23 mouth watering ways to enjoy watermelon this summer to beat the heat


Summers call for everything fresh and cool. And one of the coolest fruits that has been so much of a summer blessing is undoubtedly the super cool watermelon. You might not have known watermelon is actually a berry! Surprised? Get prepared to be surprised some more with these 23 out of the box recipes using you- know- what: watermelons!

#1 Watermelon Zapper

What could be more refreshing than a glass of healthy fruity drink on a hot summer afternoon? And when it’s a true summer blessing like watermelon that finds its place of dignified deliciousness in your glass, those sultry afternoons will not be a bother anymore. Try then this cooling watermelon zapper recipe to discover just how rewarding the fruits of summer can be!

#2 Watermelon Pizza

The cheesy deliciousness of pizza infused with the goodness of sweet watermelon is one of the most exotic treats you deserve after a long hot day of toil. The twist here is the watermelon which serves as the pizza base and is topped off with cheese and cream and honey and berries or nuts, or just about any sweet stuff of your liking! Customised never have been this sweet!

#3 Salted Watermelon Sherbet Bars

A three layered dessert treat that is as tasty as it looks, the Salted Watermelon Sherbet Bars is one of the most sinful watermelon recipes we have come across. A layer of crushed waffle cones topped with watermelon sherbet and a generous layer of whipped cream completes these utterly magical looking and tasting bars.

#4 Watermelon Bread

If you though watermelons come in handy only as sippers or desserts, then you surely haven’t heard of the Watermelon Bread. A loaf that wafts a watermelon flavor in its every slice, being infused with the fruit’s juice, pulp and even its seeds, is indeed a classic wonder. You sure don’t have to toast your good ol’ bakery bread everyday from breakfast now onwards!

#5 Grilled Spicy Watermelon

Grilled and that too spicy, watermelons? You got to be kidding for sure. Yep we would have been joking too if not for this interesting Grilled Spicy Watermelon recipe. A classic sweet and tangy tasting recipe, the grilled watermelon is surely a dish to try out for an amazing summer platter.

#6 Watermelon Cake

You can legit munch on a watermelon cake. And the bonus is that the entire cake base is watermelon! Simplistically fuss free and effortlessly awesome, all the cake needs you to do to is garnish and dig right into it! It’s actually that simple!

#7 Grilled Chicken-Watermelon Tacos

Tortillas wrapped around watermelon- chicken salsa and served as tacos has to be a highly innovative and intriguing watermelon snack recipe to amaze your party friends with in your next fancy summer reunion.

#8 Watermelon Coconut Ice Cream

Ice creams and summers are inseparable. Like there’s no vibe in summer without its many blessings, most prominently this frozen dessert. And watermelon ice cream just proves to be a healthier version of this summer delight. The coolness of the reddish melons enriched with creaminess of coconut milk and the deliciousness of strawberries sure makes this a true summer winner!

#9 Watermelon Fruit Leathers

Blissful watermelon dices sinfully sweetened with the addition of honey in a process that is tedious but worthy of all the efforts, the watermelon fruit leathers rolled in their pretty pink appeal does indeed make for happy summers.

#10 Watermelon only chaat

Watermelons can be as lip smacking savouries as sweet they tend to be as fruity punches. In its simplest interpretation of the traditional Indian chaat, watermelons are irresistible with their chilli powder on cubed avatar, replete with salt and oil and whatever- the hell- you- like seasoning. You might even be surprised to know that this form of watermelon snacking is also a traditional Mexican fare.

#11 Watermelon Granita

Another delight in those hot, dreary afternoon summers is the watermelon granita that is very easy to make and yet will let you relax yourself with something absolutely divine. And the texture is also as charming, seemingly snow like with just the right tinge of pretty pink!

#12 Watermelon Cupcakes

Cakes done, so next up on the cards is obviously the mini cupcakes! The redness of the watermelon is a perfect complement to the whipped white frosting that goes so naturally with cakes and bakes. Indeed a dessert to indulge in if you want the summer heat to not lead you on to ditching your diet!

#13 Watermelon Mojitos

Mojitos do not really need a season to weave its gulping magic. Watermelon mojitos are no different. This mojito will definitely set up for a cool tropical sipping experience.

#14 Watermelon Pudding

How versatile watermelons need to be to seamlessly take any form whatsoever, as long as it is delicious! No wonder these rotund fruits can also be made into creamy puddings that are just the perfect mix of taste and health. Genius, we say.

#15 Watermelon Popsicles

Summers are incomplete without popsicles. Watermelon popsicles are one of the most exotic summerly blessings that you can conceive of. Plus with that pastel pink hue, it also gives off all those summer vibes!

#16 Snacky watermelons on skewers

Fruits need not be only healthy, they can be fun as well! And with these yummy watermelon and feta skewers as starters on your party menu, you will be amazed at how much of a party freak even watermelons can be!

#17 Watermelon Cups

Cubed watermelon cuties topped off with the goodness of chopped herbs and fresh veggies make these watermelon cups one of the most prettiest and healthiest of snacks to pop into your mouth.

#18 Frosty Watermelon Pie

Pies bake up magic and love like few things in the world can. And this particularly frosted watermelon pie with its enticing pink blush is just the perfect serving of romance even on hot, hot days.

#19 Watermelon Sangria

Your intoxicating remedy for the bleary summer heat is a glassful of chilled watermelon sangria. Be prepared with this recipe a few days ahead of your chill session because booze is best served old!

#20 Frozen Watermelon Lemon Cream Tarts

Fruit tarts are always appealing with their color splash and pure summer feel. And this particular tart recipe is also enticing with the redness of the melon and the tangy flavour of the lemon and indeed the freshness of chilled yogurt.

#21 Watermelon Dippers

Watermelon dippers are just plain sticks cut out of the fruit without the rind. What makes all the difference here is the dip that is a flavored combination of yogurt and honey that just about elevates the fruit to an altogether different level. Plus science does indeed think that sliced fruits are even tastier!

#22 Overnight Oats with Watermelon and Mint

Oats with watermelon might strike you as a not very appealing runny combination but with the perfect recipe, you can cook up just the most delicious oats recipe ever!

#23 Watermelon Syrup

Why get all slushy when you as well get a bit syrupy? Try making then this watermelon syrup recipe that will be just the perfect hit with your desi gola tryouts as well!