Omelette varieties from different parts of the world

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Omelettes are the best way to relish eggs either as a snack or as an accompaniment in a proper meal. As egg is a versatile dish and is a power house of proteins, it can be cooked and savoured in various ways. Although some likes their eggs boiled with a generous dose of salt and pepper sprinkled over it, there are others who enjoy the scrambled version of eggs prepared in butter or oil with an array of condiments sprinkled over the top. Again, there are others who wants their eggs poached for their breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, omelettes are the highly demanded ways of cooking an egg and is favoured by many people. The versatility of omelette as a dish itself is so high that many nations prefer their own ways of cooking it to perfection. One of the most noteworthy differences between an omelette and other egg dishes is that the smelliness of eggs vanishes almost completely in omelette unlike other versions of egg dishes and the taste of an omelette does not have the usual egg flavour as oil/ butter and other condiments intermingles completely to make an omelette an intricate delectable savoury. Meanwhile, the making of a perfectly simple omelette is an art in itself. No matter, the number of ways in which an omelette is prepared in different corners of the world, the simple omelette has a universal appeal and many people prepare it in their homes if they wish to have an omelette as a food item. Prepared with a huge quantity of spices to make it a perfect appetizer of guilty pleasure or even with low quantity of oil for a perfect ketogenic diet, omelettes are healthy and figures prominently in the list of healthy and junk food recipes.

Here are some of the ways in which different nations across the world prepares omelettes-

Masala Omelette (India)

Source : Food Schmooze

The Indian version of omelette i.e. the Masala Omelette is a testament of the well-known spices and vegetables for which India is popular. Prepared simply by whisking eggs mixed with vegetables like tomatoes, onions, chillies, coriander leaves along with cumin powder, salt, pepper, garam masala and frying the whole mixture in a good quantity of oil, Masala Omelette is widely favoured across the country. From fast food corners to the places of residence, Masala Omelette, is made everywhere in the country by the people with an imaginable variety of spices and vegetables is a lovable dish favoured highly.

Tamagoyaki (Japan)

Source : Chef JA Cooks

To make a perfect Tamagoyaki, one needs to be patient as it is made by whisking eggs and frying the whisked mixture in oil by pouring half of it at a time. After a layer of omelette has been formed by cooking a part of the whisked mixture of eggs, another part of the omelette layer is made from a small portion of the whisked mixture. Therefore, Tamagoyaki is prepared by rolling multiple layers of eggs together. However, the appearance of Tamagoyaki looks like a usual simple omelette but the way of cooking it is quite complex. The whisked egg mixture used to make Tamagoyaki comprises of salt, mirin (a type of rice wine used as a common ingredient in Japanese cooking), soya sauce, sugar. Tamagoyaki is usually cut into round pieces and served with dips.

Khai Jiao (Thailand)

Source : Tripadvisor

A soft and fluffy omelette in texture, Khai Jiao is a popular egg dish of Thailand that is quite easy to prepare. After mixing two or three eggs with a small dose of fish sauce and whisking properly till it form a liquid of thick consistency , it is then prepared in a huge quantity of oil. Due to its preparation in deep oil, the whisked egg mixture forms a fluffy layer. Khai Jiao is mostly served over a plate of steamed rice and enjoyed with lemons and chillies. Although it is quite a simple omelette, you can make Khai Jiao fancier by adding varieties of sauces, vegetables and condiments in the whisked egg mixture before frying it. Khai Jiao is a famous street food of Thailand.

Greek Omelette (Greece)

Source : Allrecipes

A perfect nutritious omelette, the Greek Omelette of Greece mostly comprises of produce that are popular in the Mediterranean country. The Greek Omelette is prepared by cooking whisked eggs mixture in olive oil on which vegetables such as olives, tomatoes, spinach are added. The whisked egg mixture comprises of simple condiments like salt and pepper. However, feta cheese is added as a finishing ingredient to the Greek Omelette and the hot omelette will obviously melt the cheese thereby presenting a wonderful cheesy and nutritious omelette for a person which is not only healthy but also super tasty.

Frittata (Italy)

Source : Today

Being an omelette of a severely thick texture, Frittatas are complex to prepare in comparison with most other omelette recipes. The best thing about Frittatas is that its thick slices are easier to carry and can be great for taking it to your office in a lunchbox. Frittatas are also an extremely filling and nutritious as it comprises of dairy products, vegetables and meat. Moreover, the Italian versions of omelettes are prepared mostly with a mixture of seven to eight eggs. With cream and cheese being the chief dairy ingredients that goes into its preparation and accompanied with meats such as bacon and vegetables like potatoes and spinach, Frittatas are a complete meal in itself and can greatly satisfy your hunger pangs even if you have it as a separate dish. Meanwhile, most Italians even store frittatas in refrigerators and serve it the next day as a filling for sandwiches, tacos etc.

Tortilla de Patatas (Spain)

Source : Tastes Better From Scratch

As the name suggests, Tortilla de Patatas is a popular Spanish omelette dish where potatoes or patatas (Spanish name) is one of the chief ingredients. Apart from potatoes, onions, spring onions and bell peppers are also fried in oil before adding these nutritious vegetables to a mixture of six to seven whisked eggs. The potato egg mixture is then deeply sautéed with butter or oil and then served hot. Tortilla de Patatas also look like an omelette of thick texture and resemble a complete meal that can enjoyed as a whole dish itself.

Hangtown Fry (USA)

Source : Saveur

A popular non-vegetarian omelette based recipe, Hangtown Fry comprises of oysters, bacon and scallions cooked together along with a mixture of eggs. Oysters are dipped in flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs and fried. After bacon and scallions are fried, the cooked oysters are added to it along with the remaining egg mixture and cooked till an omelette layer forms a kind of sandwich around the meat.

Persian Omelette (Iran)

Source : Go Iran Tours

Although egg is one of the star ingredients in many of Iranian cuisines, Persian Omelette is quite popular and the dish is prepared by using lots of tomatoes. Prepared by mixing eggs into a tomato puree until it is cooked properly, Persian Omelette are usually served as accompaniments with bread due to its semi-solid texture. Persian Omelettes are enjoyed in many homes in India and enjoyed with chapattis or rice.

 French Omelette (France)

Source : Food Network

A classic omelette dish, French Omelette looks like a simple usual omelette fried in butter. Some people prefer to keep it simple with just eggs and butter, while others add fillings like cheese, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, ham and bacon. Whatever, be the add-ons, the buttery flavour of a French Omelette lingers long enough in the tongue even after it has been gobbled up.

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