13 types of momos to satiate the foodie of the winter nights!

types of momos
Source: Pexels

Winters and momos are so much of a winning combo! Dewy wintry evenings spiced up with piping hot momos and a chilly flavoured soup, heaven is no place other than the momo houses. But how many varieties of momos have you tasted? Two, three, perhaps five? Explore beyond the regular stuff and discover these 13 different types of momos to elevate your winter evenings altogether-

Steamed momos

The delightful dumplings of succulent goodness, steamed momos are the ubiquitous momos of the lot. A fan favorite ever since we were introduced to these humble maida balls, steamed momos are still the go to momo version for most of us momo lovers!

Fried momos

The plain white dumplings gets a makeover with fried momos. Whether it be momos that are steamed and then fried or those that are straight away fried by dunking into a pan full of oil, fried momos are crunchy, juicy and tasty all in one!

Tandoori Momos

The divine flavor of momos baked in a tandoor is definitely something to die for! There isn’t any misery in the world that some crisp, smoked and perfectly cooked momos would fail to nullify!

Kothey Momo

Half steamed and half fried in different sauces to deliver the exquisite flavor of both forms of preparations, kothey momos are among the most ingenuous of the lot. And particularly enticing as well with all those sweet and spicy sauces making for a burst of flavors.

Jhol Momo

Momos that are sinfully dumped in platter of rich sauce like gravy have come to be known as jhol momos. The accompanying tangy and spicy liquid is called the jhol achar and encompasses some of the most lip smacking flavors!

Dhapu Momo

Momos that have grown up are dhapu momos! With a outer cover that is most often thicker than the smaller momos, dhapu momos are the perfect hunger killer. Generous stuffing of fillings strive to make this momo dish a complete, wholesome meal in itself!

Open Momos

Now this is simply a momo who is extroverted enough to not close down! Sinfully delectable and enticing to the eyes, these dumpling reveal their inner goodness in all their glory. However, the dexterity which goes into making these momos look super appealing somehow makes it restricted as only a gourmet food item. Sad that!

Kurkure momos

Simple momos that have a scrumptious covering of crunchy kurure to deliver just the punch to your winter evening snacks!

Afghani momos

Tandoori momos that go into a rich and creamy batter for an enhanced taste and appeal, Afghani momos are a sure shot delight to the eyes and a definite appetiser of the taste buds!

Rice Momos

Momos that have forgone their outer covering made of maida to usher in a healthier dough of rice flour are rice momos. The staple Indian rice embedding the most loved fast food momo is true fusion delicacy!

Wheat Momos

For a further dose of health, there are wheat momos. With an outer covering made of the goodness that wheat flour delivers, you can go all indulgent with this hatke version of momos!

Chocolate Momos

Tired of savoury momos? Go the sweet way then and try some chocolate filled momos. What’s more, generous shavings of chocolate and an immersing chocolate sauce just about manages to satiate your sweet cravings like no other!

Sweet Momos

But if you think chocolate momos are more of a recent invention, a fusion of main course and dessert, then I am afraid you might be so wrong! Indian food have been party to delicious sweet momos since ever! Locally called modaks, these are steamed sweets with fillings of coconut, milk and sugar and dry fruits. Lord Ganesha sure had his tummy set right with these truly divine sweets!