relationship with each other. The youth prefers to have this combination.

7. The evergreen – Peanuts.

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No matter what you want to have on the alcohol menu! It suits every drink. All you need to do is name the drink and suggest peanuts as the chakna.

8. Pocket-Friendly – Potato chips.

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Maybe it is the end of the month you can’t afford to have a full tandoori chicken to enjoy this weekend with your friends. Then the most affordable pocket-friendly option will be having a packet of uncle chips which will cost you mostly 20 rupees.

9. Go Green with Cucumber.

Source: Beer Canada

The regular drinkers will know how important is to bring Cucumbers from the chabji mandi. It is one of the most favourite chaknas for all.

10. Ghar Ghar ka Jugar – Bhujiya with Pyaz.

Source: Infinite Appetite

If your friends are there but you don’t want to go out to bring the chaknas, don’t worry. You can master in this art even with no master chef degree. Just grab the packet of Bhujiya and chop the onion and mix thoroughly. And have a great time.