Most famous food in Jaipur which are worth more than just a compliment

famous food of jaipur

The famous Pink City of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a vision in its rich hues. Equally rich is the land of the royals in its diverse platter. From sweet and savoury to spicy and tangy, flavours dominate the royal Jaipuri palate. Unique, exotic and irresistible sums up the Jaipur culinary experience. We round up the most famous food of Jaipur you must try while in the royal land to extract a travel tale full of flavours-

Dal Bati Churma

No matter in which color coded city you land up in while in Rajasthan, you definitely would be only better off digging into the very traditional fare of dal bati churma. One of the most distinctive foods of the many Indian states, this staple of Rajasthan also enjoys equal esteem in Jaipur.

A dish as steeped in tradition as it is in taste, dal baati churma is in fact a diversive meal in its trio encompassment. Wheat flour doughs are shaped like balls and baked in traditional ovens, giving them their charred appearance and characteristic flavour. These batis are broken and done up with a serving of panchmel dal that is also a nutritious mix, comprising of five types of lentils.

Churma on the other hand is the dessert component of this ‘three course meal’ that is also as interesting a food on its own. Crushed batis are roasted in ghee and then are sweetened with sugar or jaggery and flavored with fragrant spices. There’s nothing that quite matches the taste of smoky baatis savored with some delicious savoury dal and done up with the sweetened churma. Unique, flavorful and popular like no dish else, a taste of Jaipur wouldn’t be the same without this signature classic.

Mawa Kachori

Rajasthan already is famous enough for its kachoris. Not the dry, lentil stuffed ones that we encounter everywhere throughout India. Kachoris of the royal state tend to be as much royal, as they come with a generous filling of an onion mixture. But even in its transgressing way with the kachori, pyaaz kachori would hardly be the most exotic dish ever. That credit should rather go to the more daring and more awe inspiring mawa kachori.

Even when a sweet kachori would be unheard of in other parts of the country, in Jaipur this dainty disc of dripping decadence is a routine delight. A rich preparation that includes mawa as the filling of the kachori in place of the spicy masala, mawa kachoris takes a generous dip in some sensuous sugar syrup making this sticky, sweet treat a real euphoria for the senses.

Keema Baati

Largely a vegetarian state, Rajasthan throws up quite some pleasant surprises even in its non veg menu. One such unique food that makes up for among the more famous stuff in Jaipur is Keema Baati. Once again at play in this authentic food is the baati the state is almost ubiquitous with. But this time around the baatis come stuffed with minced and spiced mutton meat. Quite a spicy treat in the keema being mixed with a number of spices, this deep fried or preferably baked, rich and rustic dish allows for a really vibrant explosion of flavours in your mouth.

Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz ki Sabzi

jaipuri aloo pyaz ki sabji
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Despite its grand architecture and princely pink premises, Jaipur remains a royal land steeped in simplicity. Which makes even the most simplest of stuff part of its culinary history. One such very humble preparation that is a famous food in Jaipur is the ubiquitous Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz ki Sabzi. Ghee fried potatoes and onions are simmered in a spicy buttery tomato gravy to deliver a dish that boasts of a melt in your mouth texture. In its flavorful essence and rich taste,this dish smacks of the royal heritage of Rajasthan even in its simplistic soul.


The dal bati churma of sweets in Rajasthan is the delicately delicious sweetmeat called ghevar. Tracing its roots to Jaipur, this is one food famous throughout the country for its very different taste and texture. Unlike most other Indian sweets you would have tasted, ghevar is an immensely rich dessert. The honeycomb like disc-shaped cake made with all-purpose flour and soaked in sugar syrup is a firm favorite, for its delectable goodness as well as its calming health benefits. Sinful and divine, this is one of the most popular of Rajasthani foods that will titillate your taste buds with its exotic looks and taste.

Jaipuri mewa Pulao

In its very name,this dish speaks of the essence of Jaipur it encompasses in it delicious grains of sweet rice. Essentially and evidently sweet, this nuts pilaf is a rich rice preparation in ghee, milk and sugar with of course dried fruits and powdered spices enhancing further its decadence. In being a wholesome meal in itself, this very aromatic dish would definitely be among the more famous food of Jaipur. In its medley of sweetness, this mewa pulao seems to embody the pink essence of Jaipur. Pleasurable to the palate in its flavours as the city is to the eyes,in its brocaded expanse of pink shimmers.


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As the pink pleasantries of Jaipur soothe your eyes and blesses your soul, it’s time to let your taste buds also soak the comfy warmth of a hearty Rajasthani meal. And what better than a serving of the authentic kadhi to bring to you the euphoria of a taste well-deserved? While this pan Indian dish is by no means an exclusive Rajasthani specialty, there sure is a different feel to it when you devour a bowl of this comfort in the pretty ambience of the pink city. Enriched with the goodness of dahi or yogurt, the kadhi in Jaipur is a bowl of refreshing flavours. Spicy yet soothing, now that’s a combination you do not get to indulge in every single day!


famous food of jaipur Gajak
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Rajasthan is popular for its panoply of sweet delights, with each city of the state specialising in some exquisite treats of its own. And one such sweet food stuff very famous in Jaipur is the gajak. A nutritious yet delightful sweet, gajak is simply sesame seeds roasted, sweetened and shaped into thin squares. While gajak is a sweet widely popular across northern India, the ones from Jaipur are distinctive in their own identity. With also some cashews thrown in into this healthy treat, Jaipuri gajaks can indeed be a wholesome addiction.

Makkhan bada

Another very succulent sweet that stems from the stunning expanse of Jaipur is the makkhan bada. Quite rich in its very name, this melt in the mouth sweet however is a brittle caramel delicacy. These deep fried balls of maida and curd make for one of the most interesting Diwali sweets in Rajasthan. Sweet, syrupy and sizzling, this soft and flaky sweet comes loaded with lots and lots of ghee for the authentic royal Rajasthani experience.

Jaipuri Murgh Masala

Trust a city resting in a state known for housing the largest proportion of vegetarians in the country to come with a non veg recipe exclusive to it! That’s indeed what the city of Jaipur unravels itself to be-a foodie haven in all its varied servings of delicacies. Jaipuri murgh masala happens to be the classic Jaipuri take on the chicken recipe. A creamy chicken curry that makes this delectable dish worthy of a royal spread, this is undoubtedly one of the most famous among the limited non vegetarian picks you can relish while in Jaipur. Delicious, hot and spicy, this one makes the case for indulgence!

Gulaab Sakri

Deceptive in being a gulab sakri sans any trace of gulaab, it perhaps is the lineage of this sweet tracing to the pink city that renders it its characteristic name. Incorporating the richness of condensed milk and mawa with the equally regal flavour of saffron this is however a sweet lesser known. When in Jaipur however, you cannot miss having a bite of this unusual food and help make it all the more famous, as it deserves to be!

Pittod ki Sabzi

Pittod ki Sabzi
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Call it the classic lockdown recipe of the present when veggies are hard to be found but the Jaipuri Pittod ki Sabzi is a lip smacking dish. Almost akin to the more famous gatte ki sabzi, this food preparation takes centerstage not just in Jaipur but in the whole of Rajasthan. Made with pantry staples like gram flour and curd, this healthy and nutritious traditional dish also tastes quite amazing with even just a couple of ingredients.

Dal chawal kath

famous food of jaipur Dal chawal kath
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Though not exactly a regional specialty in Jaipur,dal chawal kath finds way into our menu because of its characteristic uniqueness. An authentic Rajasthani recipe that however remains lesser known, this combo preparation is a complete meal in itself. Simpler than the ever popular dal baati churma in preparation and therefore a more prevalent item in everyday food affairs, this is a recipe that incorporates diverse flavours. While the rice is paired with an untempered dal preparation, it is the kath preparation that is most distinctive. A form of rasam, kath is a sweet and sour preparation from rice starch, tamarind water and the kaathi dal. In its quite diversive and refreshing taste, this definitely is a dish designed to ward off the typical Rajasthani heat.

Moong Dal Halwa

A classic Indian winter specialty and a popular food in Jaipur is the utterly delectable serving of moong dal halwa. A standout among the many types of halwas because of its nutty texture and heavenly taste, this is a divine indulgence. Oozing oodles of ghee and bursting with a sweet flavor that so complements the uncharacteristic taste of the lentils makes this dessert an absolute favorite among all sweet lovers in the country.

Bajre ki Khichdi

Bajre ki Khichdi
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This one might sound like too plainitive a dish to rave about as all famous and stuff but this popular food in Jaipur happens also to be rather distinctive. Made with bajra instead of rice, this is a khichdi even healthier than the traditional dal- chawal versions. However, what makes this particular khichdi also a pleasant surprise is its unusual serving style. Jaipurites relish a good ol’ thali of Bajre ki khichdi with some ghee and powdered sugar on top!

Makki ki ghat

Makki ki ghat
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A traditional breakfast food of Jaipur is the makki ki ghat famous in its healthy essence. A minimalist, fuss free preparation of corn daliya, this makes for quite a versatile option since it can be made sweet or savoury as per preferences. Especially popular during the harsh winters in the state, this is quite a filling meal as well.

Sabji Jaipuri

famous food of jaipur Sabji Jaipuri
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Believe us or not, Jaipur so deliciously churns out its veggie chunks in food preparations that Sabji Jaipuri is a famous recipe in its own! A colorful dish that is as delicious as it is healthy, this Jaipuri style of veggie preparation assorts up everything from tender potatoes and cauliflowers and green beans to peas and carrots and tomatoes and onions in a creamy cashew sauce to churn up a dish that tastes absolutely divine. Jaipur sure knows how to shower love on its vegetables as well!