Health benefits of raw mangoes you knew little about

raw mango benefits

Nothing speaks summers more pronouncedly than the platefuls of raw mangoes doing the rounds. Tantalisingly tangy and delightfully delicious, raw mangoes are to (Indian) summers what soups are to winters and pakoras to monsoons. There is a different feel to raw mangoes mashed and smashed with salt and chillies and spices and then devoured with an appetite so gargantuan yet so simplistic. Indeed raw mangoes can be the fanciest of indulgences and the most rewarding of addictions. But unlike few things that taste so good to be true, raw mangoes however bring with it also the much desired dose of health. In its many obvious and some lesser known benefits, these pretty sights of greens doing the baskets unfailingly every summer have us all drowning in tons of drooly dreams. Here’s how raw mangoes endow us with wholesome health while also delivering tonnes of delectable lip smacks-

Protects against dehydration

Summers are the time when we sweat profusely and therefore drain out body fluids. However, our body loses out on not just the water but also essential nutrients. Called electrolytes, these vital compounds govern key body functions and hence need to be replenished. And raw mango juice being one of the tropical fruits that contains high amount of electrolytes, is just the perfect pick as the summer cooler.

While the raw mango juice being a fluid essentially restores your body’s water levels, it also helps with the electrolyte content therein. Raw mango ensures that your body does not get dehydrated even with all that perspiration. By restoring the required bodily levels of sodium and iron as well as other mineral imbalances, raw mangoes can help that the summer heat does not really get to you. No wonder you feel instantly fresh and energised after gulping a delightful aam panna on a sweltering day. If however you find it quite some work to juice out your mango, stick to eating them with a pinch of salt for the same revitalising impact on your body.

Easy on the guts

Summers are also the time when eating our favorite spicy food might not go down quite well with our tummy. But raw mangoes in all their pectin content bode well for a host of stomach problems as well. Which is perhaps why this king of fruits is so essentially a summer wonder. By stimulating the secretion of digestive juices, raw mangoes help keep our guts healthy and balanced. No surprise therefore that kairis have been forever relied on as cure to many chronic stomach problems.

An essentially fibrous fruit, raw mangoes can be the cure to a myriad of gastro intestinal disorders. From diarrhea to dysentery, constipation to piles, dyspepsia to indigestion and even bloating, raw mango is the answer to all your tummy troubles. Raw mango is also often cited as a good agent against recurring acidity.

Leads to a healthier heart

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In spite of being one of the most mouthwatering summer staples around, raw mangoes are unbelievably healthy. Even in their indulgent nature, the unripe picks of the fruit king are excellent choices for a hearty existence. Being rich in the essential B vitamin niacin that which is a potent fighter of cholesterol, raw mangoes can do wonders for the heart. In fact in staving off cholesterol build up within the body, raw mangoes can help in offsetting a host of related lifestyle diseases as well. The much drooled over unripe fruit can further help with cardiovascular health as the niacin in it also improves blood circulation by facilitating proper functioning of blood vessels.

Helps with weight loss

Imagine a dose of deliciousness so healthy that even helps you shed weight! And this exactly is the magic encompassed by these yet unripe, yet unsweet addictions that lets you indulge to your heart’s content every time. By boosting your metabolism and also by loading you with very little calories, raw mangoes can easily be the best diet food in the entire world.

Beneficial for dental health

Like every sour fruit ever, raw mangoes are a rich source of vitamin C. Which means that it imparts all the benefits that a Vitamin C rich diet should help you with. Specifically in treating such disorders as scurvy and bleeding gums as well as fatigue, raw mangoes are at par with the goodness encompassed by any of the other citrus fruits. Raw mangoes additionally help with dental hygiene as well. Apart from bleeding gums, these green fruits helps drive away bad odor and keeps teeth strong and decaying at bay and your mouth happy and fresh.

Promotes better blood functioning

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The optimal vitamin C content of raw mangoes also make it an effective agent to treat blood disorders. From boosting the formation of white blood cells to preventing excessive bleeding tendencies and enhancing the absorption of iron from foods, raw mangoes spell wonders for blood circulation in the human body.

Helps with eye health

Far less obvious than the Vitamin C richness of raw mangoes is their high content of vitamin A. One of the most vital vitamins particularly in their abundant benefits for the eyes and most commonly cited to carrots, Vitamin A levels of unripe mangoes are also particularly high. Essential flavonoids like alpha and beta carotenes also abound in these green fruits which therefore helps immensely with your eye health.

Apart from helping better your vision, raw mangoes can also specifically combat macular degeneration. Rich in the antioxidant zeaxathin, incorporating raw mangoes seasonally in your diet will help your eyes stay healthy by filtering out the harmful UV rays of the sun. In its wondrous but lesser known benefits for eye health, raw mangoes sure can be stiff competition to carrots.

A tempting guide to beauty

raw mango benefits for skin
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The ample vitamin A and C content of raw mangoes also make them equally beneficial for hair and skin health. In its collagen boosting properties, the Vitamin C of mangoes helps with taut skin for a youthful look. Vitamin A on the other hand helps with hair health, enhancing overall beauty. If eating your way to beauty is your mantra, then raw mangoes would definitely be your best bet!

Aids hormonal health

Raw mangoes also tend to be high on Vitamin E which spells wonders for hormonal health. Because hormonal imbalances are responsible for a wide range of health and beauty related problems, raw mangoes can also be an effective troubleshooting superfood to that effect.

Promotes a healthy liver

In its healthy aid to the gut, raw mangoes can also be an effective liver antitoxin. The healthy gastro intestinal properties of unripe mangoes extend also to its efficiency in delivering liver health. By increasing the secretion of bile acids with its sour essence, raw mangoes not only cleanses the intestine but also detoxifies the liver. It does this by killing harmful microbes present in food while aiding easy digestion and thereby easy elimination of toxins.

Effective remedy for heat stroke

One of the most popular remedies for heat strokes, raw mango is indeed the true summer fruit. Both in preventing and curing strokes, a refreshing drink of aam panna is one of the excellent relievers. It is the high levels of vitamin C and the holistic embodiment of the vitamin B complex in green mangoes that make them such a nourishing and nurturing agent for the fatigued body of the summers.

Lowers risk of cancer

Rich in antioxidants and specifically rich in beta carotene, raw mangoes have also been associated with a lower risk of cancer. Also because they are helpful in bolstering the body’s overall immune system, consumption of raw mangoes puts you at lesser risk of such life threatening ailments.