Taking northeastern cuisine towards the mainland – foodies from the North east

At a time when fancy food items seem to be the preferred choice for your wonder palette, there are quite a few people who take pride in their region’s offering of ‘assorted’ delicacies and the like. For these die hard food enthusiasts, food is almost a way of life and they try in every way possible to preserve and promote the ethnicity of their food culture and food habits.

Indeed, when it comes to north eastern cuisine, the choices are even more stimulating to the taste buds. Interesting ingredients cocktailed in exotic ways to arrive at the perfect combination of health and taste have lend the food exploits from this part of the country its own unique identity and its no wonder that a bevy of food aficionados are making every effort to popularise the same. The following is a compilation of seven such food influencers who have been making efforts to project the rich North eastern cuisine on the global stage.

Ruprekha Mushahary

A lady for whom food is a passion that she pursues even when wired in other avenues, Ruprekha Mushahary is a food connoisseur who spruces up traditional Assamese and other north eastern dishes through her food blog Feelings.

xewali flowers and fried rice

Arindom Gogoi

A self proclaimed home cook and a hardcore foodie, this young guy from Duliajan presents an array of gastronomic delights that had seriously taken the Instagram community by storm. Notably, his wares range from pure local eats to fancy stuff that he prepares or encounters in his foodie journey.


Another of those food enthusiasts who wants to promote the healthy and fuss free cooking recipes from the north eastern part of India, this endeavor of a Manipuri guy is to preserve the rich legacy of ethnic North eastern food and pass on the culinary trove of delight to future generation for the world to know and explore.


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Usop ? mathel by @kiranjitlairenlakpam

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Naosing Muinao Asing

Ethnic Naga foods occupy central space in this food enthusiast’s volley of food images that splash nutrition and a touch of ethnicity in the myriad of food pics on his Instagram handle.


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A Foodie’s Diary

A conglomeration of ethnic dishes prepared in ways that are native and exotic, and at the same time steeped in tradition, that serves to contribute towards promotion of ethnic food culture through the lengths and breadths of the country. Helmed by foodies Bikram Rajkhowa and Geeta Dutta, A Foodie’s Diary presents traditional north eastern recipes with every bit of authenticity to accord it the special status it very much commands.


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Aathkhoria ( আঠখৰিয়া ) A less talken about or almost lost Assamese recipe . Most of the recipes evolve among the rural folks , based on availability of ingredients , season and daily chores of life . On advent of winter , many green vegetables grow in our gardens . Some seeds are sown ,some grow in wilderness . Every assamese household has a big vegetable gardens in the backyard . Even some urban families also have it ,even if it means a terrace garden or in pots . It’s a kind of sentiment for fresh greens we have . This recipe is prepared with whatever available fresh green vegetables . Probable the name Aathkhoria came from 8 types of leaves . It’s a light stew ,quite flavoursome and full of healthy elements . People who have to go for daily work at fields cook this and eat piping hot with rice . . . . . #instagrammers #instafood #instaclick #assamesecuisine #assamesekitchenessentials #myfoodstories #atmykitchen #assam #awesomeassam #rusticrecipes #flavoursofassam #incrediblenortheast #northeastfood #foodtalkindia #walkwithindia #organic #ndtv_food #bbcgoodfoodindia #healthyfood #afoodiesdiary #foodgram #52grams #hereismyfood #foodbloggers #foodfeedblog #foodgasm

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Gitika Saikia

A Mumbai based North eastern food curator, Gitika Saikia aims to promote the rich indigenous cuisine of the Assamese community. Saikia’s reputation in the home chef circuit of the country stems from her meticulous efforts to serve dishes that are innovative, at the same time maintaining its exotic quotient by not resorting to readily available substitutes.

Akum Raj Jamir

This lady from the North east is a true food aficionado and has been experimenting with cuisines to create a delectable fusion of innovative dishes while keeping the authenticity of flavours intact to carve her own distinct niche as a food influencer.