Best foods that cure a hangover if you had one too many drinks last night

foods that cure a hangover

Whether be it an overindulgent weekend after too tiring a week or the most extravagant of occasions, celebrations are never complete without some booze in hand. However that feeling of liberation, of riding on the high becomes a matter of intense regret as soon as the next morn you wake up with a nasty headache seeking to keep you down and out. It is indeed better to know your limits and drink only to the extent that your body can handle even when the night is over. However if you are unfortunate enough to wake up with one of those torturous endurings then fret not. Here’s some of the best foods to cure a hangover if you were careless enough to down one too many drinks last night-

Pickle juice

Aren’t hangovers essentially the stuff of nausea and headaches, dehydration and dizziness? That does essentially sound so much like the morning sickness of pregnancy. So why not cure it up with something that is otherwise the craving of pregnant mothers? That’s perhaps where and why pickle juice is such an effective remedy for hangovers. With its bounty of salty electrolytes, pickle brine replenishes the water your body lost out on last night while delivering some stability and energy with the electrolyte dose. Either gulping it down first thing in the morning or even draining out the bottle to ‘fill’ yourself up right after you are done with that booze feast, pickle juice isn’t just a add on that does up your meal; it’s a handy ‘panacea for all your woes’ as well!

Coconut water

Also restoring the electrolyte count of your famished body is coconut water, albeit naturally, unlike the vinegar soaked irresistible appeal of pickle brine. Because you need to hydrate yourself so bad and so fast, it only makes sense that you let your body stock up on its essential lost fluids. And there’s no better way of doing that than by letting all natural juices do their work on you. Coconut water specially does a lot more than just keeping your body hydrated to have you up and about. It balances body temperature, boosts immunity while reducing infections and also instantly refreshes you up. So the next time you are down with a hangover, you know where to seek respite in.


Isn’t it surprising that the best hangover foods are also the tastiest as well? Eggs are the favorite of many and works especially well as a breakfast staple or even as a midnight snack. But only few know that it’s an excellent hangover cure as well. The amino acid in eggs break down the compound that is primarily responsible for hangovers thus helping you get rid of one. Not just that, the many minerals present in egg also flushes out toxins from your body while endowing you with energy. Anyway eggs are an excellent meal in itself which means it keeps you stable and in your senses.


When you have chocolates as a means to get over a hangover, it does sound better to have one! Because chocolates help in restoring blood sugar levels to normal with their sweetness, they are an effective anti- hangover food. Also because chocolate is a comfort food and also a worthy indulgence, it also seeks to better your emotional state that a nasty headache can severely affect.


Source: Men’s Health

Not every hungover victim swears by coffee to get rid off that bout of over indulgence. But for those who are accustomed to their morning cuppa, skipping the daily routine may not be a very good idea. In fact, for habituated caffeiners, coffee can help alleviate the hangover symptoms. Because coffee tends to help you get rid of the tiredness and also can be a remedy for strong headaches, your caffeine fix can be a worthy supplement. However stick to a single cup of black coffee till you are not totally feeling in your spirits. Otherwise caffeine can do a hungover you more bad than good.


Source: GreenBlender

It is perhaps the zingy effect that ginger has on you that catches your hungover cells by surprise or simply the fact that it is one of the best natural spices that makes this staple Indian condiment a wonder cure for drunken souls. Ginger is particularly effective in treating nausea and a stomach upsetted by too much alcohol. Whether you choose to crunch on a piece or add some grated ginger to your tea, your binge drinking will find no taker as handy as ginger.

Tomato juice

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There are frequent hungover victims who choose to stay away from anything even minutely citric inclined and that includes tomatoes as well. But moderate amounts of tomato juice is in fact a healthy drink for alcoholics. The compounds present in tomato helps protect against liver disease caused by too much consumption of alcohol. Moreover it also speeds up the metabolism of the excess alcohol in the body thereby driving you to a healthier normalcy faster. Also as a fruit packed with mild natural sugars and water, tomatoes help restore balance in your distraught body.


Nuts don’t just make up for a pretty good chakna to gobble up with your drink, it also translates effectively as a hangover cure! Because too much alcohol seeks to drain your cells of magnesium, power packed nuts do well to replenish all that loss and have you in health. Nuts even work their way through even when you snack on them with the glass in your hand because they help to ward off potential hangovers. Going nuts about these nutrient dense and protein packed nuts is actually a good thing, more so when you totally relish those flavoured savoury ones!

Lemon water

No who doesn’t know about the good ol’ lemon water being such an excellent hangover cure? The reason why lemons help you get over the atrocity of having drunk way too much is because they tend to balance out the acidic concentration in your body. It also boosts liver function to aid with metabolism so that your body remains steeped in intoxication for as lesser a time as possible.


Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and perhaps one of the most versatile fruits around. If you feed on bananas prior to getting drunk, chances are it will slow down the absorption of alcohol in your blood stream thereby cutting down on your risks of getting a hangover. And in case you indeed are hungover from your indulgence late last night, munching on a banana even post drinking works equally effectively. Bananas replenish the body with the electrolytes it had lost out on thereby helping with your dehydration. Also rich in vitamins and other minerals, bananas really are the superfood you can rely on for all reasons and seasons.


Source: The Economic Times

Nature really has churned out the choosiest of tasty and healthy foods to help with hangovers. A natural sweetener and extremely appeasing to the tongue, the natural sugars in honey do more than wonders to restore the body balance. It helps make the metabolism of alcohol a lot more easier and also keeps blood sugar levels in check while also neutralizing the many toxins that find their way into your body. Honey is anyway a great remedy for many common worries and it’s not a bit surprising that bees have to keep themselves so busy to keep your indulgences under check.

Whole wheat toast

Source: Times of India

Of course you can ‘eat’ your honey straight out of the jar but you can lather some dry bread toast with it as well if you want to stay more civilised even in your non- sober state of mind. And why we are suggesting you to have some bread honey toast so convincingly is that even whole wheat bread is as vital a hangover remedy. Because bread is basically carbs and dry toast is just bland carb, it energises you while making it easier for your weakened stomach to digest. It is also an excellent breakfast for a sickly hungover you, that which fills and nourishes your body. Bread even works well as a food that can prevent hangovers altogether if you stick to them prior to your indulgence.


If you are not someone up for plain toast even on the most vulnerable of your days, worry not. You still have something fancy to keep you from passing out from that nasty hangover. Lightly salted crackers work well and good as a remedy for gulping in pints of alcohol because it helps gain on the sodium you had not cared about last night and also is a complex carb which means it is healthy for the guts. And because you would be so not up for a regular breakfast, nibbling on crackers along with your morning cuppa can be a refreshing option to try and send your day to a hopefully good start.

Herbal tea

In its medicinal properties and refreshing attributes, a cup of tea provides an ideal start to your day. And specially when you are still trying to get rid off the effects of too much partying the night before, herbal teas are extremely soothing. As a fluid also, tea is an excellent way to flush out alcoholic toxins out of your system. Rich in antioxidants and endowed with the goodness of herbs, a cup of herbal tea helps reduce many of the adverse effects of overdrinking on your body.


Source: The Observer

The natural sugars found in fruits is one of the prime requirements for your body stuck on an overdose of intoxication. And apple with its high fructose content is one of the best and healthiest fruits to munch on in the event of a hangover. It helps ease that terrible headache and also renders your alcohol metabolism an easier and swifter process. Either you have it in pieces or in its juices, apples will indeed keep you away from a visit to the doc on your every hungover rendezvous.

Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds isn’t just a remedy for the rampancy your tastebuds set on after every fully satisfying meal. It is also a great element to keep hangovers in check. Fennel seeds help make the effects of nausea more bearable while also driving your liver to get rid of the harmful toxins. You can have a cup of fennel infused herbal tea the first thing you wake up on the morning of a hangover or can simply have a glass of warm fennel water if you aren’t exactly a tea person.


Source: Eat This, Not That

The reason why a hangover leaves you feeling so fatigued and depleted is because it drains your body off its vital nutrients and minerals. And the only way to drive your energy levels back to normal is to feed it with adequate nutrients. And what better than a leafy green like spinach to rely on to effectively ward of all those evils? So the next time you go over board on alcohol- more than what your body can handle- turn to this wonder veggie to have you back in spirits.


Curd or alternatively yogurt is a really good remedy for that nasty hangover. Because yogurt is a probiotic, it tends to give a natural lining to your stomach making it more resistant to the onslaught of alcoholic indulgence to follow later. Having a bowl of yogurt with fruits or even going the desi way to feed your stomach with a bowl of curd rice is the way to go before going down with the drinks. Even as a cure for the lingering effect, curd works equally well in relieving the symptoms.


Source: Food Logistics

There aren’t many foods that pack in adequate amounts of potassium and natural sugars- the basic elements that are a key to riding away a hangover. And one such food that is extremely rich in showering of both is dates. Keep a handful handy always and be sure to relish their sweet goodness the next time you are left ruing your night of a bit too much.


Source: Femme Fiesta Club

A filling and a breakfast favorite, pancakes are one of those foods that are tasty and healthy in equal measure. Because pancakes are the type of food that help soak up the alcohol that stays in your stomach from over the last night. And also because you can top it with some of the other most effective names in the list- honey and bananas to be precise, you can in fact be speeding up the recovery!

Peanut butter

We already said that nuts are good bets to ward off even possible onset of the hangover blues. And peanut butter with its rich taste and high natural balance of the sweet and the salty is indeed a refreshing cure for the same. Because it is tasty, it tends to be gobbled up even by sick persons which ends up lending your body the perfectly healthy bread- butter breakfast that can help alleviate hangover symptoms by and by.


Source: Daily Express

Feel like we are missing out too much on the veggies while coming up with indulgent worthy fixes for a bad hangover? Worry not, restore your belief with a generous serving of broccoli as nirvana for your late night ‘sins’. Broccoli helps replenish your body with vitamin B, low levels of which can push you further into uneasiness with lower energy levels. The protein in broccoli also helps absorb the excess alcohol, making recovery an easier option.


We don”t even need to say it- that’s just how obvious the benefits of watermelon tend to be in respect to overcoming hangover symptoms. A high water content and an equally high fructose serving, watermelons help hydrate your body and also ups low blood sugar levels so as to offset the aftereffects of getting too much of alcohol into your system.


Every night you intend on drinking too much, do however reserve some space in your tummy for a glass of milk. The protein casein present in milk is effective in counteracting the effects of alcohol while as a nutritious natural drink it also helps in replenish lost minerals. Either way, milk helps your body to recover faster from the havoc too much of booze lends unto it.


Source: The Healthy

Your body needs fiber to ease digestion and aid metabolism which is why whole beans serve effectively well to help overcome a hangover. You can easily incorporate baked beans in your morning breakfast to make the right move in starting a day of waging war against intoxicated hangovers.