8 reasons why you should surround yourself with waffles, not negativity

for the love of waffle

National Waffle Day is here! Like most good things to exist on earth, waffles inevitably comes loaded with the most delectable, mouth watering of decadent toppings. Whether it be exotic or commonplace, simpletons or the fanciest of the lot, there’s no replacing waffles when you are craving for a quick, fulfilling bite of heartiness.

You might have dug into these grid like plates of smoothie crunch pieces left, right and center, but we bet you don’t know many interesting facts about this all time world favorite. From “liking hashtags because they look like waffles” to simply plunging into waffle love, you need to know as much about the snack as much as you love eating them. Here are eight really amazing facts for you to dig into (along with those waffles) this Waffle Day!

Waffles are old, quite the old guy

(Not necessary that the one you are digging into right now are staley- paley though!)

No matter how fetished the world remains with this square grided out sheets of thick craving staples, the tradition of waffles is one that is rooted in history.

These breakfast staples have been around since at least Middle Ages, the 14th century to be precise. In fact, the first ever waffle recipe in print appeared in 1393 Le Menagier de Paris, a French guidebook for women as being one of the basic requirements to successfully run a household!

Waffles are a breakfast staple

A treat as scrumptiously sweet as waffles does not sound as the perfect version of a ‘healthy’ breakfast. But waffles have been in vogue as a typical breakfast delicacy for long. Though they aren’t particularly healthy with all those free loads of refined flour and sugar, they can be indeed made better suited to health standards with minor alterations in the constituent ingredients.

Frozen waffles are a legit thing

You don’t need to invest in a waffle maker to churn out those delicious plates of edible beauties. Frozen waffles have been marketed for the convenience of sweet lovers since long and you can easily buy a pack from the supermarket and dig right in.

Just for the record, because we are still at frozen waffles and mainly because it sounded so cute to me, let me have this out. The Dorsa brothers who introduced this delightful concept of frozen waffles to the world dwelt upon a portmanteau for the name. They came up with the very cute sounding ‘Froffles’- sounds so fluffy and fun that they shouldn’t have ever given that up!

Etymology of waffle


While you might be never sure about anything else as much you are about your love and passion and dedication for waffles, waffles literally spell indecision!

As a verb, waffle comes from the word ‘waff’ meaning to yelp like a puppy. Waffle as a noun is however in its right place- meaning the excellent gridded breakfast food, interpreted as weaving something into the shape of a honeycomb.

Waffles are mighty versatile!

Contrary to popular ‘belief’ and practice, waffles can be savoury as well. Though we have always relished chocolate and peanut butter waffles, sweetened with sugar and maple syrup, that however does not allow us the liberty to stereotype it as essentially sweet. We indeed are skeptical about this like most of you, but savoury, veggie laden waffles are a real thing!’

Just in case you are even interested in fusions, there’s also a thing called the pizza waffle.

Sneaker inspired by waffle. Wait, what?

The first ever Nike sneaker sole was inspired by a waffle! The honeycomb shape of the waffle had Bill Bowerman in realisation about how it would be the perfect shape for a sneaker sole. And thus, the first sneaker was born in 1971, indeed created using a waffle maker!

Just 10 minutes to waffle!

There exists a thing as the World Waffle Eating Championship. And that’s also not the only surprising thing about the world. The world record for waffle eating stands at a jaw dropping (and aching) 29 waffles mugged up in an insane 10 minutes! That’s life goals- desirable but is that even possible?

You scream for ice cream, but you should be screaming for waffles instead!

You have waffles also to thank for helping ‘derive’ ice cream cones! Because of a shortage of cups, ice cream began to be served in waffle cones. Slurp!

To all those high on waffle love like we are, cheers to how each waffle is every kind of wonderful!