Hidden lemon tea benefits the world is yet to know

benefits of lemon tea

For long tea has been our elixir. Irrespective of whether it gives us life or not, tea for sure helps us make it through the day. In all of life’s dealings we cannot do without tea. Whether it be to celebrate moments or mourn them, love someone or hate them we do it all with tea. But with the sweet rich Indian milk tea- all of which spells doom for our health, it has become imperative to come up with alternatives.

So now we have a range of flavored cuppas to choose from. Apart from sounding fancy, they also deliver on a range of wholesome goodness. Specifically when we talk about lemon tea, the limits are unbounded. You can just go lemons with tea or throw in some ginger and cinnamon, or pour some honey and jaggery into the mix. There are also numerous lemon tea benefits which will make you thank this wonder brew for doing what it does-

Refreshes you for the day ahead

After a long night’s sleep when the body continues to perform its vital functions without any fuel whatsoever, it’s important to replenish the body first thing you wake up. While drinking water is one of the most recommended ways of hydrating your body and staying healthy early on, we can’t seem to be doing without our morning cuppa.

Indeed a cup of tea energises us like no other. It helps us get out of the sleepy zone due to the presence of the caffeine. However, consuming heavy full cream tea or sweetened lattes isn’t the way to go about your day.

Try instead an even more refreshing brew of lemon tea. Lemon tea benefits extend well to impart all the alertness a cup of tea would do, minus the calories.

Detoxifies and cleanses you from within

Lemon is known to be an excellent natural detoxifying agent while the digestive properties of tea are well known. Together, this combination proves really theraupetic to cleanse the body, by eliminating toxins through improved digestion and enhanced metabolism. A natural diuretic as well, lemons helps eliminate toxins through urine, ensuring your body is not loaded with anything noxious.

The detoxifying benefits of lemon bodes well for your overall health as well. Because when your body is ridden of the harmful toxins that causes a host of diseases, you naturally begin to enjoy a better existence.

Calms you down by helping relieve stress

The toxins which lemon tea helps eliminate are caused by unhealthy lifestyle- improper consumption patterns, sporadic sleep disorders and also stress triggers. While regulating your food and sleep issues are relatively easy, the same is not the case with stress.

Stress is harmful not only because it unsettles you, but also because it has repurcussions on your long term physiology. The lemon tea benefits of eliminating toxins and therefore helping offset stress comes really handy to help you ward of serious health disorders- physical as well as psychological.

Tea also helps calm you down while lemon brings you the vitality to not let stress get unto you. Naturally, lemon tea benefits augments the stress relieving capacities of your body.

Makes your mood merry

By eliminating potentially harmful toxins that can be the trigger for life threatening disorders, lemon tea also helps to keep your mental state more stable. Also with a range of cleansing benefits in tow, lemon tea ensures that you feel and stay active by effectively tackling dreariness, fatigue and weakness. Lemon tea can lift up your mood with its many properties.

Slims you down and curbs your cravings

The effects of lemon juice in cutting calories and therefore aiding in weight loss is known to all. Both lemon juice and caffeine are natural appetite suppressants which explains the lemon tea benefits that manifest on your body with its excellent trimming down effects.

However, lemon juice by reducing stress levels also lets regulate the appetite. The vitamin C helps reduce cortisol level that is mainly linked to stress and which stimulates also the cravings as a means of coping with the stressed environs. Thus lemon tea prevents over eating and those snacking tendencies that are the main culprit in making you go all bulges.

Shines up your skin

The benefits of lemon on skin are such that need not be reiterated. Whether it be rubbing lemon slices on your face or drinking lemon water to bring out that inner glow, the humble round fruit manifests its excellent effects on a radiant appearance.

Lemon tea combines the astringency of citric acid and the antioxidant boost of tea to help prevent oxidative stress and offset the effects of ageing and wrinkles. Also by flushing toxins, lemon tea works internally to help your skin glow naturally, free of acne and skin disorders.

Boosts immune system

A citrus fruit, lemon comes loaded with high levels of Vitamin C that makes it a very effective immunity boosters. Because it is water soluble, getting a portion of your daily intake of this very essential vitamin becomes all the more easy since you can add it to your everyday tea.

Lemon tea benefits consist of boosting the immune system of your body, thereby making you less prone to illness and also aiding in your recovery in case of any infection.

Promotes a healthy heart

With its abundance of flavonoids, tea is known to promote heart health. However adding milk to tea only dilutes the effect, as it reduces the antioxidant benefits rendered by our daily brew. Lemon tea however is at least as effective as black tea in keeping the heart happy. The vitamin C infused brew also packs the health punch by delivering on its antioxidant mechanism to make a healthy heart a more probable reality.

By altering lipid profiles and helping put cholesterol levels at bay, while also preventing blood clots in arteries, lemon tea sure bodes well for a healthy and hearty cardiovascular system.

Keeps diseases at bay

Lemon tea also possesses anti bacterial and anti viral properties which means that as a natural antiseptic it helps ward off diseases and infection if consumed daily on a regulated basis. The brew also protects against fungal and microbial infection that can at times turn life threatening. Even common cold and flu can be treated effectively with frequent consumption of this warm brew, along with honey.

Regulates blood sugar levels

Lemon tea benefits works also on lowering blood sugar levels by stimulating the production of insulin in the body. Lemon tea is rich in a compound called hesperidin which helps boost the levels of insulin while also regulating your blood cholesterol profile.

Helps in better absorption of iron

Tea in general is known to be not very much a preference for health fanatics as excessive consumption weakens the internal mechanism and interferes in the efficient absorption of nutrients into the blood stream. Specifically with the iron intake, the absorption is restricted more with regular tea consumption.

Lemon however helps offset these negative effects of tea as it is rich in Vitamin C that aids in the absorption of iron into the body tissues. Lemon tea benefits work not only on the properties of the citric acid but also in countering the adverse impacts of tea.

Revs up the antioxidant properties of regular tea

Not just iron, lemon also helps in promoting the absorption of antioxidants present in tea. You can even choose to sip on lemon green tea if you are someone who swear by the health fad. Either way, be it the theaflavins of black tea or the catechins of the green brew, the lemon tea benefits are equally efficient in helping better extraction of their antioxidant goodness.

Prevents carcinogenic developments

The rich antioxidant presence in tea elevated further by its proper absorption by the citric acid in lemon makes lemon tea also an effective way to keep carcinogenic issues at bay. By promoting the death of unhealthy cells while preventing damage to the healthy ones, the beverage ensures that deadly cancerous cells are not allowed to come into existence. Lemons are also rich in the compound limonoid that help ward off the advent of cancer.

So the next life gives you lemons, make some lemon tea!