Sinful choco treats to make World Chocolate Day celebrations a grand affair

World Chocolate Day

It’s World Chocolate Day and we can’t be keeping calm. Here’s the most delicious choco inspired beauties that we are drooling over right now reliving our timeless love affair with the delight called chocolate-


A traditional dessert from Hungary, the rigojancsi is usually a cube-shaped chocolate sponge cake and chocolate cream pastry. A two layered cake, it isn’t only the cake sponges that generously incorporate the divine flavour of chocolate in its folds. Equally generous is the thick layer of very rich, chocolate and cream filling and a very thin apricot jam layer that makes it even more sumptuous a chocolate treat. And that’s not even all the chocolate waiting to delight you. This intensely coco rich cake comes covered also with a dark chocolate fondant glaze!


Source: Eataly

Imagine the twin delights of chocolate and coffee coming together in a concoction that is hearty and relaxing all at once! That indeed is the Italian bicerin, a traditional hot drink native to Turin. While the chocolate- coffee pairing has forever been a culinary classic, there is something about bicerin that renders it so characteristically unique. In being a drink that is layered and not mixed, the bicerin is a beauty! European style thick melted chocolate, some espresso and a layer of cream- bicerin tastes exactly as warm as it sounds like.

Choco lava cake

This sure isn’t the most exotic of treats on the chocolate menu but when an everyday treat can be this sumptuous, who cares about the exclusives anyway? An utterly delicious chocolate cake with a center that reveals an even more delicious oozing of chocolatey goodness, these molten lava cakes are every chocoholic’s ultimate fantasy. Rich, warm, decadent and wholesome- at least in the textures, choco lava cakes are a definite dig into drooling delight.


Another of the more popular choco treats happen to be the simple but sinful platter of brownies. Quite basic in being almost a cookie like preparation in the dough, brownies are however extremely rich in their decadence. Pair a plateful of these brown treats with some warm milk or enjoy them cold with some ice cream, these versatile treats have withstood the test of times. Yet another example of how the sweetest things in life are essentially simple.


There’s no beating the French when it comes to desserts. And one such crafty chocolatey confection of sweet exquisiteness happens to be the traditional mendiant. A Christmas specialty, these bite sized disks of chocolates come studded with dried fruits and nuts and is very much a celebratory treat. A sweet with historic connotations, mendiants are also easy to make which makes them all the more appealing a dessert option.


A chocolate ball in essence, brigadeiros are the much loved sweet treat of Brazil. Almost like bonbons, these make for quite a rich sweet with condensed milk and butter also complementing the exquisite chocolate flavour. Noticeable in the chocolate sprinkles that coat it, brigadeiros derive also their essential choco flavour from the cocoa powder that goes into making them. An iconic dessert in the country of its origin, this intensely sweet treat is gooey and is close to being a chocolate caramel. Now that is the ultimate everyday dessert of our dreams!

Choco chip cookie

Choco chip cookie
Source: Well + Yum

Cookies are the ultimate favorite when it comes to basic, fuss free sweet picks. In their warm comfort when dunked in some milk or their exalted taste when sandwiching a thick layer of ice cream in between, cookies are one of the most easily available treats out there. And while the abounds in a host of different types of cookies, the choco chip breed happens to stand out altogether. The crunchy essence of cookies complement perfectly the melting gooey essence of the choco chip, that reveal it all in their intact show. And while there isn’t anything more chocolatey about these cookies other than the chip additions, these still happens to be a really wonderful choco affair. For even more die hard chocolate lovers though, there exist versions like ‘double’ or ‘triple’ chocolate chip cookies to suit your taste preferences.


Trust the Filipinos to so love their sticky rice that they even combine it with chocolate for a heavenly dessert! And that’s exactly what the Champorado happens to be- a sweet chocolate rice porridge in Philippine cuisine. Made by boiling sticky rice with cocoa powder or more traditionally, cocoa blocks, champorando is relished with milk and sugar not just as a dessert but also often as breakfast! Also uniquely enjoyed with dried salted fish, this surely is a chocolate dish that belies all our expectations from the sweet desire!


Small confections with an exterior made entirely of chocolate, bonbons are a French classic popular the world over. The filling can be quite interesting, in ranging from fruity punches to candy and caramel and even liqueur, bonbons are really satisfying sweet treats. Trust our forever favorite chocolate to complement so well whatever it is made to coat with in all its versatility!


A traditional chocolate drink, this Mexican beverage is a definite cutaway from the variants we have been drinking away all our life as hot chocolate. In its many ingredients, champurrado keeps intact the traditional feel while delivering a taste that is as commonplace as it is celebratory. A breakfast staple, an afternoon snack option or as a part of festivities during the Christmas holiday season, this warm, spiced beverage is a treat to relish especially during the colder days.

Joffre Cake

A less encountered but no less heavenly chocolate cake recipe happens to have emerged from the land of the Dracula in Romania. Quite a rich dessert in its chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream frosting, this chocolate buttermilk layer cake bears a strong cocoa flavor. Super smooth, super creamy and super steeped in history, this really decadent slice of chocolate goodness is for sure a super hit with anyone who has lost himself into its melt in the mouth texture.


A chocolate coated marshmallow treat from Israel, Krembos are biscuit based, fluffy marshmallow creamed burst of sweetness. Coated in a thin layer of chocolate, this classic Israeli delight however is sold only in the winters because it probably was developed by ice cream makers as an alternative to the summer staple treat. In being the derivation of the portmanteau Creambo, these treats speak their heart out in the very name- meaning ‘cream inside it’! With such a warm legacy and nostalgic fondness to boast of, we sure would like to try our teeth on one of these crunchy chocolatey shells!

Garash cake

A cake with a difference, the garash cake happens to be a chocolate cake from Bulgaria. Richer and denser in being a flourless preparation, the ganash cake however does not qualify as a chocolate dessert sans its frosting. But the frosting sure is chocolatey enough to classify it as one of those delightful cakes we can’t wait to dig into. The ganache of sweet cream and dark chocolate that probably lends the cake its name also serve to make it an irresistible delight. Take into consideration also the chocolate icing that dresses the cake up and one can well understand just how choco rich in essence this particular of cakes happens to be.


Source: SVT Nyheter

You may wonder why this quaint sounding term sounds somewhat similar to the English phrase ‘chocolate ball’. This is because they indeed are very much chocolate balls, but hailing from the Scandinavian region of Sweden! A traditional no bake dessert that the Swedish usually relish with their coffee, this sweet treat incorporates the goodness of oats with the rich flavor of cocoa infused with some coffee to make for a really delightful bite of deliciousness. Easy, quick and simple, it is easy to see why these treats are the talk of the hour during coffee breaks in the country.

Chocolate Petit gâteau

Chocolate Petit gâteau
Source: LBB

Literally translating as small cake, Petit gâteau is a small serving of chocolatey deliciousness in all its sweet taste. A classic hot and cold combination makes this cake an even more delicious dessert as it is traditionally served hot with vanilla ice cream on a plate. The crunchy rind and mellow filling of this chocolate cake is just the perfect slice of decadence paired with the moist flavor of the ice cream.

Chocolate fish

Chocolate fish
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The holistic emotional legacy that chocolate defines, it is no any surprising that choco treats are a part of the cultural lineage of New Zealand. In this really rewarding country, even edible rewards evoke the fondness for chocolates in a variant strikingly diversive. As a reward for a job well done, the Kiwis have been forever raving on chocolate fish treats! Pink marshmallows shaped like fishes and covered in a wafer thin milk chocolate layer, these prominent figures in the New Zealand confectionery realm are very simplistic treats. Yet in their coveted standing desire, these chocolate fishes stand out as one of the most iconic chocolate treats anywhere in the world.


Source: Coolinarika

Madarica or Madjarica is a layered cake slice from Croatia that literally means Hungarian girl. A pretty looking, wonderful tasting traditional cake, this chocolate loaded dessert is an intensely rich presence on the dessert menu that is sure to send your taste buds on a drooling spree. You can taste the deliciousness of the chocolate in the filling and savor the prettiness of the chocolate glaze with your eyes before digging into this chilled chocolate cake for the ultimate indulgence in the aphrodisiacs!

Bossche bol

Bossche bol
Source: Culture Trip

A Dutch specialty, Bossche bols are large cream puffs filled with whipped cream and covered in dark chocolate fondant icing. Almost like chocolate eclairs in essence, these however are bigger and better fluffy treats that make for an experience of such decadence that speaks even with the eating mess! A century old treat from the city of Den Bosch in the Netherlands, this makes for a delightful pairing with a cup of coffee or even served standalone as a worthily messy happy dessert!

Chocolate truffle

A chocolate dessert that can take its frorm in any number of ways, chocolate truffles are sweet confections originating from France. Traditionally made with a chocolate ganache centre coated in chocolate, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts, these bite sized goodies make for such satisfying servings of our never ending craving for chocolate!


Folks enthused by the intoxication that coffee essentially brews in would identify tiramisu as a dessert based on their favorite addiction. But even in its caffeine characteristic, this classic Italian dessert is also somewhat of a haven for choco addicts. Cocoa powder is another of the key ingredients in tiramisu and there even are versions that are entirely based out of chocolate! Of course just a little less of chocolate over coffee would not stop us from naming our absolute favorite dessert in this slurpworthy list!