Most expensive foods in the world that will make a hole in your pocket


If onions are already tearing you down and you have learnt by now to do without the newly crowned king of the kitchen, then you sure have learned to ace life itself! But there are far far more expensive foods in the world that will leave you gaping at the sheer extravagance of what can be demanded of gastronomy. Here’s a handful of such most expensive foods in the world that will make more than just a hole in your pocket-

#1 Saffron

Source: NDTV Food

A forever presence in the most royal of foods and the most enticing of desserts, saffron is a really exotic spice that isn’t known as the red gold for no reason whatsoever. With some couple of thousands of dollars that these vibrant strands command in its every kilogram, it sure is a food worth its weight in gold! And why not- those fortunate enough to have woven magic with its rich crimson hue to deliver dishes that look no any less than the fare of the Gods will know the magical transformation it is known to induce. Whether be it your shahi biryani or your shahi tukda, that comforting glass of warm milk or that steaming bowl of soup, adding a pinch of saffron does wonders to revving up the appetite and satiating the soul. Royalty sure comes with a price!

#2 Civet coffee

Source: The Guardian

A coffee variant that is consumed and excreted by cats before it finds expression as your wake up brew sure does not sound even a tad bit appetising to even command a price. But the kopi luwak coffee dwells on exactly this fermentation by civet cats to deliver its prominence as the costliest coffee in the world! It’s weird though that it is this very disgusting method of preparing the beans that renders the expensive distinction to civet coffee. But with some 700 dollars per kilogram, this mind baffling and reason defying brew sure isn’t your regular cup of coffee irrespective of whether it’s the insane price or the unique taste in consideration.

#3 Matcha Green Tea

Sure, we know green tea is expensive what with all those antioxidants unprocessed and intact that while rules out the taste does more than wonders for your body. But there is yet another derivation of green tea that exceeds its parent counterpart when it comes to minting money. The matcha green tea is much much more expensive than regular green tea for being an incredibly labour intensive product to sip health in. A couple of hundreds of dollars will get you a kilogram of this rich green brew that is sure to drive all those yawns out the window with its unmatched taste and price. What a ridiculous price to pay for a not so mere wake up drink!

#4 Foie Grass

Foie Grass
Source: TripAdvisor

For a food that has so much cruelty making up for its deliciousness, it’s no wonder that the foie gras cannot ever command a price well justifying the barbarity it encompasses. Made of the liver of some duck or goose that has been deliberately fattened by force feeding, foie gras might be a rich, succulent piece of meat but it sure is a den on your earthly riches at well! A single pound of foie gras can cost you some 90 dollars which arises from all that humongous force feeding as well as the activism that denounces the inhumane nature of making this particular food. We anyway wouldn’t want our food to be that ‘insensitive’ though (not that we can afford it anyway)!

#5 White Truffles

White Truffles
Source: D’Artagnan

Not the most appeasing of foods when you tend to adhere to the dictum of adhering your food with the eyes first, white truffles are a surprisingly pricey pick. The pungency and subtle flavour might render any dish endowed with this ingredient a gourmet appeal but the elevated experienced sure does come with an unbelievable price. Costing some few thousand dollars per pound, white truffles easily seem like something we would rather do without. But this not at all humble food is also as adamant as ever of not making its way onto our plates. Given that this very very rare breed of truffles can’t be grown or cultivated and can only be obtained from the roots of certain trees from also only a certain region in Italy, these white haughties sure have earned their worth!

#6 Caviar

Nothing however beats the White Pearl Albino Caviar when it comes to being indeed the most expensive food item in the world. Caviar is essentially the pickled roe of the critically endangered sturgeon fish which explains why it is such an exotic buy at some $34,500 per kilogram! Not only expensive, the cavair is also one of the rarest foods and comes all dazzling in a 24 carat gold tin can. With more reasons that one to be so expensive, the caviar indeed wins the show hands down.