Food Trivia from Around the World to Amaze you

Food spells not just nutrition, but customs as well. And if you thought food is just meant to fill your tummy, then you are so very wrong. Food is meant for the soul too, and we bring to you a collection of food trivia that will satiate the foodie soul residing in you!

In the 1830s, Ketchup was sold as medicine.

Ketchup as medicine
Source: Twitter

Japan wants its traditional food Sushi to be eaten whole.

whole sushi
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While finishing your plate off is much of a custom in Japan and India, China considers it to be rude for it somehow signifies your host’s inability to feed you enough!

finishing your plate off
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Weird as it may sound, eating tooo much Carrots can make you turn slightly orange, as they contain huge amounts of beta- carotene.

Source: SparkNotes

China’s use of chopsticks is limited only to eating food, but use them to wave at others, you would be outright branded as being rude!

Source: Life with the Depews

Even pouring a drink for yourself in Korea is supposedly rude!

A large one for me

The sweet delicious Honey that we all crave for is actually a combination of nectar and bee vomit!

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Kentucky considers it illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket.

icecream in back pocket
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In Britain, you shouldn’t allow the spoon stirring your tea to clink and clank to the sides, as it isn’t considered to be proper etiquette.

stirring your tea
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Try asking for salt and pepper while having a meal in countries like Portugal and Egypt, and you are sure to offend your host!

salt and pepper
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A fish served whole should never be flipped over while in China. It is a taboo there, as it symbolizes a capsizing boat.

whole fish
Source: SBS

Thailand considers it crude and low class to put your food directly in the mouth with a fork.

Source: Tagpik

Be sure to slurp your noodles while in Japan, because it is supposed to enhance the noodle’s flavor, while also signifying to your host the complete enjoyment of your meal.