Diet foods to try if you plan to go from fat to fab!

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Want to get rid of that extra inch and flab and don’t know how to get started? Or is sticking to a diet routine too demure a job for you? Fret not, for with our pick of top diet foods, you can embark on your path to a healthy living and a slackened down existence! Not only will these foods serve your every purpose of hale and heart, but will also lure you with their surprising deliciousness!


True, we have been trying to arrive at something other than rice so that we can stick to our resolution of shedding all those extra kilos and burning the calories. After all, rice with all its carbs and being low on a number of vital elements is never the preferred option for a healthy living. But for all of you who find it hard to ditch your most important meal, we have a healthy alternative. Try out veggie rice and lay your claim to health even without compromising on your fulfillment factor.

Source: Green Healthy Cooking

Be it cauliflower or broccoli rice, sweet potato rice, carrot rice or the readily available brown rice, satiate your rice soul with a generous helping of these healthy and tasty rice alternatives.


The meal of the moment for all those diet and fitness freaks, Quinoa is more than just a superfood. High on protein and packed with nutrition, Quinoa is one of those newly emerged foods that has managed to make its presence felt because of its gluten free and easily digestible properties. Plus the way it can be incorporated into myriad recipes to deliver the perfect punch for a highly satisfying meal is what lends Quinoa its unique preference among health enthusiasts.

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Try out the delicious Slow Cooker Quinoa Chicken Chili recipe for that health twist to your regular bowl of chicken curry.


One of the most healthiest seeds around, Oats came into prominence as a diet food only recently. Being a wild cereal that comes loaded with fiber, oats make for a highly nutrient dense food.

Source: Cooking Light

And not just weight loss, oats provide a host of other health benefits as well. From lowering blood cholesterol levels to providing relief from constipation and also reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, a whipping up of a delicious bowl of oats just about provides all the boost to your health and dietary fixtures.

Check out these 8 oatmeal recipes for infusing a tasty twist into your health driven food regime.


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As a diet food or simply because of its numerous health properties, barley has been one of the most widely consumed foods ever. Barley being a whole grain and also a highly versatile cereal, it helps to maintain body weight and therefore makes for a highly effective diet food.

You can go for this barley upma recipe for a breakfast preparation that will set the tone for your day of health. The nutty flavor of this rich grain definitely will be a unique refreshing breakaway from your everyday blend of boring flavors.


What follows in our assortment of healthy diet foods is that whole grains are perhaps the most potent means of arriving at a food regime that would be highly effective for all those aficionados trying to watch out their levels of fitness. So if you have a tough time remaining away from all those unhealthy pastas or other refined flour staples that might include bakes and cakes and a whole lot of delectable stuff, try relying on whole wheat lasagnas or macaronis or even tortillas to indulge all your cravings even while not having to worry about going on a diet cheat trip!