Comfort Food of the Monsoon Season

Rainy season in India evokes various kinds of emotions in the minds of its inhabitants. As the scenes of the rushing water from the skies unfolds before the eyes of Indians, some become nostalgic, poetic thoughts linger over someone’s mind, others experience a sense of excitement or happiness whereas some literally wash away some of their pains with the downpours.

No matter, whether the rains flow in drizzles or in torrents, it always brings some kinds of changes that can be both pleasant and disastrous. However, just like every season, rainy weather also makes Indian citizens conjure up special delicacies that can not only satiate the taste buds but can also provide them with comfort. As every season in India has some special favourite dishes associated with it, rainy season is also no different.

Freshly prepared and warm homemade dishes constitutes a special list of must have food items in India. With the rains seeming to literally awakening nature with its freshness, thereby dishes that are new and fresh also appears to vibe with the rainy season. Meanwhile, the chilliness that accompanies the onset of rains makes hot edibles a necessary stuff for beating the cold. For this reason, freshly prepared and warm homemade dishes are comfort food in the rainy season.

Some of the most popular comfort food in the rains are-


Source : Manjula’s Kitchen

Rice and dal being the staple food items of most regions in India, it is no wonder that Khichdi, the dish that is prepared with a combination of the two, can occupy  a special place among the prime favourite dishes in the rainy season. Apart from being piping hot, Khichdi prepared with oodles of ghee and combined with chillies for a good dose of spiciness can sinfully satiate the taste buds of Indians. After all, hot and spicy seems to be favourite words to beat away any kind of chill!


Source : Indian Veggie Delight

Apart from rice, Parathas are also a hugely popular meal holding a good position in the everyday menu of the Indians. Filled with the choicest accompaniments in the inner layers of the flour texture and freshly consumed after heating in the tawa, it can greatly satisfy the odd pangs of hunger that we feel at times. However, the level of taste reaches its highest peak when the hot Parathas are made wet with lumps of butter or made messy with spoonful of pickle. Rainy season can become even more interesting when our everyday dishes are made tastier with our favourite accompaniments.


Source : Kitchen Sanctuary

One of the most well-known and highly preferred savouries during the rainy season, Pakoras seems to be perfect to bite into and enjoy the fresh rains from the windows along with getting transported into our delightful imaginary world.  The spicier and flavourful the inner fillings, and the higher the degree of crunchiness of its outer structure, the level of the suitability of enjoying the pakoras increases!


Source : CubesnJuliennes

The savoury that lifts the mood of every Indian during any time of the year, Samosas are the guilty pleasures of any Indian. With the triangular shaped snacks being visuals of delight in addition to being the great satisfier of appetites, it is only apt that the blues of the rainy seasons can be taken away by having one or two Samosas. Deeply fried Samosas accompanied with any kind of ketchup can be a great way to catch up with our dear ones while lazying away the rainy evenings.


Source : Cookpad

As consuming boil or steamed food is good for the human body, Momos seems to be a perfect fit among the list of such dishes in the rainy season. Taking out directly from the steamers and enjoying with some spicy dips can be great as the dips can engulf the soft floury texture of the Momos completely thereby satiating the taste buds to a great extent. However, enjoying Momos with steaming bowls of nutritious soup can not only be delicious but is also a healthy way to gobble those plates of steaming delights.


Source : Delish

If you are the one who really adores your nutritious bowls of salads filled with an assortment of fruits and veggies, you can simply spice them up with some delectable salad dressing or with some condiments of your choice to turn it into a tastier Chaat which you can enjoy while watching the rains pour in front of your eyes. However, you can prepare any version of Chaat according to your suitability. Chaats are a quick way to prepare as it can be easily made with any kind of our choicest tidbits. With a plate of Chaat in hand and watching the greenery hues of the environment becoming bright and fresh due to the rains is an ethereal experience altogether.


Source : Cookpad

The most famous street food that is always enjoyed by the young and old alike, Corn in its roasted form never seems to lose its flavour even as the Indian food scenario keeps on changing for the suitability of the taste buds in the subcontinent. Buying some roasted corn flavoured with spice and lemon from the local vendor before the onset of the rains and enjoying it while watching the rains can turn gloomy moods into cheerful ones.

Masala Chai

Source : Bon Appetit

The spiciest form of the popular beverage, Masala Chai can be a suitable drink to beat away any kind of chilliness. It is not only healthy but is also quite tasty. With a perfect cuppa of tastiness, healthiness and fragrance of the aromatic spices in your hand to quench your thirst and refresh your senses, rainy season cannot be any longer gloomy but will set up your mind to enjoy the beautiful and breathtaking natural views.

With such comfort food to indulge in, the monsoon season can pass away as a cheerful memory in which the pleasant fragrance of the earth and the beautiful greenery hues will gain prominence.