10 Secrets of Fast Food Joints that the Staff Will Never Let You Know

10 Secrets of Fast Food Joints that the Staff Will Never Let You Know

There’s perhaps only a few things on earth that can appeal to your appetite the way fast food can. Crunchy pieces of succulent meat stuffed juicy burgers, sodas overloaded with sweetness and perfectly crispy french fries sounds like just the heavenly treat you need.

No wonder you find yourself succumbing to the delight of fast food more often than you would like to. But you are not alone. Your favorite celebrities who otherwise swear by the healthiest of diets are left craving for more when it comes to junk indulgences.

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Even when fast food isn’t particularly healthy. And while that’s something you already know, the fast food industry is a hoarder of far too many ‘dark secrets’ (pun intended).

Read on to discover 10 surprising things about the food of your favorite joints that will leave you in disbelief.

#1 There’s no such thing as a quick fast snack

If you happen to visit your favorite fast food outlet just to grab a quick snack, then you might actually be holed up there for longer. Fast food is prepared in such a way that minimises eating time, while maximising appetite. So you are left feeding on more stuff than you thought you would, even before you know it.

#2 Being an early bird will get you the chemicals

Also, you might feel so lucky being the first customer of the day of your favorite outlet. But it’s actually best for you to refrain visiting a food joint first thing in the morning.

Mainly because cooking equipments are cleaned with super concentrated chemicals late into the night. So if you are among the first ones to order next morning, it’s highly possible that residues of these hyper chemicals might drain into your food.

#3 Peak hours are the ‘healthiest’

Rule out early morning visits and even late night indulgences at your most preferred fast food joint. Peak hours are your best bet to feast on fresh, though not so healthy, fast food. Because with all that rush, it’s obvious that the probability of being served leftover or reheated food is very low.

#4 Fast food isn’t as fast when it comes to jumping off the pan and onto the plate

But even with the busiest of hours, stale food could still be finding its way into your tray of assortments. Fresh food in fast food outlets is basically a myth. Most of the time it is food that has long waited for its turn before having the good fortune of ending up on your plate.

#5 Fast food places can be really unhygienic

So you would think it’s better if you sip on some diet soda or a cup of iced coffee to get the best shot at ‘fresh food’. Sorry to disappoint you once again but soda fountains and coffee drips in commercial places are the dirtiest of the lot.

Not only are these outlets difficult to be cleaned but they also aren’t cleaned as often as they ought to be. The obvious outcome- a mold of fungus or bacteria accumulating unto their confines. Gross!

#6 And also the ingredients and the meals

Also, putting ice into your cold drink to relieve yourself of the summer heat should be a big no- no for you. Because as researches have found, the water that goes into making the ice in restaurants is often dirtier than toilet water!

#7 Deceiving through appearances

How many times have you given into the lip smacking appeal of those sumptuous chicken burgers or patties as you were passing by one of those food chains in town? Of course, the smell and look is indeed irresistible with all those grill marks perfectly lining pieces of succulent meat.

Sorry to burst your bubble but those aren’t grill marks per se. Those lines are probably streaks of artificial coloring that are only enhanced thereafter with heating.

#8 Fast food commercials can be seriously misleading

You also have those dazzling fast food commercials to blame for luring you into the delicious world of junk food every other day. These glossy ads are made to specifically appeal to the senses of the viewers. In fact, the foods dished out in these visuals aren’t even actual food. Most often, they are stacked up with inedible ingredients, that score high on the visibility quotient, even airbrushed and touched up with fiber glass and paint to enhance stimulation of foodies.

#9 Too much chemicals, too less nutrients

Even the preparation procedure of fast food is quite a hazard. Not only are the ingredients chemically cleaned and altered through preservatives, but also food is cooked at super high temperatures. Forget about the nutritional value of the food, cooking food at such high temperature is quite dangerous. From leaching of metals into the food to altering its edible nature, fast food poses serious health concerns.

#10 Healthy salads aren’t a thing in fast food joints

Considering all the adverse effects fast food can have on you, you would instead consider opting for a salad. But while salad is definitely one of the healthiest food options around, this isn’t particularly true in case of big food joints.

To enhance the bland taste of salads, they are often ‘greased’ with calories amounting at least as equal to that found in other food items. Even certain chemicals are added to retain the crunchiness of the ingredients.