Horlicks- one child’s slumber is another child’s energiser!

Horlicks is a much loved beverage worldwide, with most of our childhood memories surrounding the delightfully sticky, malty offering in not only its brewed concoctions but also in whipping up a variety of delectable stuff that can be chewed, munched and even gobbled!

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Horlicks transcends not even the spheres of food but also boundaries of nations and traditions. No wonder then that the Horlicks brew is ‘interpreted’ differently in different spheres of space and locations.

Maybe, even the brand had recognised this possibility and the probable marketing gimmicks that might lend the drink mix widespread connotations and utilities.

In fact, a 1961 ad had the tagline “Horlicks – the food drink of the night”, but for most of us, Horlicks is more of a brew that is designed to energise our day, if not awaken us right away.

So while in India, children quintessentially gulp down the tasty glass of milk as a ‘power food’, with special emphasis on its ‘taller, stronger, smarter’ properties, the case is the exact opposite for our former oppressors.

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Hence in the United Kingdom, Horlicks is meant to lull you into deep sleep and strictly contrasts the Indian notion of the health drink!

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Even better in Hong Kong, where Horlicks is a classic cafe drink! Fast food shops in the country even whips up the beverage in a variety of delicious avatars.

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Philippines and Malaysia have an even interesting twist to this popular beverage, with Horlicks flavored milky chocolate discs inside packets, which were then devoured as a candy.

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McDonald’s have also dished out a spectacular personalised Mc Flurry with Horlicks added to deliver the crunch and punch!

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And all across the world, just as the malt is sipped differently, users also have their own preferences of the ‘temperature’ and flavor of their favorite drink. So you can have it served hot, cold, lukewarm, chilled, iced, sweetened, bland or specifically stirred to cater to any of your other personalised desires you might exhibit!

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This, in spite of the fact that the drink’s main ingredients remain exactly the same everywhere: wheat, malted barley and milk.