Most preferred ways of munching on the Rosogolla

Rosogolla is not only a sweet but is an appetizer that can take its avatar as a main dish too in various ways. It would be an underrated fact to say that Rosogolla can deeply satisfy your hunger pangs as it not only satiates that but also wipes away any mid week blues that we might be feeling and is a medicine for the emotions too. The strength behind the Rosogolla which makes it such a magical sweet of all time is the sugar syrup hidden inside its soft round spongy structure. The milkiness along with the sugar that tends to bring alive the deliciousness of syrup of the Rosogolla so that it completely gets absorbed in the surfaces of the tongue might be the fact that chomping on this sweet at any hour of a day can never be refused even if the stomach is at peak with loads of flavourful dishes that had been gulped down a while ago. If you term the Rosogolla as a starter, a main dish or a dessert, the fact is that nobody seems to care on which category of food does it exactly belongs too as it can rule hearts, stomach and minds of the food lovers and even people who does not have a soft corner for eating tasty dishes. As the hard working crew members of a film make a story come alive magically on screen without showing their faces to the public or as they say, behind the camera, the same goes with the sweet syrup of the Rosogolla. As an unsung saviour, it soothes the hunger levels of all people as well as gave them a dose of happiness by wooing them with its addictive sweetness.

The most preferred ways that people have been using to munch on the Rosogolla till today are –

Use it as an accompaniment or a side dish while chewing breads

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If a Rosogolla is there in the house, most of us would skip cooking vegetables for eating it with our dried breads. A side dish like a bowl of chickpeas, an assortment of mixed vegetables or a mound of potato fries is always made so that it can be used to heap on folded bits of our breads or we also avail butter, cheese, jam, jelly, pickle, sauce as an acccompaniment by rubbing it vigorously over the whole surface of the breads because it transforms the dried breads into an edible one in real sense. If the burst of flavours of chickpeas or the extreme oiliness of potato fries or even the delicious healthy mixed vegetables can rub away all the dryness of breads and transforms it into a tasty cuisine, the Rosogolla can also serve the same purpose. As the sugar syrup of a Rosogolla gets instantly absorbed on the porous surfaces of white or brown breads and even the staple chappati, it can thereby turn it into a food item which can be easily chewn without requiring to put much pressure on the teeth. Besides making breads a comfort food, the whole Rosogolla which is full of the goodness of milk can also turn into an additional dish thereby filling our stomach by a double measure. Nobody can be blamed if he / she prefers eating Rosogolla with their chapattis daily

Serves as the perfect sweetener for various dishes

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As a Rosogolla can be the advantageous side dish, it also becomes the perfect sweetener for many a meals or drinks too. As most Indian weddings comprises of a bowl of curd and Rosogolla as the mandatory dessert item, therefore nobody can deny the fact that the latter makes a perfect sweetener for the semi-liquid structure of the former. When people enjoys the curd and Rosogolla bowl after a hearty meal at Indian weddings, it is an unmissable sight to see them empty out the whole sugar syrup from the Rosogolla over the curd and then munching on the sweet as a snack and slurping away the rest of the semi-liquid contents with funny sounds. Another way by which Indians have utilized the Rosogolla is availing them as a sweetener for a cup of tea. As the peak of night draws near, most people often like to enjoy a cup of tea with a Rosogolla. By pressing out the sweet content inside the Rosogolla over the cup of tea, people enjoys sweet tea and relax away their worries and elevates their mood maybe by listening to their favourite songs. The context of using Rosogolla as a sweetener has been prevalent from the olden times as our grandparents never tires to think of this sweet as a multi food too.

A ubiquitous snack

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When we think of the category of sweet desi snacks, Rosogolla never skips from that list and maybe pops in our head from the first time itself. A Rosogolla in a plate and a cup of hot tea can satisfy moods and hunger of any Indian at any period of a day and in anywhere on Earth. If you think of our very own food items that can serve as guilty pleasure, it is obviously the Samosa and the Rosogolla. When we get a day to enjoy both these addictive masala chaska and mithai together, we can consider that day as the period when good fortune has smiled down upon us as they are a food match designed by God in heaven and manufactured in reality on Earth

A juicy appetizer whose juice or syrup cannot be ignored

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When Rosogolla -which is a guilty pleasure – is eaten, nobody can resist the urge to drink or empty away the sugar syrup which falls in some quantities on the plate when we chew on the sweet bit by bit. If we put the whole Rosogolla in our mouth at one go, we cannot stop ourselves from closing our eyes and enjoy the havoc that the sugar syrup plays with the taste buds as well as the senses. Rosogolla is not only a food but an emotion guys. Go and enjoy your Rosogollas now!