Quick and easy desi breakfast ideas to start your mornings on a healthy and delicious note

The approach of the morning heralds the signal that a new day has dawned before us and it is upon each individual to make the best use of it once he/ she gets out of bed. To tackle the day ahead with a clear mind and a healthy body, it is essential to have a good breakfast. While words like ‘no time to eat’ and ‘I am going to be late for office / college/school’ are always repeated when the time for breakfast draws near, it is not good at all to skip your first and most important meal of the day. The foremost reason on the necessity of having breakfast is that the plate of the morning meal strengthens your physical and mental health to a great extent thereby making you more ready and active to attend to your duties attentively for the first half of the day. If you skip breakfast, there are high chances that you are going to feel very tired due to which the focus on work can get difficult. The biggest disadvantage of going to work without breakfast is that you would feel extremely disturbed in the middle of your duties with your stomach rumbling in hunger and this may lead to decrease in the efficiency of your performance. As the name suggests, breakfast means the termination of the overnight fasting period. As the body stays without any food for about 12 hours after dinner, your glycogen stores are low. Breakfast replenishes your supply of glucose to boost your energy levels and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients required for good health.

When morning comes, it is understandable that we do not have the mood or time to cook up a hearty meal for the family as the urgency to reach the workplace in time is a must. Moreover, there is nothing more luxurious and comfortable nowadays than our snuggly bed and comfy pillows so the tick of the alarm always makes us grumpy and we do not hesitate to waste a few more minutes in deep sleep before finally struggling to get up, keep our feet on the floor and start our daily morning chores. Besides getting ready for work, another worrisome thing that literally does a kick on our head is deciding the breakfast menu. Ditch those ready-to-eat packets of instant food that are not only unhealthy but has a high tendency to make us feel sick later and cook up those good old dishes for a perfect healthy start to a day. The best thing is that these dishes does not take our time and provides us with a scope to enjoy a healthy and yummy breakfast.

Bread & Butter

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The classic form of Indian breakfast that is prepared and enjoyed on a large scale in Indian households is the bread and butter. Although this recommendation might sound a very old school idea, the common choice of breakfast menu for the busy Gen Z is still the bread and butter. It may be because our moms might have ingrained into us the belief that the bread and butter is a traditional breakfast meal by bringing it into the tables almost every morning or it may be because whipping up a childhood meal and tasting it gives a sense of contentment to our inner child thereby making us go to work with a joyful sense. Whatever it may be, the blobs of butter melting away in the warm and soft surface of the toasted bread makes our tongues and stomach fully satisfied once the whole combination goes into our mouth at the time of sinking our teeth in it. When the last morsel of this classic breakfast combo is finished, we feel like attaining nirvana for a moment before finally remembering that we must reach our place of duties on time.

Fried Rice

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If you are the one who is head-over-heels with bhat / chawal/ rice and can’t even think of starting your day without it, the idea of having a breakfast of fried rice is the perfect option for you. When preparing dinner, make sure to cook more than the usual amount of rice so that you can stock up in the fridge and use it to prepare your breakfast menu for the next day. For preparing a quick fried rice meal in the morning, just fry the leftover rice in some oil along with the veggies of your choice. You may also break an egg over the pan while frying the rice. This quick breakfast recipe will ensure that you can go to work happily by consuming your favourite food in the world in a wholesome and delicious avatar. For the diehard lovers of rice, there is nothing more perfect in the world than the aroma of freshly cooked rice and when its taste is further enhanced with some nutritious veggies and crispy eggs, breakfast will surely turn up into an occasion of mood lifter and a brief party time too.


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One of the most common quick sort of breakfast ideas that is popular in desi households is the sandwich. If you feel an urge to skip having bread with the simple and classic accompaniment butter for a day and still want to have a yummy and healthy breakfast during rush hour, the sandwich is the perfect option to choose. After toasting two slices of bread, you can simply use your creativity to fill the space between it with your favourite fruits or veggies and further dash it up with a generous dose of grated cheese,  huge blobs of mayonnaise or raining your favourite sauce upon it and then voila, you have a small size piece of luscious delight that is not only tasty but is easy to hold and portable too which means that you can finish your bite near the entrance of your house without the plate below it if you can stay away from making messiness. A sandwich is the perfect dish to boost your overall health and mood for the rest of the day.


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If you are a weight conscious eater and would always like to start your morning with a healthy, light yet filling meal, salad always emerges as the perfect breakfast option for you. The best thing is that the goodness of the multiple fruits and vegetables would provide you with the essential nutrients to keep you fit and fine throughout the day. If you don’t have much time on hand in the morning, just pop your favourite fruits and vegetables in a bowl and enjoy it raw while watching the beautiful scenery outside your window and indulge in having some me-time before rushing to office. When having  a salad as a breakfast meal, it is always ideal to have it fresh and simple without overloading it with the spicy and sweet sauce or with too much spices. However, a sprinkle of oil and salt/ sugar over the morning salad is good as it will enhance the taste of the fruits and veggies up a notch with a little bit of different flavor and make it a drool worthy recipe.


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Beaten rice flakes or poha is another healthy breakfast menu that is enjoyed on a morning in India. It is a versatile dish that is eaten in a number of ways and can leave you fully satiated in whatever way you consume. If you have a sweet tooth, prepare your Poha mixture by first washing it thoroughly, add chopped bananas next followed by some chunks of jaggery or a teaspoon of sugar. Pour warm milk over the whole mixture and enjoy a perfectly delicious meal within a short time. However, you can also elevate your Poha to Pulao by frying it with different types of vegetables and finally garnishing it with coriander and lemon juice. This dish of Poha-cum-Pulao will ensure that your morning begins on a perfectly healthy and yummilicious note.

Egg Toast

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For omelet lovers, egg toast is indeed a most wholesome breakfast menu. When you dip your breads in  the egg batter prepared for an omelet and then fry it, you get the double benefits of gorging on a healthy and delicious breakfast meal. The deliciousness of this much loved and popular breakfast meal can be raised when you pour a generous dose of hot sauce over it or decorate it with a large quantity of grated cheese.


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Chilla, or the Indian version of pancakes are not only easy to prepare but are loaded with different kinds of nutritious ingredients thereby making it a healthy breakfast food. By just preparing a besan (gramflour) batter with water and different vegetables along with the necessary spices, you can make the desi pancakes by frying it over some oil in a pan. Once you pour a ladleful of the batter in the centre and swirl it around into a thin pancake and then cook from both the sides till it turns light brown, you can eat it hot and then go off to your workplace with a full stomach and positive mind.

These easy breakfast recipes will make you start each day of the week on a delicious and healthy note without wasting your valuable time.