Jalebi – a one of a kind unique sweetmeat which is an institution in itself

The unique dessert Jalebi is much more than a sweet for the people of India. The disc shaped savoury has often become an integral emblem of expressing happiness over a piece of good news in our country. Moreover, the wondrous and complicated flour spiral dipped in slurpy sugar syrup mixture and screaming orange colour in all its glory is a thing that is worthy of study.

Let us look at some of the detailed facts of the wonderful fermented sweet Jalebi that are so worthy of notice-

Too syrupy to talk in between while chewing

Source : Swasthi’s Recipes

It is not possible for us to ignore the composition of the sugar syrup present in a Jalebi once it goes into our mouths. The sugar syrup is the main ingredient which gives life to a Jalebi and turn a floury dish into a heavenly dessert. Once a Jalebi goes into our mouths, the sweetness of its complicated spirals hit our tongues so hard that it automatically makes us stop talking and renders us into a state of blissfulness mentally that the emotions triggered by it cannot be ignored and we directly began to enjoy the dessert.

Making the perfect spiral is an art

Source : Sainsbury’s Recipes

Apart from the sugar syrup which renders Jalebi as a one-of-kind sweet, it is actually the quality of the shape of the spiral which first hits an eye of a person and which also speaks volumes about your mastery in the science of cooking. Although the taste of the Jalebi comes into question much later, the first thing that will make a person notice is the shape of the Jalebi and the degree of perfection of the spirals is directly proportional to the measure of good impression of a person that you will be able to make. Celebrity expert chef Ranveer Brar , in one of the episodes of Master Chef Season 6 , blindfolded himself to make jalebis in front of a hot-oil boiling giant vessel.  It was indeed amazing to see the way the chef easily moved his hands over the pan creating perfect round spirals of jalebis without even looking at it.

Doesn’t feel good to be disturbed while enjoying Jalebi

Source : Zee News

Jalebi lovers agree, right? While enjoying immensely each of the Jalebi’s spirals as it rolls on our tongues at the time of chewing and suddenly someone touches us and rouse back into our senses from the sweet nirvana to tell us something important, it feels so irritating. We are like- “Couldn’t you wait for a minute to let me finish the delicious Jalebis before your damn talks?” However, while the talk is going on, our eyes keep on lingering back to the half filled plate of the visually appealing Jalebis that we are so dying to finish. Sometimes it so happens that we cannot understand what the person is talking about because our minds are still literally relishing the sensuous tastes that flattered the taste buds a while ago.

Change bitter moods into sweet ones

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The bite of the crunchy and sweet appetizers, that is Jalebi , which are coated with much quantity of sugar syrup in each of its round spirals will surely lighten your mood if you are worried or angry. If the batter that is used to make the Jalebi contains dripping amounts of ghee combined with sugar syrup that has been flavoured with cardamom or saffron, the chances of the sweetmeat elevating our level of happiness increases. When we eat sugar, the brain releases dopamine and serotonin which are hormones capable of boosting our moods.  These hormones stimulate the nucleus accumbens – the area of the brain associated with reward. Therefore, it is a no-brainer as to why Jalebi which are enriched with huge dosages of sugar can lift the moods of a person. With each spiral of the Jalebi promising to boost the level of our happiness, it is no wonder why this sweetmeat has become one of the must have sweets during any festival or on a happy occasion. It can be said that Jalebi are the medicines that enhances the spirit of merrymaking and festivity during the time of a festival.

Can be eaten either when hot or cold

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The best thing about Jalebi is that the deliciousness of this sweetmeat can be relished at any time of the day. Serve it hot after simply taking out of the pan and the sugar syrup filled spirals will simply intensify its degree of sweetness in your tongue to ensure that you are swooned away in the emotions aroused by it. However, if you eat a Jalebi when it is cold, the crunchiness of the spirals will become more pronounced but it will not fail you to impress your senses with its sugar coated sweetness.

Therefore, it is quite inevitable that Jalebi which is a unique sweetmeat with so many complexities in its taste and design has a massive fan following across the country and most of them proclaimed it as the national sweet of India.