Pocket-friendly desi snacks that gives high dose of foodgasm


Food has always been a tool to heartily welcome guests or family members who have long been away from home. It has also been the foremost parameter with the help of which remarkable events of life are celebrated. Be it birthdays, weddings, religious occasions, achievements or victories, food is the mandatory thing with which a person literally thanks and appreciates the living beings of his own species i.e. Homo sapiens for giving their heartfelt support or their sweet praises. A culinary spread has become such an inseparable part of hosting people globally that we cannot imagine our life sans it. It is a fact that no one sends a person away without letting them have food in any party. Meanwhile, every culture in the world teaches people that as a host it is essential to ensure that guests are well fed and watered before they step out from their premises.  A person is touted as ill mannered, cruel or uncultured if he dares to send a guest away without giving them a morsel to bite. Be it any type of social meeting- get-together, hanging out, catch up or party, food is always present as laughter, talks, gossips, shouts or arguments goes on.

When food is a parameter for raising a toast to the spirit of festivity, it also serves an item with which the body is given life and happiness too. As food is essential for our survival or to exist in this world, it is also a necessity with which we can drive away our various types of blues.  There are some pocket-friendly desi snacks in our country and we cannot even dare to visualize what our life would have been without it. Although binging on these guilty pleasures would lead us to gain weight, munching deeply enjoyably on it at times or during cheat days is no harm because just as leisure is of utmost necessity for better mental health, these droolworthy snacks can give foodgasm.

Read on to know why these food items literally makes people think that food is bae-


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Foodgasm would not even exist in the Indian dictionary had Maggi not made its dearest presence felt in this part of the subcontinent. Some quantity of water and that packet of saviour i.e. Maggi is all it needs for people who badly needs a good dose of foodgasm to drive away all feelings of tiredness, sadness and hunger. The yellow and red processed food packet would drive even the person of lowest energy to suddenly gain a speed of liveliness and he/she would take time out for 2 minutes to prepare a bowl of the nation’s favourite fast food. When that magic bowl of noodles is all ready, forget the taste, the hot aroma is powerful enough to lift up a forlorn spirit into a bright one and the moment the contents of it goes into the mouth, a feeling of deep satisfaction and uncanny joy happens so simultaneously that it is difficult for even the eater to comprehend. The levels of foodgasm that a bowl of Maggi gives is felt by an eater with every spoonful and by the time every morsel is over, some licks over the bowl is necessary to get the ultimate level of satisfaction.


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One of the well-loved steamed food items that is adored by all is momo. However, the most noteworthy aspect is that there are hardly any steamed food items that can give a high dose of foodgasm but momo doesn’t fit in that list at all. Whatever be the type of stuffing, a plate of momo with a spicy sauce is sure to get rid of all moodiness and give a renewed vigour which can’t be expressed in words but can only be felt. The height of ecstasy reaches its peak when the plate of momo is followed with a hot soup. Once the spicy contents of the broth overwhelms the taste buds, a state of intense satisfaction rises as taste, hunger and thirst have been well pleased. Meanwhile, if you like to eat out during lunch hours but don’t want to empty your pockets much, a plate of momo is an excellent option which can cure extreme hunger as well as the craving for having delicious food. If a person likes to have momos every day from the nearby street corner, we can’t blame them as these dumplings are heavenly in taste, super affordable and can cure hunger too even if it falls in the list of snacks or category of starters in the menu of fancy restaurants.


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The topmost fried food that is eaten in large numbers by Indians for floating in the blissfulness of foodgasm is samosa. Whenever there are guests in the house, a packet of samosas are always taken from the nearby market with a hope to please them and this mostly happens when there is no wish for taking time out for cooking for them. Due to its cute triangular shape and little size which are stuffed with spicy goodies and mostly due to its super dry texture, it is an excellent portable desi snack which is packed and sold in large quantities everyday. If there is a dire wish of indulging in something pleasant with a cup of evening tea, the first thing that people would think is to buy samosas and then off they would rush to the nearest outlet for buying to enjoy it back home. The perfect crispy outer structure along with the soft delicious contents inside plays with the taste buds to give a burst of intense flavours in such a way that it gets imprinted literally in the minds and often makes us secretly crave for this outplay of taste later and we do not get to hesitate to indulge in it again and again as it comes at such a low price.


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To get lost in the happy emotions that the flow of sweetness brings, look nowhere else than chocolates. If you have a sweet tooth or are chocolate addicts, you know well what magic these brown bars can do. As the main characteristic of a chocolate is that it is very sweet in taste, it can surely bring sweetness in your life too. When we can pacify sad people with sweet talks, chocolates similarly can calm people and change their emotions into a positive one with the release of serotonin which is known as the happiness hormone. If your child binge on chocolates too much and is not fond of veggies, you cannot blame them. It is because as babies, they were born with 30,000 taste buds. Unlike adults who have taste buds on the surface of the tongue, babies have them all over the mouth including the inside of the cheeks, throat, and the roof of the mouth. With such a huge quantity of taste buds, good food for them like chocolates and ice-creams are almost heaven. The extreme sweet taste tasted by babies becomes such an enriching experience that it is difficult for them to get rid of the crave of it and by the time they are tiny toddlers or little children they hate their vegetables because their dull taste gets amplified loudly by the taste buds all over the tongue.


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One of the low cost processed food items that can be enjoyed in high numbers are none other than chips. As each piece of chip is in small size and with a good dose of awesome flavour and comes enclosed in a packet and is readily available in almost every type of store, people buy it regularly every day. The biggest advantage is that people can enjoy a burst of flavours in large numbers with a packet of chips. With a crunch and some munch, people can enjoy every sort of activity as various masalas of each chip goes on pleasing their tongues until it finally reaches the stomach with a gulp. With many flavours of chips available in the market nowadays, people can easily decide the type of foodgasm they want to indulge in.


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Who can say no to the idea of overstuffing a mouth with a crunchy poori that has been filled to the brim with a uniquely flavoured water? Unlike other desi snacks which give you the euphoria of its taste slowly, golgappas or phuchkas are the food items that give you instant foodgasm in such a way that it becomes difficult to talk or even open your mouth the moment you consume it. Once the perfect sized phuchka that engulfs your whole mouth is reduced to a small size bit by bit with the teeth and the delicious water flows all over the surface your tongue, you can get another dose of foodgasm but slowly this time. When you get a double dose of foodgasm with a food item, you would certainly hanker after it. Although the phuchka has emerged in many new forms with flavouring agents like curd or sweet sauces, water remains the saviour for these pooris so it has definitely been rightly named as panipuri.

Ice cream

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The images of fun-filled or soothing summer days are always incomplete without the presence of a tub or a cone of ice-cream. The uncomfortable hotness and mini falls of sweat that keeps dripping mysteriously down our backs are all forgotten when the deliciously sweet cream covers the tongue along with the mild hurting sensation of coolness initially. Once the numbing coldness goes down, the flavourful ice-cream tastes quite heavenly and seems to make summers a pleasant experience of weather for some moments.