Fermented Food Items That Continue To Rule The Hearts Of Every Foodie


Fermented food items continues  to be the rage in India since time immemorial. With technology becoming the in-thing of today, and almost every food item being prepared by modern electronic gadgets, fermented food have still kept their roots intact deeply in the Indian culture from the ancient times and can’t be pulled out even today.

Fermentation is the process by which the complex molecules of a substance break down under the presence of microorganisms such as yeast or bacteria in an environment where no oxygen is present. Due to long shelf life of fermented food, it highly exists on everyone’s list of favourite dishes. Yummy and healthy, many doctors and  health clubs recommend fermented food items to people and always sings its praises. So you should definitely eat it without any tensions and fear. There are many benefits of fermented food items. Let us take a glimpse of the much loved fermented food items of every Indian region.


1.  Jalebi

Source: IndiaMART

A dearly loved sweet snack of every Indian, this innovatively shaped dish prepared with maida, deep fried in ghee and later soaked in sugar syrup rules the food platter of every Indian social gatherings.

2. Kanji

Source: Yummy Food Recipes

This fermented drink made with water, black carrots or beetroot and its flavour enhanced by salt or heeng can be a perfect cooler to beat the heat of Indian summers and can make us feel so refreshing and blissful like we have attained nirvana. Kanji is quite a hit in the festival of Holi.

3. Siddu

Source : You Tube

A bread which is mainly the delight of every native of Himachal Pradesh, this dish made with wheat flour and ghee can be enjoyed by people in cold regions as nothing can warm up our body like this richly baked bread that feels so satisfying at the first bite and the dollops of ghee dripping into the tongue with each bite can make us go yum.

4. Imarti

Source : Pulses.org

A lookalike of Jalebi but mostly prepared with rice flour and flower shaped, this sweet dish can satiate our taste buds fully and it was an important dessert of the Nawabs and Mughals.


1. Dosa

Source : Sify Bawarchi

A pancake made of rice and black grams, no South Indian can imagine life without this dish. Just as rice is the staple food of the East Indians, so is dosa to the South Indians.

2. Idli

Source : Pepkitchen

A round shaped cake made of rice and black lentils and the superhit breakfast item of the South Indians, the first bite of this dish can cure those painful pangs of hunger that we feel at times.

3. Vada

Source : Vaya Tyffyn

A fried, crispy and crunchy dish of South India, this savoury is a complete meal in itself and a heavenly delight. The good thing about this dish is that any combination of veggies can be used as a filling to spruce up this dish.

4. Appam

Source: Sanjeev Kapoor

Made with a batter of rice and coconut milk, this crispy dish is thick at the centre and light at the edges and the way of cooking this dish is truly an art.


1. Fermented Bamboo Shoots

Source : Alibaba

Being home to a diverse number of bamboo species, the north eastern region of India boasts of a large number of dishes prepared with fermented bamboo shoots and each dish is a sumptuous delight. There are different types of fermented bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoot delicacies of north east are worth trying.

2. Panta Bhatt

Source : Prothom Alo

Generally , it is prepared by soaking rice in water overnight. Most importantly,  this simple rice dish when eaten with salt, onion and chilli can feel heavenly till the last bit of morsel is emptied from the plate.

3. Fermented Soyabean

Source : Treebo

An unique dish of the North-East, it is dearly loved by majority of the tribal groups of the land of seven sisters and is known by different local names among the tribes. Though it is not quite popular, it has a distinctive powerful flavour that will remain in our taste buds even after the dish is finished.


1. Dhokla

Source: Pakwangali

Adored by the Gujaratis, this dish prepared with rice and chickpeas when eaten with chutney can be relished by every person. It can be eaten at breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack but its soft and spongy texture makes us chomp it up in no time and feel utterly satisfied.

2. Kurdai

Source: Paripoorna Paksiddhi

A form of papad but shaped like noodles , this savoury item is every Maharashtrian’s  delight. Sun-dried and stored, it is fried and generally enjoyed as a snack. Though it is a tedious process to prepare Kurdai, it is worth trying as the crispiness of this dish at the first bite will make you realize the fruit of your hard work later.

3. Mangalore Buns

Source : Archana’s Kitchen

As the name suggests, this dish is popular in Mangalore , but its sweetness and fluffiness along with the flavor of the bananas can make it super delicious. Not only it will it make a complete meal in itself but you will also find it delightful to chew.

With so many fermented food items available in this land of mystery and diversity , it is no surprise that India makes every foreign tourist feel at home as is rightly said in the phrase ‘ Atithi Devo Bhavah’. Enjoy all these dishes to your heart’s content.